Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up, Pinterest Stuff (Dates)

Good Friday afternoon!

RANDOMNESS #1 - Melia graduated from Samford University Saturday afternoon!

The Graduate!

The Graduate... and her fiance'.

The front of the Commencement Program.

We ate at DreamLand after graduation, and Austin got a little excited we were having banana pudding.

Melia and her sweet roommate, Sara, in their Samford Alumni t-shirts.

To say we are thrilled for her would be an understatement.

RANDOMNESS #2 - You may or may not know... I love Pinterest.

As of this time, I have 85 boards.

That means I have 85 "subjects" that interest me, and I pin things on these boards.

Someone has said, "You can tell what a person's passion is by looking at their Pinterest boards and seeing which board has the most pins."


Here are my Top Five Boards:

174 Pins - Christmas
177 Pins - Main Dish
188 Pins - Things I've Done Because of Pinterest
198 Pins - Future Grandkid Ideas


235 Pins - Dessert

It would appear I am crazy about sweets and intend on fixing hundreds of recipes for children who do not exist at this time.

And I will serve them dinner after they eat their sweets, but only during the Christmas Season.

I have issues, I know.

RANDOMNESS #3 - Just Josh.

RANDOMNESS #4 - Just me and Mikie.

Is it just me, or does Mikie keep getting younger and younger looking...

And I continue to look like a chick in my 50s?

My early 50s...

But 50s nonetheless.

Sometimes life is NOT fair.

Pinterest Stuff

Dates (Things To Do Together Other Than Watch a Movie)

1. Raid your refrigerator and pantry, and do a television-style food competition. (Think Chopped or Iron Chef.)

2. Do random acts of kindness all over town. Buy someone's coffee for them, leave kind notes, etc.

3. Do a workout video together!

4. Take each other on in some kind of challenge (an eating contest, beat each other's score at a video game, run a race, etc.).

5. Do something out of your comfort zone (rock climbing, playing golf, etc.).

I would be willing to try any or all of the above. I'll have to check with Mike and see what he thinks.

Have a delightful Tuesday. I'll be back Friday with a new super healthy snack recipe. (I'm trying it out on Josh this very afternoon!) I'll also have Weekend Happenings and some more Graduation ideas!

Oh. And I'm learning all about The Daniel Plan in Bible Study, so I have a few things to say about that major lifestyle change.

Take care, and I'll talk to you the end of the week.


The Enchanting Belinda

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