Friday, July 6, 2012

Weekend Happenings

Good Friday morning!

RANDOMNESS #1 - Did I mention we picked up another cousin along the way Wednesday? I didn't? Well, I'll remedy that omission right now.

Monica met us at The Amazing Spiderman and then spent the night. She and her family had spent the 4th kayaking for the first time, and because she loved it so much, and her mom, Amy, loved it so much, they want to go again.

And guess what?

They want The Faulkner Five to kayak with them!

Doesn't that sound lovely? I cannot wait.

Roxie, Monica and I spent Thursday eating (New York Pizza and 32 Degrees) and shopping (The Pants Store in Crestline). You may or may not know this, but The Pants Store has the cutest dresses and tops EVER! And yesterday they had a sale, so the dresses and tops were even cuter for some reason.

It was a good day.

RANDOMNESS #2 - Roxie and I are watching Downton Abbey together... and we're lovin' it. It took us a little while to totally understand the heavy British accents, but we started "getting it" after a couple of hours (or in my case... 14 hours). I'm a little bit slower than The Chick. I kept turning the volume up, up, up hoping if they were YELLING with a thick British accent it would be easier to decipher.

Not so much.

You cannot rush through the process. It takes time!

RANDOMNESS #3 - My favorite pins from Pinterest for the week are listed below!

1. Did you ever play on a tire swing when you were a kid? Was it fun? Was it black? I found a pin with an old-fashioned tire swing painted light blue... with polka dots!

2. I found this a little too late for the 4th, but next year I'm going to put blue food coloring in mason jars filled with water holding little daisies and roses. Oh. And a miniature American flag will be sticking out of each and every mason jar. Cute and festive centerpiece.

3. I haven't seen it yet (because it won't be released until next Summer), but Monsters, Inc. made my Favorite Movies board. I KNOW I'm going to love it!

4. I'm going to give you some of the information from this blog (www.bdayfreeday.com). I "filed" it under Gift Ideas.

IHOP - Free meal on your birthday when you sign up for the IHOP Pancake Revolution Club.

Waffle House - When you sign up for their Regulars Club, you get a coupon for a free waffle immediately and one on your birthday.

Ruby Tuesday - Get a free burger on your birthday when you sign up for their newsletter.

Jason’s Deli - Get a free $5 gift card on your birthday if you sign up for their newsletter.

Red Robin - Sign up for the Red Robin newsletter and get a free burger on your birthday.

Barnes & Noble - Receive a free cupcake and custom digital books on your kid's birthday with free Kid's Club sign up.

Burger King - Children under 13 can get a free hamburger meal when parents sign up for the BK Crown Birthday Club.

Sonic Drive-In - Receive a free Wacky Pack Kids' Meal on your child's birthday when you register.

California Pizza Kitchen - Kids 10 and younger can get a free meal on their birthday. Adults join Club and offer will be sent via e-mail.

NOTE - There are other offers on the website, so you can look there for more.

Weekend Happenings

Some of The Faulkner Five have a very exciting weekend planned.

Josh and a couple of friends are heading to Atlanta for another Senior Mini-Trip. A couple of the things planned... a day at White Water tomorrow and dinner at The Marietta Diner.

I hope the second Senior Mini-Trip is as fun as the first.

The Boy is working at the Chick today AND tomorrow, but bright and early Sunday morning he is going to be beach-bound. He's tagging along with Melia and family for a week at the beach... and he's taking 14 bottles of SPF 100 sunscreen... and money to buy more when he runs out Wednesday!

Roxie and I are heading to Cullman with Grandmother tomorrow morning for shopping and lunch. That's always a winning combo.

Once again, we're here, there and everywhere, but hopefully, everyone will have a great time.

I'll be back Monday with pics from Gardendale... and maybe a couple from Atlanta. We'll see.

Take care, and I'll talk to you next week.


The Enchanting Belinda

P.S. I'm a little picture poor this morning, so here are two leftover 4th photos for your enjoyment!

Zac and Katie. (There is always one cousin who has more pics taken than the others at a family get-together. This time it was Katie.)

I meant to show this to you yesterday. Klingler's asked me if I wanted a "Happy Birthday Medallion" on the middle of the cake. I wasn't sure what it was, but I said, "Sure!"

Obviously "medallion" is the German word for soft, chewy oatmeal raisin cookie with an icing message written on top.

I LOVE medallions!

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