Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother's Day Traditions

Good Wednesday morning!

We have a great deal to talk about today, so let's get started.

RANDOMNESS #1 - I had lunch at Olexa's yesterday with a couple of friends. It is a very pretty little cafe/bakery in the middle of Mountain Brook Village. I loved everything from the inside decor to the bathroom faucets. (Very cool. If you go, be sure to use the restroom!)

I had the ham and swiss quiche served with seasonal fruit AND an indescribably good mini muffin. I don't even know what flavor it was, but it was sweet, warm and it literally melted in my mouth.

But the best part of the Olexa's dining experience is the dessert. And that's not just my sweet tooth talking. That's a cold, hard fact.

They have two or three cakes to choose from, and guess what? They are wedding cakes.

And guess what else? They serve them warm.

And guess one more thing? I want to get married again (to Mikie, of course)... and order my cake from Olexa's... and NOT invite any guests because they would eat all of my wedding cake.

NOTE - One more thing to share... I didn't order one because my system was in shock over the piece of warm, wonderful wedding cake, but when I walked out of the cafe, I looked in their bakery display. They make cookies the size of your head... which as everyone knows, is the correct size for a cookie!

I love Mountain Brook Village for several reasons (Another Broken Egg, Smith's Variety, The Birmingham Zoo and The Botanical Gardens), and now I have to add Olexa's to that ever-growing list. It was lovely.

RANDOMNESS #2 - You may have noticed I am now behind THREE Paula Deen recipes. March, April AND May. Well, technically, I am not behind for the month of May, but things are looking a little dim.

I haven't officially given up, so I don't want you to throw in the towel either. I think the week after Graduation would be the perfect time to crank it up a bit and make Quick Spicy Collard Green Wontons, Bunny Cupcakes AND Homemade Yeast Doughnuts.

That's right. Paula wants me to make Homemade Yeast Doughnuts this month.

Family and friends... Expect some late night food deliveries the weeks after Graduation. And don't worry. I'm still planning on gifting my brother-in-law, Tommy, with the Quick Spicy Collard Green Wontons.

RANDOMNESS #3 - I told you three weeks ago, my blog server changed. I don't know how to explain it except to say posting is totally different, and I've had to figure out and re-learn how to do the things I've been doing for the past three (almost four) years. And to be honest, I don't really know how I figured out how to do any of it three (almost four) years ago. It's kind of a technological miracle, if you want to know the truth.

My picture-of-the-day blog, 50 is Nifty, has suffered the most because of the change. Without boring you with words and symbols like "widgets" and "html" and "br />," I will simply say, "I have all the pictures, but I cannot figure out how to post them."

I haven't given up. I'm still trying. I just didn't want you to think I had deserted this blog in the middle... because I haven't.

But I'll let you know when all hope is gone... which will probably be next Tuesday!

RANDOMNESS #4 - Josh's last high school choir concert was last night. Mikie and I attended and enjoyed it very much.

Josh loves to sing, but his face does not convey the "happy" emotion. He looks like he is in pain. He looks like his Dad and I MADE him sing. He looks like it is his least favorite thing in the world to do.

I ask him after ever concert if he's okay, and he always says, "Yeah! Wasn't it great?"

Well, see for yourself.

See what I mean?

What words come to mind?




Wednesday Wisdom - This isn't so much of a quote as it is a Tweet. No. I do not Tweet. The Pioneer Woman keeps her Tweets on her sidebar. There are three a day, which is just the right amount to keep up with for a non-Tweeter such as myself.

This Tweet specifically spoke to me... mainly because of the words "to-do list."

"I have a to-do list a mile long. So an hour ago, I thought I'd go ahead and rearrange all the furniture. I now have regrets and a hernia." The Pioneer Woman

Mother's Day Traditions

These ideas came straight from American Parenting Magazine.

While you may have Mother's Day traditions which are set in stone, here are a few more ideas if you feel like trying something a little different this year.

1. Go to the movies. One good way to share family memories is to look at old photographs or home movies. If you live near your parents, ask them to pull out old photos and movies of you as a child, and take a trip together down memory lane. Your kids will get a kick out of the styles of clothes you wore... not to mention the fact you were once a baby, toddler or teen.

2. Take an exotic vacation. Even if you cannot afford to go to Paris for the weekend, you can still enjoy a little taste of France (or any other destination that intrigues you). Get some croissants for breakfast, pack a picnic lunch of French bread, cheese and fruit, or order a meal from your favorite deli or restaurant (quiche), and get into the flavor of the country. For an added touch, adorn your kitchen or dining room table with a red-and-white checkered tablecloth and fresh flowers, put on some French music and teach your kids a few basic words in French.

NOTE - As a Mom, I would definitely hand the details of this "gift" over to Dad and Google!

3. Get pampered. At some point on Mother's Day, you may want some time alone or a chance for a little rest and relaxation. Make sure you get what you need by asking for it in advance. For instance, a few days before Mother's Day, give your husband and kids a list of five "services" you desire. The list could include:

An hour alone so I can call a friend or soak in the tub.

A chance to sleep in until... whenever.

A mani/pedi at my favorite nail salon.

Let your family fill in the blanks!

4. Hugs and kisses. How would you celebrate Mother's Day without hugs and kisses all around? One way to work them into your day is by setting up a silly "hugs and kisses" schedule and posting it on the refrigerator or other visible spot.

For instance, you could write, "10:30 a.m. - Everyone run around the couch and give Mom a hug and a kiss." Or, "2:15 p.m. - Everyone hop around the oak tree on one foot and get together for a group hug." Make up your own directions and silly things to do.

NOTE - I guess this goes without saying... but I'll say it anyway! Toddlers and preschoolers would LOVE this. Teens... not so much.

Have a blessed Wednesday. As usual, I will try to muddle through my least favorite day with a big, fake smile on my face. Thursday's coming, but I do not want to waste 24 hours looking forward to the future. Nope. That would be so wrong. Blog Linkage and a Date tomorrow.

Take care, and I'll talk to you in the morning.


The Enchanting Belinda

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