Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ideas for Date Your Mate Month

Good Thursday morning!

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RANDOMNESS #1 - MJ (My Josh) left this morning for a Choir trip to Universal in Orlando. Sadness.

Well, maybe a little more sadness for me than him.

RANDOMNESS #2 - The Boy is coming home after completing his third year of college today. He's a SENIOR! Euphoria!

RANDOMNESS #3 - The Chick wants to go shopping several times over the three-day weekend. We will eat pretzels and drink Diet Coke. Anticipation!

The revolving door, bed and breakfast establishment that IS Faulkner Farms (circa 1842) is experiencing a typical Thursday in April.

And I wouldn't trade it for any other Thursday I've ever known. (Except I wouldn't mind Josh being home with the rest of us. But that isn't going to happen.)

RANDOMNESS #4 - I Can't Wait - From 31 to 40 Years - The "I Can't Waits" keep a-coming. However, the theme has changed a little. Instead of thinking of "I Can't Wait" moments for me, during this decade I started thinking about "I Can't Wait" moments for the kids.

"I can't wait until he/she walks."

"I can't wait until he/she says their first word."

"I can't wait until he/she can go to their first movie."

"I can't wait until he/she can play their first sport."

"I can't wait until he/she accepts Christ as their Savior."

"I can't wait until he/she (fill in the blank)."

Of course, I started the decade with my leftover "I Can't Waits."

"I can't wait to have more children."

These two showed up during this decade!

"I can't wait to move into a bigger house."

"I can't wait until we have beagles."

"I can't wait until I meet Jon and Kate!"

Once you begin the "I Can't Wait" game, it will take over. And then it speeds up. And since it has been a part of your life for four decades, sometimes you don't even realize you're looking so far ahead, you're missing a rainy Tuesday afternoon with sleepy preschoolers wanting you to curl up on the couch and read one more story before naptime.

Or you mechanically fix lunch, and you zone out a bit while they chatter around you.

Or you sit on the deck and flip through the Family Fun magazine and plan parties and dinners and field trips for the future, and you forget to watch your kiddos just play on the swing set. And you don't hear their laughter. Well, you hear it, but it's background noise.

The good news is the "I Can't Waits" start to slow down during this decade. They are replaced with "I can wait" and "I can't believe how fast they've grown" and "Where did all the time go?"

I'll finish up this little tirade tomorrow, but I'll give you a little hint how it ends.

I RARELY say, "I Can't Wait" these days. And when it does slip out, it feels rushed and silly and unnecessary, because at 50 years of age, I finally know I can wait.

You may have guessed... I'm a slow learner!

Blog Linkage - Ahhh. I have some cool links for you to read today. Get to it!

1. Go to "Confessions of a Pioneer Woman" under My Blog List. Click on "Photography" at the top of her page and just take a few minutes to look at all the beautiful pictures which were entered in this week's contest... using a phone camera. Pretty impressive.

2. If you want to read a sweet love story, click on "the anderson crew" under My Blog List. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Older Posts." It will take you to a post entitled "Happy Anniversary, Mr. Anderson" dated April 25.

3. If you love scrapbooking, you'll find ideas and inspiration galore when you click on "a little bit of me" (any post). Susan is very, very talented. You'll feel your creative juices flowing after you read her blog for a few minutes.

4. Do you need a Teacher Appreciation Gift idea? Immediately go to my sidebar and click on "eighteen25." Scroll down to the post entitled "(past projects) teacher appreciation" and look at the many, many ideas.

5. As always, check out "Six Sisters' Stuff" under My Blog List... today and everyday!

Ideas for Date Your Mate Month

1. Watch the sunrise. Then make breakfast together.

2. Watch an entire season of your favorite TV show together.

3. Ride go-carts... without the kids!

4. Visit a planetarium.

5. Go to an ethnic festival.

And for a MILLION more date ideas and themes, go to my sidebar and look under My Blog List. Click on "The Dating Divas." Click on "All Dates" at the top of their page and find something that appeals to you and yours. (And you WILL find something. Believe me!)

Get busy planning your month of May Date Your Mate dates. May 1 will be here before you know it!

Have a fantastic Thursday. I'll be back tomorrow with Weekend Happenings, the last installment of "I Can't Wait," pictures of The Boy returning home from college and more.

Take care, and I'll talk to you in the morning.


The Enchanting Belinda

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