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The Lake - Day Two, Another Copper Story, Blog Linkage

Good Tuesday morning!

Josh and I are going apartment hunting this morning, so this post will consist of a few words and a lot of pics! (That's right. I said apartment hunting. Josh is starting his second year at Wallace next month, and we're heading to Hanceville and Cullman for the day to check out the living arrangements.)

He's pretty excited.

Me... Not so much.

RANDOMNESS - Another Copper Story - If you don't mind, I'll share this with you tomorrow. I'm on a very tight schedule today!

Blog Linkage - Go to and read yesterday's post. Her husband takes the girls on an airport date from time to time, and yesterday they invited Mom and little brother.

Kelle gets the importance of "enjoying the small things."

The Lake - Day Two

This Lake Vacation started out as an experiment. Our family is at the age where everyone is starting their own lives apart from The Faulkner Five. (I know. It's hard to believe, isn't it?)

That being said, Mike and I talked about having a specific place and time each Summer where we could all gather together to relax, break bread and play... a lot.

We also wanted something nearby. Guntersville is only 90 minutes away, so if everyone couldn't get off for an entire week, they could still join us for part of the time. This worked out well this year since Josh had to leave Wednesday morning to work the last part of the week, and there was a tiny chance he might have been able to come back Thursday night for the remainder of the trip. (It didn't happen, but if it had, it would have been great... and doable.)

We still have a little tweaking to do before next year, but it would appear the experiment was pretty successful.

Bev, Tommy, Brad, Katie, Zac and Stephanie came to visit our second day at the Lake. We put Josh to work grilling hamburgers and hot dogs to feed the masses...

And since Josh was in charge of the main meal, it seemed only fair to let Austin make the ice cream.

Mike and I are in total agreement our main goal as parents at this point in the game is to finish teaching the kids the skills they need to not only take care of themselves as adults, but to be take over any and all hosting responsibilities while they are still living at home.

Mike and I plan on entertaining a lot the next few months/years...

And we plan on doing even less of the prep work!

Other than eating, our main goal the second day of our vacation was to enjoy the water.

And that meant lots and lots of tubing.

I'm not sure what happened, but it appears Roxie is having a laugh at Katie's expense.

It's hard to get the whole story when they are flying by and I'm sitting on the pier with my toes in the water.

Brad tubes in style.

Zac likes to tube, but since he had just gotten back from Church Camp, he was pretty worn out. The air conditioning, recliner and TV were all calling his name.

In between tubing turns and boat-riding turns, The Chick kept in touch with the friends she had left behind for an entire week.

I just want to be sure you understand Austin and Josh didn't cook, clean up and wait on guests the entire day.

Everyone got some tubin' time.

I didn't realize Stephanie (Brad's girlfriend) had never tubed before. For some reason, I didn't get a picture of her first tubing experience, and by the time I realized what had happened, it was too late.

I ask you, does this look like a couple of people who have been tubing for a large part of the day?

No. No, it does not.

I will not share a picture of me after my first tubing experience, but I will tell you it was bad.

Very, very, bad.

This was my favorite pic of the day.

I am not kidding. This same butterfly (or it's twin) fluttered around our cabin each and every day. So, so pretty.

After our guests had left for the day, and the kids were in various and sundry positions on the sectional, Mike and I decided to take a romantic sunset ride in the boat.

Well, it could have been romantic... except my chair (the one that usually sits next to Mikie in the boat) had an accident, and I had to sit behind him.

I adjusted. I like having a chauffeur from time to time...

And it was definitely worth the trip.

I'll be back in the morning (WEDNESDAY, JULY 24) to share Day Three of our Lake Vacation, and a few more Summer tidbits!

Take care, and I'll talk to you soon.


The Enchanting Belinda

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