Friday, May 9, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up, Pinterest Stuff (Gift Ideas), Blog Linkage

Good Tuesday morning!

RANDOMNESS #1 - At this particular stage of being a Mother to two young adult men and one teenage girl, I am interested in trying to figure out if anything I taught them over the past 17 to 23 years has "stuck."

What impact did all my hard work, sweat and tears have on the three individuals I watch go in and out, in and out, in and out of my front door all day long?

Sometimes I am very sad and despondent because it would appear that nothing, nada, not one thing "stuck."

Heavy, heavy sigh.

At other times, I am ecstatic and giddy because it would also appear even though they fought tooth and nail against it happening, a part of me is so ingrained in them, they had no idea it was a part of them until it was too late.

They just thought it was their very own character flaw.

For instance, Austin is a hard-working, kind, sweet, people-pleasin' kind of fellow. He always has been.

He didn't get any of that stuff from me.

He does however love The Netflix, and we are completely sympatico when it comes to choosing and marthon-watching an old television series.

He knows the only way to do this is to watch show after show after show after show (sometimes until well after midnight)... or until your Netflix Buddy cries, "Uncle."

He's my boy!

Roxie and Josh do an "okay" job of watching The Netflix, but they do not have Austin's staying power.

And Mikie...

Well, poor Mikie just doesn't get it.

We've tried to watch a series on Netflix together. In fact, we've tried to watch SEVERAL series on Netflix.

As soon as one episode is finished, Mike gets up and stretches. "That was pretty good," and starts to walk away.

"Wait a minute! We've got to finish Season 1 tonight, Season 2 tomorrow night and Season 3 the next night if we want to be ready for the weekend marathon of Seasons 4, 5 and 6."

"What are you talking about?" he'll ask as he continues to walk out of the room. "I don't have time to watch 12 hours of commercial-free television in one night. We can watch another episode in a couple of days."

"A COUPLE OF DAYS! A COUPLE OF DAYS! We should be so immersed in the lives of the characters of this series by the end of tonight that you want to call into work sick tomorrow. What is wrong with you?" (This sounds like something I might have said once or twice.)

I worry sometimes that Mikie may have commitment issues...

In The Netflix-Lovin' World I live in, at least.

We'll talk about the other two kids/adults Friday and Tuesday.

RANDOMNESS #2 - As part of Weekend Wrap-Up, from my original list of nine "maybe" things that were going to happen this past Friday, Saturday and Sunday, three actually took place.

Roxie washed the dogs.

And in other non-dog news, I got a mani/pedi... and it felt wonderful.

Those were the three things on the list that I checked off!

RANDOMNESS #3 - Mike and I slipped out of the house late Saturday evening and drove to the Botanical Gardens for a picnic and stroll.

The roses are blooming, and they are beautiful.

Surprisingly, this was my favorite among the roses. I wouldn't mind having a few of these bushes around the house one day.

I have no idea how they would survive, but I would like to try!

Blog Linkage - Are you in the mood for Summer? Are you? Go to and just take a few minutes to gaze at her beautiful pics and the vintage swimsuits her kids get to wear. Cute!

Pinterest Stuff

Gift Ideas

1. Box of Balloons.

I love this idea for a graduate, an out-of-town family member, a special birthday, etc.

Send a box full of balloons with notes/money inside each one. Won't weigh much to ship!

2. College Basket

Take a shower caddy and fill it with lots of goodies. Stuff it with shower goods, shower shoes, Febreeze, ear plugs, etc.

You could also fill a collapsible mesh laundry basket with coins for the washers and dryers, detergent, dryer sheets, stain remover, etc.

3. Teacher Appreciation Baskets

An office supply store Gift Card
A bookstore Gift Card
A teacher supply store Gift Card
A Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Card
A Starbucks Gift Card
A Target Gift Card
Acrylic cup filled with goodies
Acrylic monogrammed cup
A big pack of fun colored pens, markers or Sharpies
Personalized notepads
Fun stamps and ink pads for grading papers
Summer survival kits (beach towel, sunglasses, magazines, sun screen, flip flops, etc.)
Gardening kits (gardening gloves, seed packets, spade, watering can, sun screen, etc.)
Summer scented goodies from Bath and Body Works
A gift certificate for a pedicure at a local nail salon
Poolside fun kit (inflatable pool float, drink coozie, freezer pops, beach towel, etc.)

Have a stupendous week. I'll be back Friday. Hopefully, I will have made the Nutella Cookies I spoke of last week, and I will share that recipe with you and yours. Also, since Mother's Day weekend is quickly approaching, I will have several last minute gift suggestions for that special event.

Take care, and I'll talk to you the end of the week.


The Enchanting Belinda

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