Monday, April 30, 2012

Mindless Monday

Good Monday morning!

And what a hot Monday it is! It does not feel very Spring-like today in Central Alabama. No, sir. We are going to hit 89 by this afternoon. (Don't tell Mikie, but the air is down to 65 in the house right now!)

RANDOMNESS #1 - I usually don't give you Blog Linkage on Mondays, but I really enjoyed the pictures of the Farmer's Market at Just beautiful. It ALMOST makes me want to drive to Finley Avenue in a little while. But it will be very, very hot in a little while. And I tend to be very, very hot all by myself these days. I'll probably just look at Kelle's pictures several times today.

RANDOMNESS #2 - Since I'm short on pics today, I'm going to post old Roxie photos. (She absolutely LOVES when I do this! It makes her day!)

This is Roxie last Spring...

Roxie last Summer...

Roxie last Fall...

And Roxie and Mikie this past Christmas!

RANDOMNESS #3 - MJ (My Josh) made it home from Orlando 4:30 Sunday morning. He loved Hogwarts (I knew he would), and I'm trying not to show my bitterness that he has experienced it... without me... before me... instead of me. As you can see, I'm having a difficult time.

He took no pictures although he was in several. (Can you even believe he's my kid?) Again, bitterness is trying to take over my being. Hopefully, some of the choir kids will post and tag pictures on Facebook allowing me to see the sights. I hope. I hope.

He did learn a useful trick. If you want to ride and skip the "standing in line for an hour" part, you can go up front as a "single" rider. You don't get to sit by your buddy, but you do get to enjoy the ride and totally avoid the wait. This worked well with the guys. I'm pretty sure Roxie and friends would stand in the line TOGETHER, ride the ride TOGETHER and leave the ride TOGETHER. Oh. And then go to the bathroom TOGETHER. Chicks are just wired a little differently.

RANDOMNESS #4 - Mikie and I enjoyed our time at the Live and Silent Auction benefiting Alzheimer's of Central Alabama Saturday night. I'm always very anxious at the auction.

Part of me wants to write down a bid on anything and everything that slightly interests me at the beginning of the auction. I want to play the odds of someone else outbidding me on 20 or more items. I restrain myself. Mainly because Mikie is at my elbow the entire time.

Part of me wants to raise my hand and wave wildly during the live auction when the fur coat and/or the tropical trips are up for bid. I restrain myself. Mainly because Mikie is at my elbow the entire time.

Part of me wants to stand at the dessert table in the front room and make myself at home. I restrain myself. Mainly because I have that diabetes thing going on, and I know there are barbecue sliders in the next room.

Attending the auction is a very hip and cool thing to do, and I look forward to it every year.

And one of these days, I'm leaving with a fur coat and tickets to an undisclosed tropical location. (It will have to be undisclosed because Mikie will be trying to hunt me down.)

RANDOMNESS #5 - My friend, Jennifer, is always at the auction, and I love talking to her. She and her husband recently went zip-lining at Red Mountain, and they had a blast. She made the suggestion to Mike (and I wholeheartedly agreed) that my Mother's Day gift this year should be a zip-lining adventure.

She told me I needed the guide named "Moose." Or "Goose." Or "Bob." I'll want to get the correct name before I start the zip-lining process. (I'm really hoping his name is "Moose." A guide named Moose just makes you feel a little safer than a "Goose" or a "Bob," if you know what I mean.)

Yep. That's right. I may be zip-lining in two or three weeks. I'll be able to mark that off my Things To Do Before I'm 90 List. If I zip-line for Mother's Day, I'll be able to concentrate on swimming with the dolphins next. (I know babies who are swimming with the dolphins. It is becoming so commonplace, and I am so behind.)

RANDOMNESS #6 - While pictures are few and far between in today's post, things will be picking up shortly. May is full of photography opportunities. Graduation, Mother's Day, zip-lining, a possible ambulance ride after the zip-lining, etc., etc. Just be patient!

RANDOMNESS #7 - I did want to redeem myself after last week's horrendous "Welcome Home" Mexican Chili Lime Chicken fiasco. I still shudder.

To make it up to Austin and the rest of my family, I made Chicken and Dumplings Sunday. I was missing a few items called for in the recipe, but I substituted a little of this and a little of that. (Good cooks can do that, you know. Me... not so much.)

However, this time it worked. The Mexican Chili Lime Chicken is slowly, but surely, becoming a thing of the past.

It's going to be a busy week. I have lots of ideas and blogs to share with you, so you'll need to visit at least once a day! I'll be back tomorrow with a great recipe.

Take care, and I'll talk to you in the morning.


The Enchanting Belinda

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