Thursday, July 5, 2012

Strip Malling Date

Good Thursday morning!

Does it feel like a Saturday to you? Does it? Because it definitely feels like a Saturday to me. Celebrating the 4th on a Wednesday seems odd to me... and I fear the rest of my Summer I'll be saying, "What day is it?"

But what a great 4th of July it was... Wednesday or not!

RANDOMNESS - We had 4th of July lunch at my house with Mom, MamMa, Bev's family, Melia and Stephanie... and since we are all 14 years of age and older, we opted for an inside celebration (out of the heat) and a blockbuster movie during the evening (The Amazing Spiderman).

As far as I was concerned, it worked out well. No one was over-heated this 4th of July, and that was my goal.

We ate, played games for movie snack prizes and celebrated two birthdays (Mom and Bev) with a Klingler's Bavarian Creme Fruit Tort. Originally, I was going to let them use strawberries and blueberries for decoration (red, white and blue), but in the end, I had them put a little green kiwi on the tort which made it a non-4th-of-July dessert.

And that's okay, because everything is a little better with kiwi.

The Amazing Spiderman was very good... and now I understand why Emma Stone is dating Andrew Garfield in real life. (I was confused about it earlier because his head is quite a bit smaller than his body, but he is SO charming... I think his head grew during the movie... and now I hope they get married in real life.)

We were blessed to be able to spend the time together as a big ol' family, and I enjoyed July 4, 2012 very, very much.

Here are some of the pics. (You know I'll be showing you more over the next few days.)

This was my Pinterest contribution to the celebration. Brownie/Marshmallow/Fruit Kabobs.

There's something for everyone on this kabob!

Austin and the Lovely Melia.

Roxie won not one, but two, of the movie snack prizes during our game time. (As you can tell, she's not a fan of this type of candy.)

Brad and Stephanie.

We played simple games. You cannot beat Uno for a fun, quick group game.

And then there was Farkle. Instead of trying to get to 10,000 points to win, we shortened it to 3,000 points so as many people as possible could win movie candy.

And Melia was especially happy we changed that rule.

Zac was intense. Standing worked better for him.

Katie and Josh. (Josh won the Most Obnoxious Uno Player Award, but only because I was taking picture and didn't play. I would definitely have taken home that award. Always have... always will.)

The Bavarian Cream Fruit Tort. (Not your everyday birthday cake!)

Katie and Tommy.

Strip Malling Date

Since I've mentioned The Best Strip Mall Ever located in Homewood (by Dawson Memorial), I have recently been thinking about strip malls everywhere.

I thought about what a good little date "Strip Malling" would be for any occasion.

As the Mom, I just need to find a strip mall that has one, two, three or more stores which might interest the kiddo in question (and myself), and we could spend the morning and/or afternoon exploring that tiny corner of the world.

It may turn out the new restaurant we try isn't our favorite, or the boutique is totally out of our range or the exotic pet shop just carries spiders, but exploring new things together (good or bad) is still a bonding experience.

At least that's what I tell myself.

Pick a strip mall (any strip mall), and plan a Strip Malling Date for you and a kiddo today.

I'm already looking for a new one for me and Roxie to try!

I'll be back tomorrow with Weekend Happenings and a few more pictures.

Take care, and I'll talk to you in the morning.


The Enchanting Belinda

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