Saturday, November 29, 2014

Post-Thanksgiving/Post-Black Friday Post

Good Saturday evening!


I am blogging during the Alabama/Auburn game.

I am not a fan of my family jumping up and down and screaming uncontrollably.

Never have been.

It drives me a little cray-cray!

However, I am more than aware that not only is it appropriate, but IMPORTANT, to cheer on the team.

In other words, I stay in the other room until the last half of the fourth quarter...

And then I join my peeps.

Here are some of my favorites memories and pics from the last couple of days...


Roxie made these deviled eggs.


It's a very good thing.

Our turkey's feathers got a little ruffled, but we straightened them out before we ate.

Katie made the mini pumpkin pie tarts.


Brad and Stephanie.

The "tape ball game" turned out to be a lot harder than first anticipated, and I've had to figure out ways to tweak it if we ever play again...

But it didn't stop Roxie from getting into the spirit of things.

Melia and Austin.

Roxie, MamMa and Katie.

Katie and T. J.

Grandmother and Roxie spontaneously throwing leaves into the air...

Because that is what they do.

Josh and Zac...

The other Most Interesting Men in the World!

Tom and Bev.

Me and Mikie.


NOT Dumb and Dumber, Too.


They didn't have a Mockingjay photo op at the movie theater.


This game has the easiest rules EVER.

But it is deceptively difficult.





That's it for tonight.

I hope everyone had the best holiday.

I'll be back Tuesday, and hopefully, I will be able to get back on my blogging schedule!

Take care, and I'll talk to you next week.


The Enchanting Belinda

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up, Pinterest Stuff (Menu Pumpkin AND Simple Neighbor/Teacher Gift Idea), Quotable Quotes, Early Weekend Happenings

Good Wednesday afternoon!

RANDOMNESS #1 - Okay, People. The Thanksgiving Basketball Tournament is over.

To recap...

We lost Saturday night (first loss of the season)...

We won Monday night...

And we lost last night...

By only one point...

In overtime.

If you're keeping up, we have won four and lost two.

In layman's terms, that means we are still having a winning season.

Roxie and Kelci in the huddle before the game begins.

Yeah. I'm just gonna say she made that basket.

Funny story... There was this wall, you see.

Kelci bounced back.


Simply Alissa.

"Hand me that ball, please."


Roxie and Joy.

Doing what these chicks do best... synchronized running.

The Bench Babes.

Love them.

RANDOMNESS #2 - Well, this was my first experience watching a season of Dancing With the Stars, and it did NOT disappoint.

I even watched the three-hour finale last night.

That's a big time commitment for a woman my age.

Theoretically, I coulda/shoulda been baking, cooking or doing some other kind of prep work for the upcoming Thanksgiving Day Holiday, but there I was...

Glued to the television...

Hoping against hope Alfonso and Sadie would come out on top.

And they did!

They did come out on top!

And life was very good and exciting for a few minutes until I realized I am not Alfonso OR Sadie...

And I still have baking, cooking and prep work to do for the upcoming Thanksgiving Day Holiday.

Alfonso doesn't have to worry about getting ready for Thanksgiving. He's a rich man with a new Mirror Ball Trophy. I'm sure he'll just walk into a dining room somewhere and everything will be set out before him.

And Sadie...

Sweet, sweet Sadie...

That chick is just 17 years-old and probably has never cooked a Thanksgiving Day Feast in her life. That, and Miss Kay obviously does all the cooking for their family, and LOVES doing it.


That's not my life at this particular moment.

But, I am now a Dancing With the Stars fan now, and I cannot wait until next season!

Quotable Quotes - "Fall in love with moments." Anonymous

Pinterest Stuff

Menu Pumpkin

Do you have a leftover pumpkin from Halloween?


This is what you need to do.

Paint the entire pumpkin with black chalkboard paint. Have one of the kids write the Thanksgiving menu on the pumpkin and set it on the table, on the countertop or in the middle of the Thanksgiving buffet. Whatever works for you and yours!

Simple Neighbor/Teacher Gift Idea

Pick up some pretty wrapping paper in a 3- or 5-pack AND some 3-packs of Scotch tape.

Tie the tape and the following tag with twine to the top of the roll of paper.

The tag reads:

Since November you've been shopping,
Barely sleeping, hardly stopping.
Now it's late you're in a scrape,
Out of paper, out of tape.
Hope this wrap helps save the day!
Have a Happy Holiday!

Early Weekend Happenings

1. We're celebrating Thanksgiving with my family this year. (We celebrated with the Faulkners last year.) We're heading to Mom's around 11:00 a.m., and while the womenfolk work on the final prep for the Thanksgiving Day Meal, the Dads and the "kids" will be playing Horseshoes and Basketball.

2. We'll read our Thankful Letters after we have partaken of the Feast, and then I have a little game I hope we have time to play before some of the couples have to head out to Feast Number 2!

I'll have to let you know Saturday in case someone in my family decides to read the blog between now and Thursday.

Hey. It could happen!

3. Friday morning, bright and early, Roxie and I are heading to the Galleria to meet up with Bev, Katie and Stephanie (sister and nieces), Amy, Alisha, Monica and Abbie (cousins) for our annual Black Friday Fun Day.

We'll shop from 6:00 or 7:00 a.m. until noon.

We'll eat lunch together.

Shop a little more.

Take a nap (if needed).

And then we head out for a movie and dinner.

After dinner, we either finish up our shopping OR play games until time to go to sleep.

It's a very, very good thing.

4. Saturday and Sunday are up in the air as of this writing. We may have plans, but I will not know for sure until after I have already posted.

Have a stupendous Thanksgiving Holiday. I hope to do the same. I'll be back some time Saturday evening with pics of our festivities, Black Friday happenings and more.

Take care, and I'll talk to you this weekend.


The Enchanting Belinda

P. S. Here are some pics of Thanksgiving Past(s).



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