Friday, March 9, 2012

Weekend Happenings

Good Friday morning!

Mike and Roxie went on their annual Father/Daughter Valentine's Day Date last night. (Once again, I was flexible. Since February was FULL, we bumped the date to the first week in March. As long as we don't skip a year, I can be flexible. But DO NOT ask me to skip a year!)

They went to Firebirds for a steak and baked potato kind of meal (Roxie's favorite). They dressed up a little, and enjoyed three hours of Father/Daughter time. Since they were in the vicinity, they decided to have dessert at Krispy Kreme. Always a good idea.

The Gallery has a couple of pics of Mikie and Roxie before their big date.

RANDOMNESS #1 - I'll be posting my pics for the week on "50 is Nifty" some time today. I have found it is less time consuming to do this once a week instead of once a day. Snapping a picture a day only takes a second or two, but posting... Well, posting is another story.

Check over the weekend if you have a chance.

RANDOMNESS #2 - I've been very sore the past two weeks. More sore than usual. My exercise buddy, Cam, and I have been SUPER consistent these last two weeks, which I'm sure explains the extra soreness in unusual muscle groups in my body.

During my much-needed rest time (post workout), I came up with a list of Five Words and/or Phrases 50 Year-Old Women HATE, and I want to share them with you today.

1. Squat - Whoever invented this exercise should be shot. No trial. No jury. Just shot. And I know the 50 year-old chick who can do it, too!

2. Lunge - When you have toddlers in your life, lunging is a very normal, natural part of your day. You "lunge" as your three year-old starts running in a parking lot. You "lunge" when you see your one year-old putting something foreign in their mouth while sitting across the room. You "lunge" to answer the phone during nap time so the incessant ringing doesn't wake up the baby you just rocked to sleep.

Lunging in your 20s and 30s is not a big deal. It's what you do.

Lunging in your 50s is unnatural. It is unnecessary. It is a waste of precious resources.

Whoever invented this exercise should be shot. No trial. No jury. Just shot. And I know the 50 year-old chick who can do it, too!

3. Feel the burn! - If one more 20-something instructor asks me, "Can you feel the burn?" or says, "You should be feeling the burn now if you're doing the exercise correctly," I may mentally lose it.

In my mind if I feel something on my body burning, I should be stopping, dropping and maybe rolling.

4. Planking - Planking is a new exercise position invented by Satan himself. It's sole purpose is to strengthen the ab muscle group and build stamina.

I have no use for abs OR stamina at this stage of life.

5. You can do it! - This phrase is extremely irritating. It is the same phrase I used over and over and over when my three kids were learning to walk.

I am now convinced they finally did take their first respective steps just to shut me up.

I know that is why I push myself to finish the last "working track" of Body Pump. I just want to shut someone up!

I feel better now. Not less sore... but better!

Blog Linkage (Again) - I don't usually do this, but you simply must go to Six Sisters' Stuff under My Blog List and check out their "25 Parties for Boys" post. (It is beyond excellent!)

Go there immediately and stay as long as you like. You have my permission.

Weekend Happenings

Mikie and I have NO definitive plans this weekend. NONE.

And that's a good thing. I think we can fill it with some activities we both enjoy. (Personally, I would love to do the brunch and midday movie thing every Saturday from now until eternity, but I'm not the only one in this relationship... or so Mikie keeps telling me.)

Roxie does not have the problem on a "no-plans" weekend. In fact, she's doing a pretty good job of planning a great weekend after this busy, busy week of finals.

Austin is working at the Chick tonight, but I'm sure he has a good weekend planned, also.

Josh's plans revolve around movies, research papers and some much needed "catch up" sleep. The boy is tired.

It sounds like we'll just be passing each other through the revolving front door, doesn't it? And for the most part, I think that is a pretty accurate statement. But I am planning one big Faulkner Five meal. I just have to find out if it is going to be scheduled for Saturday breakfast, Saturday dinner, Sunday lunch or Sunday dinner. (I hope, I hope it isn't for Saturday breakfast, but if that's the only time we can sit around the table as The Faulkner Five this week, then so be it.)

"Why does The Enchanting Belinda sound so calm and 'okay' with such an 'anti-family togetherness' weekend on the horizon?" I know that is what you're asking yourself.

Well, we're going to New Orleans in a few days. That means we'll be traveling in a train car seven hours there and seven hours back... together. We'll be staying in a smallish hotel room... together. We'll be walking up and down and down and up the streets of New Orleans... together. We'll be sharing THREE meals a day (not to mention beignets during snack time)... together.

That's a whole lot of "together," so this upcoming weekend is going to be dedicated to giving everyone their own space.

It will make the New Orleans trip much more enjoyable if we don't leave the train station already tired of each other... as if that could possibly happen! HA!

Have a beautiful Spring weekend. I do hope part of our weekend includes a visit to the Botanical Gardens. As much as I love the color gray (and I really, really do love it), I'm in the mood for some pops of color. I think the Gardens could definitely provide this for me.

I'll be back next week with Mindless Monday and more Spring things.

Take care, and I'll talk to you later.


The Enchanting Belinda

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