Monday, March 19, 2012

Mindless Monday

Good Monday morning!

Okay. This is the "regular" Mindless Monday!

RANDOMNESS #1 - I'll go ahead and keep the list I posted earlier. It's here and there, but it is accurate.

1. Austin is recovering very well. He's still hurting, but each day is a little better. Thank you for your prayers.

2. Mikie and I are almost caught up on our sleep from our appendectomy weekend. Well, Mikie is. I never really catch up because of all the energy I expend walking and attending Body Pump classes, you see.

3. Our air conditioner is getting repaired this afternoon. Don't worry. The main part of the house is nice and cool. (The add-on where Mikie and I hide from the kids is where the problem lies.)

4. Austin's surgeon was Dr. Buck. I spent a lot of time trying NOT to call him Uncle Buck while we were in the hospital.

5. I miss John Candy.

RANDOMNESS #2 - I had a two-hour window to take Roxie shopping for much needed Spring Break items. (Bathing suit, Easter dress/Wrestling Banquet dress, Easter/Wrestling Banquet shoes, sunglasses... and shorts, if there was time.)

DISCLAIMER - Roxie isn't a wrestler. Her friend, Scotty, is a wrestler. He was her date for the Basketball Banquet, and she's his date for the Wrestling Banquet.

I didn't want you to think she had started a new sport. Although with two brothers in the house, she is a very good wrestler. She doesn't even worry about weight class. The bigger the brother, the harder he falls!

Roxie picked a mall (Brookwood) and off we went. While we enjoy shopping leisurely while sipping soft drinks and stopping for lunch to eat pretzels and people watch, we actually do a much better job when we "power shop."

With a little under two hours at our disposal, we found the perfect bathing suit, Easter/Wrestling Banquet dress, matching Easter/Wrestling Banquet shoes and two pair of sunglasses.

We didn't have time to try on shorts, but I was pretty pleased with the final results.

Oh. And we did get a pretzel to eat in The Big Gold Van on the way home.

We were happy. And that is saying a great deal. How often is a 15 year-old teenage girl AND her 50 year-old menopausal mother happy at the exact same time?

Don't answer that!

RANDOMNESS #3 - Although our New Orleans' trip was cancelled, our Spring Break is shaping up nicely. I think we're going to overcome our initial disappointment and just have a really nice, relaxing week (with a little surprise this upcoming weekend.)

RANDOMNESS #4 - Austin had two visitors from school yesterday... Matt and Tyler. They watched movies, talked and played X-Box while Austin tried to stay comfortable.

I made every "easy" dessert/snack in my arsenal... Peach Angel Food Cake (exactly like the Pineapple Angel Food Cake, but substitute a can of peaches), Hot Pepper Crackers, Chips Ahoy Pudding Dessert, Jello, and three kinds of muffins (Apple Cinnamon, Cranberry/Orange and Mixed Berry).

Most of it is gone, but that's okay. It was nice for the boys to drive down to check on The Boy, and I liked feeding them. Especially Tyler. He actually thinks I'm a good cook, and he requests things. And I make them for him because he is so appreciative.

I'll cook for that boy anytime!

RANDOMNESS #5 - We were able to have a Faulkner Family Movie Night Saturday, and we watched Real Steel. Even Roxie and I enjoyed what was supposed to be a guy flick. Very good movie if you have some extra testosterone in the house this week.

Just saying.

I'll let you get back to your Spring Break now. I'll be here in the morning with a new recipe, more Randomness, an update on The Boy, pics, etc.

Take care, and I'll talk to you Tuesday.


The Enchanting Belinda

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