Saturday, July 30, 2016

Blog Linkage, Pineapple Banana Smoothie, More Lake Pics AND Gender Reveal Party Pics (MY FIRST)

Good Saturday evening!

RANDOMNESS #1 - I have a few dreams/goals/things-that-may-or-may-not-ever-come-to-be still left to be followed/reached/possibly-completed in the years to come.

For example, I want to spend an entire October in Connecticut or Maine in a cabin...

Or an old renovated barn...

And when I say renovated, I mean totally redone by Martha Stewart...


During that particular month of October, I also want to attend every Pumpkin/Fall Festival within 100 miles of where I am staying...

Walk down at least 20 or 25 country lanes while orange, umber and golden yellow leaves swirl from the tops of the trees down to the lane upon which I am walking...

And drink hot chocolate/hot tea/hot cider on a huge front porch in a remarkably comfortable rocking chair at least twice a day...

With a very well-behaved golden lab sitting at my feet...

Named Joe...

Definitely Joe.

As you may or may not be able to tell by now, the humidity has gotten to me a little bit the last few days.

But I digress.

My sister, Bev, has had a little dream of her own for a while now. She builds and/or refurbishes furniture.

She does a really good job...

And she now has a booth at the Gardendale Flea Mall and Antique Center.

Pretty cool, huh?

I may need to rethink my dreams, goals, etc.

RANDOMNESS #2 - I have a few more lake pics left in the old camera...

Roxie at sunset.

Courtney took this one of me and Roxie in the front of the boat.

I know it looks like a "man" arm, but if you look closely, you will notice the fresh coral mani.

Mikie never wears coral.

This is Judith's second boat ride of the day.

You can tell she was much happier during this particular ride, can't you?



Mallie and Zac.

The third ride is the charm! Mikie had Judith driving the boat on the third ride!

Aunt Melia and Judith.

As I look at these pics, I feel I need to tell you Courtney was the guest photographer on the boat that weekend.


And she did an excellent job.

Roxie had some friends visit Sunday night and Monday. Mallory and SK were sweet, fun guests.

I found this guy on top of a neighbor's mailbox.

I've decided not to read too much into his presence on our vacation street...

And I named him Earl.

RANDOMNESS #3 - Austin and Melia are having a baby.

They threw a Gender Reveal Party, and since I have never attended such a party before, it was very exciting!

Uncle Josh came sporting a blue shirt in honor of Team Boy.


And the reveal!

Josh couldn't contain himself.

A picture of my grandson.

Blog Linkage - You still have time to go to www.kellehampton.com and read all of her posts about her annual Michigan summer vacation. (The pics alone will make you want to go there... immediately!)

Pineapple Banana Smoothie

You will need the following:

1 cup pineapple chunks
1 banana cut into chunks
1 cup almond milk

Throw everything in a blender and BLEND.

NOTE - I'm really craving pineapple this year. Last Summer, all I wanted was key lime anything. Yogurt, pie, etc.

But this year, it has definitely been pineapple.

I hope you're having a great weekend. I'll be back in a few days with more family pics of this and that!


The Enchanting Belinda

P.S. Speaking of "more family pics," here are a couple more of my favorites from the Karen Waters Photography shoot at the lake.

Austin, Melia and Baby Boy.

Josh, Mikie and Austin. My original three guys!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Lake Stuff and Family Pics

Good Friday evening!

RANDOMNESS - We went on our 4th Annual Lake Vacation to Logan Martin Lake.

I'll let the pics tell the story, if that is okay with you...

This has been "our" Lake House the past two years. I thought it would be "our" Lake House for several years to come, so imagine my surprise when I saw the FOR SALE sign in the front yard.

I don't like that kind of surprise.

After bringing in the luggage and food, we sat down for just a few minutes.

We wanted to help Judith get acclimated to her new weekend digs.

She really didn't need our help at all.

The Lil' Chick kinda had it all figured out.

And then guess what happened an hour or so after we arrived at the lake?

Karen Waters came to the house and took family pictures!

That's right.

The kids gave Karen to me as a Christmas gift...

Sort of.

And she did what she does best!

It was only 1,000,000 degrees in the shade, but Karen kept everything light and fun and quick.

To say I was pleased would be a huge understatement.

I was UBER pleased!

I HIGHLY recommend Karen for your family photography needs.

Feel free to quote me.

Now back to the "regular" pics.

On Day Two, Josh could be found taking the random nap here and there.

Because of Josh's work schedule, sometimes he falls asleep right in the middle of FUN things.

He didn't miss Judith's first boat ride.

And it's a good thing he didn't...

Because she was having SO much fun.

Pop declared her first ride a huge success.

Judith did NOT agree.

Thankfully, a little "naked" time...

And "baby pool" time...

Made her happy again.

Mr. and Mrs. Faulkner and Aunt Becky came for a little visit on Saturday.

We interrupt the "normal" lake pics for a little "corn-on-the-cob" action.

To say Judith enjoyed her corn would not be completely accurate.

To say corn-on-the-cob made Judith's life complete...


That would be accurate!

That's it for today, Folks!

I'll have more lake pics, restaurant reviews and Gender Reveal Party pics on the blog in a couple of days!

Take care.


The Enchanting Belinda
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