Monday, June 11, 2012

Mindless Monday

Good Monday evening!

As I told you earlier, I was at basketball camp until 4:45 this afternoon. My post will be exceedingly "mindless" today. I'm basically going to tell you about the new restaurants my friend, Julie, and I visited during the meal breaks at camp, and share a few action shots with you.

The following information will not even fall into the "Randomness" category because it is beyond "Random."

1. Original Pancake House - This was not a new restaurant to me, Julie or Roxie, but Kelci thoroughly enjoyed her first visit.

I had the strawberry crepes.

I always have the strawberry crepes.

I adore the strawberry crepes.

2. During the evening break (we didn't have lunch), Julie and I went to New York Pizza in a Homewood strip mall. Oh... my... goodness. Can someone say Madison Square Garden Calzone, please? It was so good, and it met all my hunger requirements. It was warm... it had pepperoni... and there was an abundance of cheese.

I'm really not that hard to please.

3. Today Julie and I went back to the same strip mall in Homewood for lunch and we ate at an eclectic coffee shop called Hart & Soul. I LOVED that place. It was so hip, but quiet and comfortable.

Julie and I both had the Pimento Cheese Panini (with Pepper Jelly) and I had the Broccoli Salad.

Can I just say putting pepper jelly on a pimento cheese panini is pure genius? I wish I had thought of it!

4. You would think I would stop at 3, wouldn't you? But, no!

Dreamcakes is in the same strip mall in Homewood. (I think that particular strip mall should be voted the Number 1 Strip Mall in America, but that's just me.)

We bought a surprise for Kelci and Roxie to celebrate the end of an exhausting, but fun, two-day basketball camp... Chocolate, Chocolate Cupcake (with a Whopper on top) for Kelci, and a Yellow Cake Cupcake with Caramel Icing for Roxie.

I highly recommend Homewood for all your out-to-eat needs. (I think I'm going back tomorrow!)

I've posted a few of the "action" shots from today's camp. Action shots always make me smile.

Sometimes the only "action" in a shot is the ponytail.

It only looks like the girl in the red jersey has jumped from the walking track above and is knocking Roxie and Caroline down. You cannot tell from this particular shot, but our two chicks are in total control of this situation!

Once again, action shots are tricky. Taylor is NOT lifting the girl with the basketball and throwing her toward the net. Nope. She, too, is in total control of the situation. (What you don't see is Taylor getting the ball away from the girl, dribbling to our goal and scoring two points. That's kind of the norm for our team!)

Cam and Joy don't know what to make of the girl on the other team jumping straight up into the air. But they don't lose their focus. No, sir. She can jump all she wants. We were there to make baskets!

You might remember me talking about the "dance." You know. When two players from different teams play in perfect sync with each other. Caroline had a moment or two like that during today's games.

I'm not kidding. That's all I have for today's post!

Have a great Monday evening. I'll be back in the morning with more pictures AND a great recipe!

I'll talk to you tomorrow!


The Enchanting Belinda

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