Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Dating Divas Spring Olympics Date

Good Thursday morning!

I have food pictures in the Gallery this morning. Nothing spectacular, but I did make it myself!

RANDOMNESS - I'm not perfect. I know. I can almost hear the gasps and see the heads shaking. "No. No. Say it isn't so!"

Nope. I'm not even particularly close. And this makes me sad sometimes.

Like when I miss lunch with a friend... because I remember we're supposed to have lunch this week, but I don't remember we have actually picked a day AND a time.

My imperfection looks something like this on e-mail...

My Friend... Belinda. Sorry for the late notice. Tomorrow is not going to work. Can we do Monday or another day next week?

The Enchanting Belinda... That's fine. Can you go Tuesday or Thursday next week?

My Friend... Tuesday should work. Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

The Enchanting Belinda... You, too! I'll see you Tuesday!


My Friend... I looked so alone standing there lookin' around for my dear friend, Belinda! :o)

The Enchanting Belinda... OH, NO! Something has been bothering me ALL DAY. I FORGOT! Can you please, please forgive me? If not, I totally understand.

Here are my excuses...

1. I'm in the throes of menopause.

2. I live with two teenagers... and Mikie.

3. I thought I had three living brain cells left... but maybe I was wrong and now there are only two.

4. Did I mention I'm in the throes of menopause?

I am SO sorry.

My Sweet Friend... Easily FORGIVEN. I can SO relate to Nos. 1 and 4. How long do these throes last... like forever? Reschedule anytime. :o)

The Enchanting Belinda... Thursday??? I have a Sharpie and I'm going to write it on my arm. (I would write it on my forehead, but I don't really look in mirrors these days.)

I bought you an "I'm sorry" present!

My Sweet Friend... Thursday is good. :o)

The Enchanting Belinda... I WILL be there!

Last night, my friend sent me another e-mail. She bought us tickets to see Menopause - The Musical. It's playing one night only September 20.

She told me to write it on my arm... with a Sharpie! (And I did.)

Blog Linkage - I have two links to share with you today. (I had hoped to have THREE, but alas, The Pioneer Woman still hasn't mentioned our meeting from over a week ago. And until then... Well, I do have two good ones.)

1. Go to Nitty.Gritty. under My Blog list and read the post entitled "I'm not sure why I am sharing this letter to me with all of you..." dated April 10. Jody wrote a letter to her 16 year-old self from her 36 year-old self. It really makes you think about the advice you wish you could have given yourself those many years ago. I liked it.

2. Go to Six Sisters' Stuff under My Blog List and read ALL of the posts you possibly can. As always, good, good stuff.

Spring Olympics Date

The Dating Divas (look under My Blog List) have SO many great date ideas, you could spend days and days reading their past posts telling you exactly how to create fun, inexpensive, marriage-building dates. I looked up "Spring Dates" in the Search box, and this date popped up from April of 2010.

I like this date because you can do it with your spouse, OR you can have a Spring Olympic Date with one of your kiddos. Either way, it would be a lot of fun.

Read on...

I decided to call the hubby and ask him to participate in this year's Spring Olympics! He wasn't sure if I was serious, but quickly went along with it!

We started our morning out with a "champion's breakfast." Meat and eggs! You need protein to have lots of energy for the Olympics!

Here were the scheduled events...

Frisbee Bowling

You can find the details of each event and items needed by clicking on The Dating Divas under My Blog List. Type "Spring Olympics" in the Search box on the right, and it will take you directly to the post. There are pictures and descriptions for each event.

You can find gold and silver medals, along with gold trophies, at Wal-Mart! Go ahead and sport them all day.

Start planning your own Spring Olympic Date today. (The weather couldn't be any better!)

Have a gorgeous Thursday. It is beautiful outside... pollen and all. I'll be back in the morning with Weekend Happenings, pics and more.

Take care, and I'll talk to you tomorrow.


The Enchanting and Slightly Imperfect (But Always Endearing) Belinda

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