Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mixed Berry Cobbler

Good Tuesday morning!

And a lovely, but hot, Tuesday it is!

RANDOMNESS #1 - I made the Pinterest Grape-Cicles Saturday night. The Faulkner Five were a little divided on the frozen grape issue. Josh kept asking, "What's wrong with regular grapes from the refrigerator?"

The answer to that question is, "Not one thing! I'm just trying something different."

Trying something different with a family who avoids change at all cost can be difficult at times, and more than one member of the family has threatened to discontinue my Pinterest account.

So far, so good.

I'm still on Pinterest, and the family still gathers around my dining room table for meals.

Will they never learn?

One reason I love the Grape-Cicles would have to be the color combo. They go with my dining room, placemats and dishes. It's not the best "go-by" for food selection, but I like it when it works out that way.

See? Aren't they pretty?

RANDOMNESS #2 - Okay. Once again, I am not going to wait until Thursday to share some wonderful blog linkage. Go to TODAY and read her post entitled "What They Share." So, so sweet.

RANDOMNESS #3 - The Adventure of Life - Part One - I decided to use a "theme" this week. It's been awhile, hasn't it? I started thinking about the word "adventure" last night, and while my mind raced with sentences, stories and life experiences, I decided to slow down and write a little bit each day.

Too many words in my head at one time is overwhelming.

And if you know me, you know my one goal in life is NOT to be overwhelmed.

Well, that and to meet Tom Selleck.

I have such lofty goals, don't you think?

When I was much younger, I knew no fear.

I ran into the ocean as a toddler/preschooler with my parents trailing behind trying to catch me. I wanted to be pushed the highest in the swing... and I was. I wanted to jump off the high dive rather than the low dive... and I did. I rode every ride at the amusement park without hesitation... more than once.

Every new experience... every roller coaster... every swim in the ocean... was simply another "adventure."

I believe MY first fears began when I became a little older and wiser. But in my case, I also became more stubborn. A little fear was not going to stop me from white water rafting or sliding down slippery rocks to the spring-fed pool below.

The amusement park rides became more and more intimidating, but so did my desire to push through any thought in the back of my mind. "Perhaps it IS too dangerous or unnecessary or just plain silly to keep trying."

"Nope. I'm going to do it!" I told the voice in my head... and I did.

And then I began the greatest adventure of all... motherhood.

And my fears could no longer be contained.

I was afraid of uncovered wall outlets, stairs, slides on the playground with humps in the middle. I was terrified of cars driving too fast near me and my kiddos, strange dogs and bees.

The ocean, which had once been so fun and inviting and exciting, was now just a giant DANGER ZONE. The words "shark bait," "undertow," "red flag," "yellow flag," "purple flag" and "jellyfish" played in my mind over and over again as I watched and counted the kids in my care.

Fear was exhausting.

"It will get better as the kids get older," I told myself. "They are just so little and helpless now. Of course, I am scared for them."

The Adventure of Life had turned into a huge RESPONSIBILITY. As any adult can tell you, "Adventure" is such a fun, youthful word. "Responsibility" is a heavy, adult word.

They are total opposites.

Or are they?

Part Two tomorrow!

Mixed Berry Cobbler

Not only do I have an easy, doable and delicious dessert recipe this morning... I have mouth-watering pictures!

You will need the following:

2 12-ounce bags frozen mixed berries
1 box white cake mix
1 can Diet 7-Up

1. Place frozen fruit in a 9" x 13" baking dish.

2. Pour dry cake mix over the top.

3. Pour soda slowly over cake mix. DO NOT stir the cake mix and the pop. If you stir the two, you will have a cake-like topping.

4. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 to 50 minutes.

Look at my pictures!

These are my wild berries!

Aren't they beautiful? Very "4th of July!"

The only thing I had to "do" during the making of this entire cobbler is "pour." Fun fact for you... I'm a great "pourer!"

Any clear soda will do. (And you can use diet if you like.)

A mere 45 minutes later and you have a beautiful, edible cobbler.

It looks good. It smells good. It tastes good.

We call that a success around these parts.

And, of course, the recipe is from Pinterest.

Have a terrific Tuesday. I'll be back tomorrow with Wednesday Wisdom, a Party OR a Seasonal Tradition, Randomness and pics.

Take care, and I'll talk to you in the morning.


The Enchanting Belinda

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