Monday, October 28, 2013

Mindless Monday, Variation of Pretzel Hugs, Quotable Quotes, Blog Linkage, Halloween Themed Scavenger Hunts (Pinterest)

Good Monday morning!

RANDOMNESS #1 - Mikie is still gone... and I'm still whining about it.

Tonight, there is a special dinner at The Dallas Zoo and he will be in attendance.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but am I not the ONE AND ONLY Faulkner who has written on his/her Official Bucket List to go to as many zoos as possible before he/she kicks The Bucket?

Yes. Yes, I am.

I'll post his Dallas Zoo Dinner pictures on Friday, and we can all live vicariously through him.

RANDOMNESS #2 - Fall is officially all over Central Alabama. It took a little while, but the colors have appeared, and it is gorgeous.

RANDOMNESS #3 - Roxie wanted to try her hand at making caramel apples the other night, and while we have never made them before, you have to admit they look pretty tasty.

In actuality, the caramel wasn't the right consistency, and even though the taste was there... the texture was not.

We may or may not attempt them again this season.

We were pretty disappointed with the final product.

Oh. And Roxie says, "NOT!"

RANDOMNESS #4 - Roxie and Hunter went to The Pumpkin Patch and we had the first official pumpkin carving of the year.

This is the table set up for two people carving pumpkins.

Twine makes even plastic tablecloths look more rustic.

Also, a great Iced Carrot Cake Candle cannot be beat to set the atmosphere for Fall.

I thought Roxie and Hunter did a great job.

Much, much better than the Caramel Apple Debacle of 2013.

Quotable Quotes - As we all know by now, one of my favorite movies of all time is Julie & Julia... which is a Hollywood depiction of Julia Child's life. Thus, I am naturally drawn to Julia Child quotes.

"A party without cake is just a meeting." Julia Child

The woman was right about so many things!

Blog Linkage - These two links just felt like Fall to me.

1. Go to "the anderson crew" under My Blog List and click on today's post entitled "yonder way farm." The post and pics make me want to find a local farm TODAY to visit.

2. Go to "eighteen25" under My Blog List and click on today's post entitled "The Great Halloween Link Up." Talk about great Halloween ideas! This site has a ton of them.

Variation of Pretzel Hugs

I've shared this little recipe several times over the years, but as time goes on, it becomes much more difficult for me to find Hershey's Hugs in the stores.

Since I wanted to make the Pretzel Hugs as a snack for the Pumpkin Carving Party Roxie's having this afternoon, I decided to substitute Hershey's White Chocolate Bliss (with the meltaway center)... and I must say, the Bliss worked very, very well.

Halloween Themed Scavenger Hunts (Pinterest)

I'm a Scavenger Hunt NUT, so these two ideas caught my eye right away.

Bobbing for Apples (With Clues)

The idea for this hunt is fairly simple. You set up an apple bobbing station, and you will tie a clue to the apple stem. Simply tie a ribbon on one end to the apple stem leaving about 12 inches of ribbon. At the other end, attach a small (or snack-sized) Ziploc bag. You will fold up your clue and insert it into the Ziploc bag to make it waterproof. To make the game more challenging, include some false or blank clues.

You will need the following:

Bucket filled with water
Snack-sized Ziploc bags

Pumpkin Cavity Search

This is an obstacle which involves touching gross food. Purchase several pumpkins, cut the tops off and then scrape all the pumpkin guts into the middle of the pumpkin. Put your clue inside a Ziploc bag, and place it inside the pumpkin under all the guts. Have each party guest choose one pumpkin to search for their next clue.

You will need the following:

Several pumpkins (5 should be enough)
Something to scrape the pumpkin guts
Ziploc bags

These two stations would be great to include in a Halloween Themed Scavenger Hunt! Something a little different and fun!

Have a fantastic Monday. I'll be back Friday with pics and how-to tips for a teenage chick Pumpkin Carving Party, Randomness and more.

Take care, and I'll talk to you the end of the week.


The Enchanting Belinda

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