Monday, April 23, 2012

Mindless Monday

Good Monday morning!

I'm not sure, but I think I know how to post using my new server. We will see in just a few minutes!

I didn't take many pictures this weekend. Two, to be exact. However, I like them, and if I am able to post photos on this new format, I will be pleased.

I could take pictures of sleeping kids ALL day long... even giant sleeping kids.

However, when the chick gave me the "stink eye" during the second picture, I decided enough was enough. And I ran from the room before she could sit up.

I'm not sure how this is going to work, but if pictures actually show up in the middle of the blog (as I want them to), the format of A Simple Life may be a little different from now until September.

I won't know anything until I hit the "Publish" button, but it looks very promising!

RANDOMNESS #1 - This weekend was very unpredictable... just as I predicted. Guess what? It was totally enjoyable. Unpredictable AND enjoyable are two words which don't usually go well for me.

RANDOMNESS #2 - I have discovered a new jean. It is called the "Not Your Daughter's Jean," and it is perfection. It holds things in without causing pain, and it is pretty flattering. (I've worn them six times in the last seven days. I am not kidding.)

And if it wasn't for the the expense (they are quite pricey), I would have six pair and I would wear them everyday for the next seven years. (Graduations, weddings, funerals, ball games, out to eat, etc. I'm telling you, if I could afford five more pair, you would never see me in anything else... ever.)

I'm actually planning on being buried in these jeans.

As I was putting them on for the sixth time last night, I noticed a very lengthy tag in the front. I put on my "Not My Daughter's Glasses" and took a look. And then I wish I had not.

I had bought my jeans by my American size (and that's all I'll say about that). But these jeans are obviously an international fad because they had sizes for many European countries listed on this tag.

In the United Kingdom, I would wear a size 20 in these jeans.

In Europe and Germany, I would wear a size 46 in these jeans.

In France, I would wear a size 48 in these jeans.


I may visit one or more of these places in my lifetime, but believe me when I say, I will NOT be purchasing clothes while visiting these countries.

Also, this is just one more reason I am proud to be an American!

RANDOMNESS #3 - As I put head to pillow last night, I started thinking about the phrase, "I can't wait!" Do not ask me why. I have no idea. Most things that run through my mind when I put head to pillow cannot be remembered the next morning, so when I woke up with almost total recall of the night before, I was pleased and surprised.

Pleased because it will be this week's topic. Surprised because I don't usually retain thoughts... mine OR other people's.


I decided to write about the "I Can't Wait" topic in decade form. Don't worry. It sounds much lengthier than it will be, I assure you.

From Birth to 10 Years-Old

Basically, the first decade of life is FULL of "I can't wait" moments. These moments are very simplistic, and they revolve around gifts and celebrations.

"I can't wait until Christmas."

"I can't wait until Easter."

"I can't wait until MY BIRTHDAY."

"I can't wait until Halloween."

"I can't wait until Summer."

You will note, Thanksgiving is not in the mix of things I couldn't wait for. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays now, but during that first decade of life, turkey, dressing and an afternoon with cousins I saw ALL the time didn't thrill me. Don't get me wrong. It was enjoyable, but it definitely did not make the "I can't wait" cut.

Nope. It did not.

Summer made the list because, even though I loved elementary school, I did enjoy the summertime activities. Going to the pool, sleeping late, no schedule, playing outside until after dark, homemade ice cream, reading TONS of teen mystery novels (my absolute favorite) and going to the library two or three times a week, etc., etc. There were no gifts involved in Summer, but it was still something I desired ALL year long.

Your Birth to 10 Year-Old "I Can't Wait" list may look very different from mine. I've come to realize very few people think exactly as I do, so if your list doesn't look like the above, that's okay. Just be sure NOT to tell me!

I'll have "From 11 to 20 Years-Old" tomorrow. (I can tell you now... That list is much, much longer.)

I hope you have a really, really good Monday. I'll be back tomorrow with an edible recipe, more "I Can't Wait" thoughts and hopefully pictures on the blog!

Take care, and I'll talk to you in the morning.


The Enchanting Belinda

P.S. "I Can't Wait" to see if my pictures published!


  1. Good News! ANYONE can post a comment now. Under "Comment as," click on Anonymous. It will let you publish without all the extra work you had to do before! (You just have to remember to type in your name.)


  2. Yay! I was wondering what happened... I was able to comment when you went to the beatuiful log cabins but then after that annonymous went away. Glad it is back as I do not have that other stuff. Belinda, I really do enjoy reading your blog and hope you will continue onward past Sept.
    Andrea in Calif.

    1. Hi, Andrea... It is SO good to hear from you again. I have missed the "Comment" section. I talk to my friends around here ALL the time, but I don't get to talk to my new California friends!

      Thanks for the kind words. I still may do the once-a-week thing in September. I'm not going to make a final decision on that until closer to time.

      Talk to you later!



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