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Pinterest Stuff (Water Balloon Hunt), Wardrobe Malfunction, Mike's Father's Day and Birthday Celebration AND 4th of July Fun

Good Tuesday morning!

I found the following and thought it was a fun little addition to an already fun little tradition!

Pinterest Stuff

Water Balloon Hunt

You will need the following:

Water balloons filled
Buckets for each player
The great outdoors

1. Fill plenty of balloons with water and hide them all over the yard (like an Easter Egg Hunt).

2. Let the kids hunt for the balloons until all have been found. The more balloons they find, the more they will have for the water balloon fight.

3. They should then go to an area of the yard you have designated.

4. They get to use all of the balloons in their buckets as ammunition. When everyone is ready, yell GO and have a ball!

RANDOMNESS #1 - Wardrobe Malfunction - This isn't a story which was supposed to be postponed for two weeks. It was very embarrassing to me at the time, and I now realize it is probably only mildly entertaining 14 days after the fact.

Oh, how I wish I hadn't made it a blog teaser.

Too late now, I'm afraid.

For better or worse (and I'm afraid it falls in the "worse" column), here is the tale...

I had gone to my nail salon for a much-needed mani/pedi. After receiving said mani/pedi, I made my way to the front of the shop to pay.

"Up front" is a very, very small area, and while I was standing in the middle of "up front," a woman stood beside me to sign the I-need-a-manicure-or-pedicure-book...

So I ever-so-sweetly scooted over.

I'm like that, you know.

An ever-so-sweet kind of chick, that is.

Unbeknownst to me, the management of the nail salon had just bought a new little fan. It was short and white and refreshingly cool, but as soon as I moved over to make room for the other woman, it became apparent to me (and perhaps to others) it wasn't your ordinary fan. It was like a Hurricane Fan.

For once, I am not exaggerating.

Whatever setting it was on (I'm assuming it was Category 5), it proceeded to blow my hair STRAIGHT UP on my head.

Even though I am a user of a LOT of hair product (Tresemme Aerosol Hairspray #4 to be exact), it did nothing to help stop the damage of the hurricane-force winds that day.

That's when the unthinkable happened.

My bangs blew out of place.

Oh, the horror!

I immediately threw my right hand up to hold my bangs in place, and that's when the malfunction occurred.

Let me preface the rest of the story by stating the obvious...

I am a lover of the big, flowy, patterned top.

It is my go-to piece of clothing.


And without fail.

On this particular day, I was wearing my cheetah print big, flowy top...

And when I placed my right hand on the top of my head, the fan blew the right side of my big, flowy top up, up, up. Thankfully, since my hand was holding down my bangs, my top didn't fly completely off and upward.


It just kinda hovered above my head for a few seconds on my right side.

Thankfully, I was able to hold the left side of my big, flowy top down with my left hand.

I guess I should also tell you I never wear a big, flowy top without an equally flowy cami or tank underneath. I just don't. Even in the middle of summer, I wear not one, but TWO, big flowy tops.

It didn't take long for the equally flowy secondary top to take flight, too, and that's when I made the painful decision to let go of my bangs and grab my shirt(s) with BOTH hands.

I know what you're thinking?

"Why on earth didn't you just take two steps away from the Hurricane Fan?"

And my reply to that...

"Where were you when I needed you and your advice? Huh?"

Yeah. I didn't think so!

Also, I think the gale force winds were blowing straight up my nose, which may or may not have hindered the problem-solving part of my brain.

I'm sure this whole scenario played out in ten (or less) seconds, and I remember making my way to the front door still holding my shirt(s) with one hand and trying desperately to replace my bangs to their rightful place in the middle of my forehead.

Usually when I leave the nail salon, I feel pretty good about myself with my newly painted and rubbed toenails and feet and my cuticle-free fingernails. I'm refreshed and ready to face the world.

Not so much this time.

Like I mentioned above...

I should have let this one go (and how I wish I had), but I also wanted to warn you and yours about the new box fans you might see out and about in your own daily travels.

I will leave you with this one last word.


