Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Unique Easter Basket Ideas

Good Wednesday morning!

I'm going to finish putting the Huntsville pics in the Gallery today. I'll post a couple of Roxie and her friend, Scotty, on their way to his Wrestling Banquet tomorrow.

RANDOMNESS - Do you remember Planet Earth? I loved Planet Earth. We recorded all of the shows and watched them as a family during the summer.

Well, the makers of Planet Earth have started a new series called Frozen Planet. I love Frozen Planet. We're recording all of the shows so we can watch them as a family during the summer. Maybe on the deck. Under the stars. Surrounded by Citronella candles. Eating popcorn and drinking our soda of choice.

Polar bears, whales, seals, penguins... That's good stuff!

Set your DVRs or other recording devices for The Discovery Channel on Sunday nights. (Check for times in your area.)

ANNOUNCEMENT! ANNOUNCEMENT! ANNOUNCEMENT! - I went through my imaginary Busy Basket in December. (I always go through my Busy Basket in December AND June.)

At this season of life, my Busy Basket contains the following (in no particular order):

Sunday/Wednesday church attendance
Sunday School Director for Middle School/High School
Attending a weekly Bible Study
Stay-at-home mom in the midst of transitioning to an empty nester
Exercising two to five times per week
Dating Mikie two to four times per month
Mother of a college junior (soon-to-be senior)
Mother of a high school senior (soon-to-be graduate)
Mother of a high school freshman (soon-to-be sophomore)
Completing the year-long monthly Paula Deen Recipe Challenge
Blogging (A Simple Life and 50 is Nifty... And Other Urban Myths)

Nothing about the above is particularly overwhelming by itself on any given day, but I feel the need to move in a different direction during the next few years of transition in my life.

Although I have thoroughly enjoyed blogging these past three and a half years, in September, A Simple Life will change drastically. It will either be totally "gone," or become a once-a-week blog. I haven't decided which, but I'll let you know as soon as I know.

My picture-of-the-day blog, 50 is Nifty, will be finished the day before my 51st birthday in August. I will not be starting another picture blog.

I will be having the 1,000th Post Contest in September. One thousand seems like a good stopping point to me. And it will be close to the four-year mark (October 16) of when I started blogging.

I know I'm telling you several months before the last post, but it will give me a goal to work toward, and putting it in writing makes it "final" in my mind.

And if you've known me two minutes, you know how I love goals... and putting things in writing!

Until the first of September, things will proceed as they always have on A Simple Life. Pictures, traditions, easy recipes, randomness and fun dates will continued to be shared until the 1,000 blog post.

So hang around until Fall. We've got a lot to talk about this Spring and Summer.

Wednesday Wisdom - The following made me LOL. (It doesn't take much.)

"The thing about quotes on the Internet is you cannot confirm their validity." Abraham Lincoln

Unique Easter Basket Ideas

I hopped over to and found a post entitled 101 Easter Basket Ideas. I'm going to list a few on A Simple Life today, but I would encourage you to visit this website and see the many things it has to offer. Lots of good ideas.

Silly Putty (I always had Silly Putty in my Easter Basket. I like passing on the tradition.)

Personalized T-shirt

Family game

Gift card (iTunes, Target, etc.)

Plain wood, canvases or ceramics to paint (Suggest painting a cross or other Easter theme. You can use these for Easter decorations next year.)

Shaving cream


Fun band-aids (I've done this before. It's always a big hit.)

Fun summer shoes (flip flops or crocs)

Flower seeds

Gardening tools

Bug House



Temporary tattoos

Chia pet (Fun and funny gift.)

Comic books

Movie tickets (Start a family tradition of seeing a movie together the week after Easter!)

Magazine subscription

My kids (21, 18 and 15) still receive Easter Baskets, but the baskets now have an on-going theme.


SEC Draft Magazine
6-Pack Stewart's Root Beer and/or Cream Soda (Cracker Barrel)
Gift Card for Kindle
Favorite Candy Bar
Chocolate Bunny


SEC Draft Magazine
Cap or T-Shirt from favorite team or TV show (Ax Men this year)
Gift Card for Hamburger Heaven
Favorite Candy Bar
Chocolate Bunny


Clothing Item (She's picked a new purse for this year.)
Gift Card for Alter'd States
Favorite Candy Bar
No Chocolate Bunny
Lots and lots of gum

Yes. Roxie has two less gifts in her basket, but her purse takes the place of those gifts. In no way is this chick being shortchanged. Although no chocolate Easter Bunny will be found in her basket (the chick doesn't like most chocolate), multiple packs of gum will make her very, very happy.

If you have some unique Easter Basket ideas, feel free to share. A Simple Life is always open for suggestions!

Have a fantastic Wednesday. Spring has sprung all over Alabama, and it is a beautiful day. I'll be back tomorrow with Blog Linkage and a Date. Everyone try to think of someone who needs an encouraging word today... and then give it to them. Call, text or e-mail to just say, "Hi" or "I was thinking of you." It could take less than a minute of your time, but it could mean the world to someone else.

Take care, and I'll talk to you in the morning.


The Enchanting Belinda

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