Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekend Happenings

Good Friday morning!

The Gallery is a little bare today. Just a couple of pics here and there. I will remedy that by Monday morning!

RANDOMNESS - This has been a very different Spring Break Week for The Faulkner Five. Usually, we GO somewhere at the beginning of the week so we can visit, play, watch movies all night, sleep very late the next day, etc., etc. the last part of the week.

It threw us for a loop when we started the week backwards, but in true Faulkner Fashion, we rose to the challenge! HA! We are now officially ready for Summer. And next week... Well, we don't want to talk about next week yet!

Austin - He is still doing well. He's a little better every day. He should have no problem being cleared to drive next Tuesday at his post-surgery appointment, and then things will start getting back to normal for him.

Josh - He has had a very laid back week which was needed. He's been "go-with-the-flow" personified.

Roxie - She'll run hard one day, and crash the next. Today's a crash day. She probably had the most difficult time adjusting to the change of Spring Break plans, but she has done well... and I've been proud of her.

Mikie - He has worked on cars (brake jobs), hung with the kids and has stayed up way too late most nights... but it's been good.

Belinda - Like I said earlier, Faulkner Farms (circa 1842) has that "summer" feel to it. Things are moving along at a snail's pace. We've had a lot of family dinners this week (which has been wonderful), and the dishwasher is constantly humming.

I know people with huge families usually get commercial-grade washer/dryer units (or more than one of each), but with my family of three men and Ravenous Roxie, I think at this stage of my life, I would love two (or three) dishwashers. That sounds really good to me.

If I ever start an advice column for Mothers of Teenagers, I think that's going to be number one or two on my list. Have one dishwasher PER grown man/boy in your home.

And my next piece of advice would be... Teach them how to load their own personal dishwasher!

Weekend Happenings

We'll be celebrating Brad's 20th birthday tonight at the rental house. We're looking forward to a time of coming together with Bev's family to celebrate an event on her turf.

And speaking of her turf, the house is coming along. They are putting down flooring and cabinets Monday. Within a month, the Martins could conceivably be moving into their old/new digs after the tornado destroyed almost everything January 23 of this year.

Tomorrow, the Big Gold Van is heading for Huntsville for a day of shopping, swimming, eating and watching HUNGER GAMES. After the movie, we intend to rest well on heavenly beds at The Westin before returning home Sunday afternoon.

And then we'll get ready for a week of work, school and Austin's Spring Break.

I hope everyone has had a good, restful week. I also hope your weekend is full of fun, family and good memories.

Take care, and I'll talk to you Monday.


The Enchanting Belinda

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