Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bacon Cheese Potatoes

Good Monday morning!

I have added some of our first-day-in-Huntsville pics to the Gallery... and, of course, there will be more tomorrow.

RANDOMNESS #1 - I know many of you are wondering if I slept last night. Actually, I know most of you have your own problems and haven't given my sleep patterns another thought. However, I will tell you it is getting better. It isn't what I'm accustomed to, but it is definitely improving.

Now if I could just control my dreams a little bit. They are bizarre and disturbing.

A few nights ago, Eddie Murphy sold me a pair of shoes under a huge outdoor shoe sale tent. They cost $416.

Last night, I was co-owner of a chicken processing company... and we also made and sold Snickerdoodles. Just Snickerdoodles and raw chicken.

Don't worry. I'm making a doctor's appointment this morning.

RANDOMNESS #2 - Since The Boy is home for Spring Break and feeling much, much better (post-surgery), we have declared today "Moneyball Tuesday."

It is his favorite movie, and since I haven't seen it yet, we'll be watching Brad Pitt and baseball after lunch. (Guess what I'll be dreaming about tonight? That's right. I'll be working concessions at Brad and Angelina's wedding in Haiti.)

RANDOMNESS #3 - Roxie has a test Thursday, and I am so excited. Between Thursday and the end of school, every time one of the kids has a test, I'm going to stand at the front door and say as they walk to the truck, "May the odds be ever in your favor."

You know. From the Hunger Games!

I think it will be "great fun."

RANDOMNESS #4 - This morning, I watched James Cameron (from Titanic and Avatar fame) get into a tiny lime green submarine and go to the deepest part of the ocean.

No one has ever done that before. Ever.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. That man is a nut!

Bacon Cheese Potatoes (Slow Cooked)

I found this recipe on Pinterest (no surprise) from a blog called (I love that name!) I'm going to try it before Easter to see if it is something I would take to a family gathering.

You will need the following:

1/4 pound bacon, cooked and diced
2 medium onions, thinly sliced
4 medium potatoes, thinly sliced
1/2 pound shredded cheddar cheese
salt and pepper

1. Line crock pot with foil, leaving enough to cover the potatoes when finished.

2. Layer half each of the bacon, onions, potatoes and cheese in crock pot. Season to taste and dot with butter.

3. Repeat layers of bacon, onions, potatoes and cheese. Dot with butter.

4. Cover with remaining foil.

5. Cover and cook on low for 10 to 12 hours.

NOTE - The picture of the recipe showed red potatoes, so that's what I'll be using. I'll also be testing the recipe at 5 to 6 hours to see if the potatoes are already done.

Have a wonderful Tuesday. I'll be back tomorrow with a Seasonal Tradition, Wednesday Wisdom, pics and more.

Take care, and I'll talk to you in the morning.


The Enchanting Belinda


  1. The Westin in Huntsville is where Shelby got married. It's a beautiful spot!

  2. What a great place for a wedding. Picture perfect!


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