Monday, July 9, 2012

Mindless Monday

Good Monday morning!

Let's get to it, shall we?

RANDOMNESS #1- Josh and friends had a good time at White Water, Atlanta eateries and such this past weekend. I will have to file Senior Mini-Trip #2 in the "Success Folder," and hopefully, Senior Mini-Trip #3 (the last of the mini-trips) will be as enjoyable as the first two. (I'll give you more details closer to time!)

RANDOMNESS #2- Roxie, Austin and I joined Grandmother for a little trip to Cullman Saturday morning. We went to pick up a table Grandmother wanted to buy... and we ate lunch at a deli called Sweet Peppers. Very good. (No. I did not twist Austin's arm to go with us. I just mentioned the word "lunch.")

I took my camera because there are many picture-worthy people, places and things in Cullman, but alas, I only got a blurry picture of a pretty horse.

Grandmother was driving. While Mikie knows to TOTALLY stop the car when I ask (and put it in PARK), Grandmother thought "Stop the car!" meant slow down to 25 miles per hour while I took a horse picture.

And that's okay.

Except I'm not going to share my blurry horse picture with you.

Because it kind of looks like Big Foot, you see.

RANDOMNESS #3 - Austin left with Melia's family bright and early Sunday morning for a week-long beach vacation. The Boy has enough sunscreen in his suitcase for the Duggar family, but I'm sure he'll run out around Wednesday or Thursday of this week.

And unlike Josh's Atlanta group (five pictures total), Melia and her Dad will not disappoint. I think Austin will be well-documented this week.

Here's a picture of them leaving. Aren't they cute?

RANDOMNESS #4 - The only "exciting" event of this past weekend (for me) was a flat tire on the way home from Brookwood Saturday afternoon.

Surprisingly, flat tires (during the daylight hours) do not bother me. Even though they are always unplanned and spontaneous, I handle flat tires extremely well.

I'm not sure why. It's not really a part of my personality profile to NOT "go off the deep end" when such an inconvenience arises.

And even though I've had three flat tires (one on the freeway with Josh and Mikie was out of town, one on the way to the beach with just the kids going to meet Mikie and one by myself and Mikie was out of town AGAIN), I am the picture of coolness under pressure.

I called my wrecker service. Yes. I have a wrecker service. And they come and change my tire.

"What about your big ol' boys," you may ask. Josh was out of town and Austin was at work... and I didn't really want to bother Austin at work during the dinner hour unless it was just absolutely necessary.

As it worked out, the husband of a friend of mine from church was working this weekend, so we had a nice little chat about this and that while he effortlessly changed my tire.

You may be surprised to learn that changing a tire is NOT on my Bucket List.

Not as long as I have my own personal wrecker service!

RANDOMNESS #5 - After today, I only have 36 more posts before I reach the big 1,000.

I still haven't decided if A Simple Life will become a once a week blog or abruptly stop at a thousand, but I guess I've got to make a decision pretty soon, don't I?

I'll let you know as soon as I know. How about that?

RANDOMNESS #6 - Here a few pictures of my favorite "July" things.

If you aren't from the South, these trees/bushes are called Crepe Myrtles.

The come in a multitude of colors, and I love them all.

If I ever go to Vermont, I want to personally thank Ben and Jerry for their contributions to the ice cream industry. Not only are the names cute, but their ice cream NEVER disappoints. NEVER.

To be such a large coin, it takes FOREVER to fill a mason jar to the brim with "exercise" quarters. Cam and I may be very, very old before we get to have our "Mason Jar Massage."

Very old, indeed.

I'll be back tomorrow with Randomness, Recipes and more.

Take care, and I'll talk to you in the morning.


The Enchanting Belinda

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