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Weekend Wrap-Up, Quotable Quotes, Pinterest Stuff (Sidewalk Paint Recipe and Funny Teenager Party Games - The Cherry Pie Game, Pick Up, Blind Man's Swag and The Shaving Game)

Good Tuesday morning!

RANDOMNESS #1 - I wrote the following in 2011 after Roxie had surgery to fix a floating bone fragment in one of her little fingers. It was a basketball injury.

Just so you know, I am not good in any type medical emergency scenario.

I never have been...

And I haven't improved with age.

See for yourself!

Yesterday, Roxie and I went for her post-op appointment. You know. The little appointment where they check the part of your body they performed surgery upon, and tell you things look good, etc., etc.

Well, Roxie's appointment went a little differently. Her finger had been hurting off and on since last Thursday. The wound was clean, and she was changing the bandages twice a day as instructed. We couldn't figure out the source of the pain. It took the surgeon two seconds.

"Well, one of the pins is working itself out. That's causing the discomfort."

"Pain," I corrected. "Not discomfort. Pain." Medical professionals tend to think procedures don't hurt, and I feel it's my duty to tell them the truth.

True Story - When I was having my C-Section staples removed after giving birth to Austin, it was quite painful. The nurse told me I was NOT in pain... just a little discomfort. (They like to use the word "discomfort." A lot.)

However, as I was leaving the room, I picked up a nearby stapler, inserted a couple in her upper arm and asked her to let me know if removing them was "painful" or "slightly uncomfortable." I think I made my hormonal point.

DISCLAIMER - Okay. The first paragraph is true. The second paragraph is what I wish I had done. Oh, if I could turn back the clock...

But I digress.

The surgeon said the X-ray looked great, the bone was healing and he was going to remove the pin that was causing the "pain." The other two pins were doing their job holding the bone fragment in place.

Okay. So I'm thinking a new scheduled appointment, IV, Loritab, etc., etc. Imagine my surprise when the doc takes a pair of eyebrow tweezers out of the drawer and holds Roxie's tiny, delicate hand in his.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" I calmly asked... in a very loud voice.

"This won't hurt, and it will just take a second," he responded without looking at me.

And before I had time to turn my head, he pulled the wire/pin/metal object holding Roxie's finger together out... right in front of me. I have to admit... it was more than a little traumatic.

"Roxie, are you okay?" I weakly asked.

"Yes. It feels much better now. And it didn't even hurt. It felt funny... but it didn't hurt," she replied. "Are you okay?"

"I'm so glad you asked. I don't know. I can't stop shuddering, and my hands are shaking... and I flushed all of your left over Loritab down the toilet. This is bad. This is real bad."

"Maybe we can get him to write you a prescription," she said.

Yeah. That's the ticket. I need a prescription because my daughter had a tiny wire removed from her finger. It's good when someone understands you!

We kept the wire/pin/metal object for Show and Tell later. (I wanted Mikie to know how brave I had been.) I also made a mental note of which parent was taking her to her next pin removal... and his name starts with "DAD."

RANDOMNESS #2 - This past weekend, Roxie and I met Melia and Company to try on and order bridesmaid dresses...

The dresses are lovely...

As are all of the bridesmaids.

I didn't put this under Wedding News because I'm not discussing any details today...

Except to assure you the dresses are lovely...

As are all of the bridesmaids.

Oh! And we ate at Olexa's after the trying-on process (which may or may not have been my favorite part).

RANDOMNESS #3 - Sparkle asked to come inside a little early yesterday afternoon, and because of her advanced age and her soulful eyes, Roxie and I, of course, opened the door.

Her main objective in coming in early is to be carried down the basement stairs to her fluffy doggie bed.

She likes a long afternoon nap.

Another reason I love this little dog.

Quotable Quotes

"A grandparent's house is where cousins become best friends." Anonymous

I love this quote because I know it to be true.

Pinterest Stuff

Sidewalk Paint

1 cup cornstarch
1 cup water
Food coloring
Sponge brushes
Small muffin tin

1. Mix cornstarch and water.

2. Pour into three, four or five muffin tins.

3. Add food coloring and mix.

NOTE - I haven't tried this yet, but I know if you have small ones on these warm(ish) March and April days, sidewalk chalk and sidewalk paint are a Mom's go-to activity after nap time.

Am I right?

More Pinterest Stuff

Funny Teenager Party Games

1. The Cherry Pie Game

Set a plate with five cherries on it in front of every player. The object of the game is to be the first to eat all five cherries.

Piece of cake, right?

Not so fast. They must do this with their hands behind their backs using only their mouths.

Still too easy, you say?

Well, you're right. That is why you are going to completely cover the plate of cherries with whipped cream.

Get the camera ready. You're going to want to take lots of pictures.

2. Pick Up

The object of this game is simple. Be the first to pick up the prize.

Have all the players link arms at the elbow and form a circle. Everyone should be facing outward.

Place a $10 bill in the center of the circle.

That’s it.

The first person to pick up the prize gets to keep it.

The only rule is you must keep your arms linked in the circle.

3. Blindman's Swag

For this game, players divide into couples. One partner in each couple is blindfolded.

You will need to MAKE SURE no one can peek or it will ruin the game.

You will also need to make sure you have plenty of space and nothing breakable in the playing area.

All the couples start on one side of the playing area. After the partners are blindfolded, reveal the swag. It can be a prize, a $10 bill or anything else that will get players excited and motivated.

The players who are not blindfolded must remain where they stand and guide their partners to the prize using only their words (no touching).

The goal is to be the first to grab the swag.

4. The Shaving Game

Guests divide into teams or couples. One (brave) person holds the balloon in their mouth (by the knot) while the other person lathers the balloon with shaving cream.

The partner NOT holding the balloon must remove all the shaving cream with a disposable razor.

The first team who completes this WITHOUT popping their balloon wins.

ANOTHER NOTE - I haven't tried these games yet, but 4th of July and Palisades Christmas immediately come to mind.

Have a fantastic week. Did you remember? It's PROM WEEK! I'll be back Friday morning with Prom Updates, Weekend Happenings and more. (We are SO excited we can hardly contain ourselves!)

Take care, and I'll talk to you the end of the week.


The Enchanting Belinda

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  1. Belinda,
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