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Weekend Happenings, Josh's Birth Day Story - Part Two, A Fair Date

Good Friday morning!

RANDOMNESS #1 - I have a couple of leftover pics from Josh's Birthday Celebration last Sunday.

Austin, Josh and Melia.

Austin, Josh, Melia and a man way TOO old to be photobombing!

By the way, Josh is officially 20 years-old TODAY! I'll have more about tonight's fun in Weekend Happenings below.

RANDOMNESS #2 - I didn't mention it last week because, believe it or not, I do my best to check with people before I post personal information.

For this to be appearing today means The Chick has put her "stamp of approval" on the story.

And if for some reason this section of Randomness disappears this afternoon, you'll know The Chick changed her mind!

On September 25, Roxie's birthday, she and a few friends went to Stix to celebrate the special day before church. I had told the people at Stix it was Roxie's birthday so they could sing to her, embarrass her, throw shrimp at her, etc.

Whatever people at Stix do to honor you on your birthday, I wanted "it" done for/to/at The Chick.

At the end of the meal, they brought everyone at the table a fortune cookie. Roxie's fortune cookie appeared on a plate with a little message written out in chocolate.

Pretty cute, huh?

But, wait! There's more!

When she opened her cookie, she pulled out the above message?

She didn't know what was going on.

Her Chick Friends didn't know what was going on.

But a young man came through the door at just the right time, gave Roxie a pink rose and asked her to be his date for Homecoming.

I'll call him "Hunter."

Because that's his name, you see.

I don't know how her 18th, 19th, etc. birthdays will possibly be able to compare, do you?

RANDOMNESS #3 - This is just a pic of Roxie and her friend, Ragan.

I liked it, so I'm posting it!

Sweet friends.

RANDOMNESS #4 - Josh's Birth Day Story - Part Two - Yes. My EX-friend, Shelly, had to pay dearly for keeping me from my hot fudge cake minutes before I found out I could not eat sweets for 25 more weeks. I made her give me a Wipe and Dipe Shower. It was very nice, and she said she would have hosted it for me (punishment or not), but I have my doubts.

My second little complication with Josh's pregnancy came in the form of a migraine. I had never had a migraine before his pregnancy, and I've had three or four a year since he joined the family. Hmmm. I wonder? (I'm not talking the worst migraines in the world either. I have friends who literally have to take two or three days off work because they are so sick. Mine, when I have them, are controlled with Excedrin Migraine and are hormone induced... or living with three men induced... or living with three men and Roxie induced. Whatever the reason, I did want to clarify they are not extremely severe.)

Also, because of the migraines, I visited Cullman's finest (paramedics) fairly often. When you have migraines when you're pregnant, sometimes high blood pressure can be associated with them, and I would run to the Fire Department (one block from our house in Cullman), and they would give me a quick blood pressure check.

Actually, it was one of the highlights of my pregnancy. (I have a special place in my heart for paramedics. Basically, I think they do a difficult job very well and are wonderful additions to any community.) Here in Gardendale, the paramedics are only 3 minutes and 42 seconds away. Unfortunately, we've had to call them a couple of times, so the time response mentioned above is a fact and not an estimation!

Other than those two very small "problems," Josh's pregnancy went by pretty quickly. Especially since I was also taking care of an almost three year-old brother who was more than a little active. Austin was very excited waiting for his new baby brother to arrive.

As I said before, I was bound and determined to NOT have another C-Section. So on the day Josh decided to make an appearance, I reiterated that fact to the registration nurse, the nurse who put in my IV, the aide who came in to get something she forgot in my bathroom and the doctor who was to deliver Josh a mere 14 hours later. I think I made myself abundantly clear.

When the time was right, I received my epidural. Things were going well. They had estimated Josh's weight to be around 8 pounds (more or less), and told me I shouldn't have any problem delivering him without the C-Section.

A few hours later, I received a "boost" for my epidural. Things were going well, but slowly.

A few hours after that, I asked for another boost for my epidural. The doctor told me we were so close to delivering, "WE" didn't need the boost. "WE" were mistaken. I like to call Josh my "Little House on the Prairie" baby because by the time he was born, I had all the modern medical conveniences Laura Engalls' Ma had in the middle of said prairie during that time period (Code for NADA). I would have gladly taken a swig of whiskey and bitten on the nearest bullet.

Josh entered the world gnawing on his little fist weighing in at 9 pounds 12 ounces. Yes, he was 8 pounds (MORE or less).

I will say delivering a baby the "regular" way did have pros. But it definitely had cons, too. Before I left the hospital, I told my doctor one thing. "I'm coming back in three years. I've had a C-Section. I've had a regular delivery. You've got three years to come up with an alternative way to have a kid." And I took my bouncing baby boy home to meet his really bouncing almost three year-old brother!

And the fun really began!

Uh-oh. I forgot it was a three-parter. I'll finish up Monday!

Quotable Quotes - I like the movie When Harry Met Sally very, very much. I always think of it as an "autumn" movie because one of my favorite scenes shows Harry and Sally walking through Central Park discussing life with the Fall foliage practically exploding in the background.

Central Park in the Fall... BEAUTIFUL!

I also love, love, love this quote from the movie.

"When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."

Romantic... and true.

A Fair Date

I haven't been to the Alabama State Fair since it relocated to Oak Mountain, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't go if the opportunity arose.

I would go in a heartbeat.

I would go with Mikie.

I would go with one or more of the kids.

I would go with the entire family.

I think it would make a great (but NOT inexpensive) Fall date.

This info came directly from www.birmingham365.org.

GREAT BIG FUN for the whole family!! We will have thrill rides, exciting shows, adventurous fun for kids of all ages. The Oak Mountain State Fair has partnered with North American Midway Entertainment, the world's largest traveling outdoor amusement park. They provide a safe midway experience including Rides, Games and Food to over 15 million fairgoers every single year in 20 states and 4 Canadian provinces, including 10 of the top 50 fairs in North America. Your family will experience a clean and safe environment while at the Oak Mountain State Fair with something for everyone from 2 years old to 70 years old. The Oak Mountain Amphitheatre has been in operation for 26 years and proud of the reputation of having a safe, clean and fun environment for all events we produce.

General Admission $8 - 13 and up

General Admission $6 - 12 and under

For more information, go to www.oakmountainstatefair.com.

Weekend Happenings

1. TODAY IS JOSH'S 20TH BIRTHDAY! That's right. He's my October Baby!

Tonight Roxie, Mikie, Josh and I are going to Mugshots for dinner, and then we're going to see Gravity starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.

Last week, I had said I was NOT going to see Gravity because it looked sad AND scary to me... and that is not a winning combination in my book.

However, I was the only one who was balking, and since it IS my second son's 20th birthday, I AM going to see Gravity.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Austin is working for Donoho tonight and JSU tomorrow night, and sadly, will not be with us in body, but I'm assuming he'll be there big time in spirit.

2. Right now, Saturday is a little up in the air. There is a chance some of us may make tie-dye t-shirts in the driveway. There may be a date... a Fun Fall Drive... some pumpkin prep. There is a really good chance chili will be served for supper.

In other words, no matter what happens, Saturday looks to be a very nice day.

3. This is the first Sunday in a while we haven't had a special event happening right after church. We've had Grandparents' Day, Mackenzie's Baby Dedication and two birthdays in a row in this part of the world.

I'm thinking The Sunday Nap may make an appearance... and that would be lovely.

I hope you and yours have a fantastic Fall weekend. I'll be back Monday morning with pics, Randomness and hopefully, something useful.

Take care, and I'll talk to you next week.


The Enchanting Belinda

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