And you are welcome.

RANDOMNESS #2 - Mike's Father's Day and Birthday Celebration - Mike's Birthday and Father's Day always fall within days of each other, so he gets a Combo Celebration. Wouldn't be my favorite, but he's a low maintenance kind of guy, and I think he's okay with it.

If not, he's going to have to whine a little louder, because I haven't gotten the message yet.

Nana B's Grand-Tot Play Pad!

Not shown in this pic, but added to Nana B's Grand-Tot 4th of July Play Pad (see below)…

Bubble Gun Station
Sidewalk Chalk Station (spray and old-fashioned chalk sticks)
Chalk Easel AND Painting Easel
Water Balloon Station
Putting the Water in the Baby Pools AND Water Table (I have found letting the kids add the water as they go is an activity all by itself.)

You might think the Dishwashing Station would fall into the NON-fun category, but not so! It appears the ONLY time in your entire life washing dishes is fun is when you are in the one-to-three-year-old-age range.

I am SO NOT in the one-to-three-year-old-age range.

Hugging Stations are located wherever you feel the need to HUG. (That's a Trolls' reference!)

Pretty daughters-in-law.

Until the kids are old enough to NOT suck in bubble juice when trying to blow it out of the wand, bubble guns are the perfect substitute.

Of course, Judith doesn't suck bubble juice in any longer, but bubble guns are the perfect substitute for the bubble wand for the three-and-up-crowd, too.

Is there anything more delightfully Southern than catching lightning bugs at dusk in the front yard?

Is there?


The answer is definitely NO!

RANDOMNESS #3 - 4th of July Fun - We celebrated our 14th 4th of July at our house this past Wednesday. We had three little ones participating, and that always makes things a bit more interesting.

Mike smoked his first Boston butt for the 4th. He put it on the smoker the night before, and got up three times in the middle of the night to check on it.

He then put on his big black rubber gloves and proceeded to tear it off the bone.

On my prep schedule for the morning of the 4th, I gave him 20 minutes to prepare the meat for serving, but it was more like 20 seconds. It literally just fell off the bone.

He done good!

RT and Judith in their 4th of July garb.

I'm glad I got a pic of Judith pre-barbecue because things got just a little messy.

"You want a bite of my WHAT?"

"Just kidding, Man. I've got my own!"

You don't kid about Sawyer's watermelon!

This picture was NOT taken after we told RT and Sawyer to "assume the position."

The wagon is a favorite. At any given time, there is a kiddo climbing into the bottom of the wagon wanting a ride up and down our street.

This time, Melia was the most-loved adult who made the ride happen.

Bradley giving Judith some water-stick pointers.

Judith practicing on her Daddy.

I had the giant Jenga, but I didn't provide the perfect play area. (I'll remedy that by next year.)

Does this look like "plotting" to you?

It does to me.

However, I didn't get a squirt in the back, so I'm just going to let it go.

What would the 4th of July be without at least one superhero making an appearance?

And, yes.

Robin IS a superhero.

Also, he is super cute.

To clarify, there were several wardrobe changes throughout the day. Sawyer arrived in a 4th of July shirt, lost the shirt while eating barbecue, changed into swimming trunks and then threw on his Toy Story t-shirt toward the end of the Celebration.

Just wanted you to know I should have gotten a photo of the three of them in all of their 4th of July glory BEFORE lunch, and I didn't make that happen.

That wouldn't have been the case 25 years ago.

It pains me to say it, but I may be slowing down just a little bit in the getting-every-pose-imaginable-during-a-holiday-festivity department.


That really was painful.

Also, for the record, foam slap bracelets are like the most fun thing ever invented (as evidenced by the four Sawyer is wearing at the same time).

RT and Judith.

One last pic to prove everything was forgiven and forgotten concerning the afore-mentioned watermelon joke.

Never leave a family party mad!

Have a wonderful week, Guys. I'll try hard to do the same. I'll be back soon with more pics, more Randomness, more Recipes, more Pinterest Stuff and more Seasonal Traditions!


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