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Nana B Stuff (Games to Play in the Dark), Makeshift Slip N Slide, The Correct Way to Wear Headbands AND Grandtot Catch Up

Happy Memorial Day!

I'm going to jump right into the post because I know everyone's going to be busy today!

Nana B Stuff

Games to Play in the Dark


1. Turn off the lights.

2. Attach a piece of string to a door handle (this will be the starting point), and then thread it around the room (under tables, behind the sofa and over chairs, etc.).

3. Everybody begins at the starting point (ten or so seconds apart) and follows each other around the room, giving advice, instructions and support to one another. This game could also be played outside.)

Hide and Seek with Sardines

1. When it gets dark outside, it is fun to play Hide and Seek with Sardines in the house or garden.

2. Get everyone to wait outside. The first person goes into the house or garden and finds somewhere to hide while everyone else counts to 60 together.

3. After the count, the seekers go their separate ways trying to find the hider.

4. If someone finds the hider, they must not shout out, but hide with them (become a sardine). The last person to find everyone is the new hider.

NOTE FROM ENCHANTING BELINDA - I think this would be fun time to pull out the flashlights, too.

I found these ideas in a book called 100 Family Adventures by Tim, Kerry, Amy and Ella Meek.

The back of the book explains it well. "Here are 100 tried and tested outdoor activities to enjoy with children, swapping screen time for green time. The Meek family show how any family, anywhere in the country, can enjoy time together all year round."

NOTE FROM ENCHANTING BELINDA - I love this book. I didn't purchase it until after my kids were grown, and I checked off the things we had done as family. Then I put it away for a time when maybe, just maybe, I would have some grandkids...

And I could try some of the adventures with them!

RANDOMNESS #1 - Makeshift Slip N Slide (Plans A, B, C, D and E) - Okay. So I made a Giant Slip N Slide back in the day for my kids, nephews and niece...

And friends of my kids, nephews and niece...

And it was pretty successful.

Actually, it was awesome.

Since RT was coming over to play, I was going over all the things we could do in my mind...

And it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I could once again create a SUCCESSFUL Giant Slip N Slide!

All I had to do was remember exactly how I had originally made it work.

Think, think, think.

My normal thought process is always, "If something goes wrong, what is my Plan B?"

Below, I will walk you through Plans A, B, C, D and E.

I had used two LONG tarps with my first Slip N Slide because I was dealing with very long teenagers.

Plan A for RT's Slip N Slide was to use one not-very-long tarp.

I also feel the need to point out that even with a half bottle of Ivory Dishwashing Soap AND just the right amount of water to make it sudsy and slick, I failed to take into consideration the following:

1. Telling a 3 year-old to run, leap fearlessly into the air, fall on his belly and slide may or may not work; and

2. Using a textured, thick tarp WILL definitely not work.

On to Plan B...

I quickly ran into the basement and found the long, SLICK black tarp I had used years before, and Roxie and I set it up, soaped it up and again encouraged RT to run, jump in the air and land on his belly.


Wasn't going to happen.

Luckily, I had one of these in the basement for no particular reason, and I grabbed it for the Plan C scenario.

That's right. An inner tube.

Picture, if you will, Roxie on her knees pushing the tube as hard as she could with RT sitting there waiting for "the most fun he was ever going to have at Nana's."

"The most fun he was ever going to have at Nana's" is probably a phrase he will have embroidered on a pillow one day...

Or maybe he'll get a tatoo…

Because I say it often and with much enthusiasm.

Now picture The Boy and his tube moving MAYBE one foot...

Very slowly.

Let's move to Plan D SUPER quick, before the three year-old loses interest, shall we?

I ran into the basement and found a bright blue nylon rope which probably has a very specific name (and an equally specific purpose), but for this part of my PLAN, it shall forever be known as a Successul Giant Slip N Slide Tube Puller.

And guess what?

It worked...

And he laughed...

And had fun...

And wanted to do it again and again.

You may be wondering if Plan D worked, why was there a need for Plan E?

Plan E turned out to be RT playing with the hose while Nana tweaked Plans A, B, C and D.

It's always the little things, isn't it?

RANDOMNESS #2 - The Correct Way to Wear Headbands - I was visiting with the girls, and while we were in Eden's room, I noticed a basket of bows and ribbons...

And I started playing with them...

On their heads.

Judith had that Great Gatsby look going for her.

At this particular moment in time, Eden is walking, waving, talking and playing all the time.

However, she is not growing all of her front teeth yet.

That being said, I am going to be very sad when our cute little vampire gets the rest of her teeth.

And then the girls were tired of playing with the bows and wanted to move on to something else.

They have the attention span of their Nana!

RANDOMNESS #3 - Grandtot Catch Up

This one (along with her Daddy, Mommy and Eden) got a new puppy a few days ago.

His name is Wrangler.

This one will be enjoying popsicles ALL Summer long!

This one will grow strawberries in his own backyard one day. (I hope, I hope!)

And this one is smiling...

On purpose!

I hope you and yours have a wonderful Memorial Day! Stay safe, and I will talk to you very soon!


The Enchanting Belinda

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