Friday, May 2, 2014

Weekend Happenings, Pinterest Stuff (Father-Daughter Bucket List)

Good Friday morning!

I worried this morning because I don't really have anything of substance to share today...

And then I thought, "They may think I never have anything of substance to share."

But I refuse to go there.

RANDOMNESS #1 - Tuesday morning, this beautiful dog stayed at our fence for three hours howling and barking and whimpering.

I can take the howling and barking. The whimpering hurts my heart.

I could tell he was well taken care of and fed, so I gave him a big bowl of water because I assumed his throat would be sore from all of the howling, barking and whimpering.

I went back into the house for a minute, and when I returned to check his collar, he was gone.

I assumed he had decided to go home, but then I heard more howling, barking and whimpering and I could tell Copper and Sparkle were in on the action, too.

Also, the big dog had somehow gotten into our fence.

He stayed for about an hour, and while I watched him and the beagles to make sure they were playing well together, I eventually became distracted with laundry and such. When I checked the backyard about an hour later, he was gone.

And he did not come back.

Which is a shame because I named him Earl, and I made him an honorary beagle.

What he doesn't know will not hurt him.

RANDOMNESS #2 - Josh is almost finished with his two years at Wallace State. He has three more Criminal Justice classes to take this Summer. He'll be finished in August, just in time to head to Jacksonville in the Fall.

Josh won a couple of awards...

And he made the little lady work hard to give them to him.

A little cuddling took place while we waited for the ceremony to begin, which was much better than the major Thumping War we had in the car on the way to Hanceville.

Mike and Roxie at Logan's after the ceremony. Josh got to pick the restaurant.

Mike, Roxie and The Enchanting Belinda.

RANDOMNESS #3 - Here are a few more MotherWalk pics from 2012.

Melia and Austin.

Roxie, The Roller Derby Chick and Katie.

The Birmingham Women's Roller Derby were our "cheerleaders" during the Walk. They were energetic, colorful and sweet.

This is my favorite picture. Roxie, Zac, Grandmother and Brad walking across the Finish Line hand in hand.

The 2012 MotherWalk was exactly one year from Grandmother's original diagnosis.

Josh and Mike playing checkers while we waited for our tables at Cracker Barrel.

We went to Cracker Barrel after the MotherWalk in 2013, too.

And we're planning on going again in just a few more days (Saturday, May 10).

Remember, if you are interested in joining the Walk, contact me via Facebook, in the Comment Section below or go to

Pinterest Stuff

Father-Daughter Bucket List

Read a book together and talk about it
Go camping
Take a painting class
Take dance lessons
Go trap and skeet shooting
Take her to a local sporting event of her choice
Find some recipes and cook together
Serve an elderly neighbor, widow or widower by doing yard work

Weekend Happenings

Except for Sunday lunch, I HAVE NO SPECIFIC PLANS.

I know.

This is unprecedented.

So I decided to make a list of things I wouldn't mind doing, and we'll see what does or does not happen:

1. See Spiderman 2 with Mikie.

2. Since we're seeing Spiderman 2, we may as well eat at Mugshots.

3. If we don't see Spiderman 2 or eat at Mugshots, I wouldn't mind going to the Dixie Fish Company for dinner and trying their Sweet Tea Chicken.

4. If we go to the movies and/or out to dinner, I would really like a pedicure and manicure before we leave.

5. If I get a pedicure and manicure, I need to take The Chick, too.

6. Maybe we could go shopping for more Guatemala clothes.

7. And after we shop, she could bathe the beagles because it is definitely time to bathe the beagles.

8. I could make The Pioneer Woman's Spicy Pop Pulled Pork for Sunday lunch because I have the meat in the downstairs freezer, and we haven't had that in awhile.

9. And I could take a Sunday nap, and that would be a lovely thing to do.

I think I will definitely try for the "nap thing."

Have a delightful, tornado-free weekend. I'll be back Tuesday with a movie review (or two), pics from this and that and hopefully a new-to-me cookie recipe. (I'm feeling the urge to try the Pinterest Nutella Cookie!)

Take care, and I'll talk to you next week.


The Enchanting Belinda

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  1. Nutella Cookies sound yummy!! If you make them, please let us know how they turn out. I for one will not be baking this weekend as it is to be 80 degrees which means it will be 95 degrees in my sun facing kitchen. I need to remember to plant a tree near that window. Have a great weekend. Hope it is tornado free, too. Andrea


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