Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Weekend-Wrap Up, Blog Linkage, Pinterest Stuff (Library Dates), Quotable Quotes

Good Tuesday morning!

RANDOMNESS #1 - I did a little Prom Picture Postin' Work this weekend. While it was hard to not go ahead and post a few photos on Facebook, I was strong!

And because I was so strong, you now have an ABUNDANCE of Prom pics to wade through before you get to the few words I have to offer today.


Roxie and Ally... Pre-hair and make-up.

Roxie... Almost done!

Josh and Roxie.

Austin and Roxie.

Josh and Austin were TOLD to be ready for a picture at 2:30 Friday afternoon...

And they wisely did as they were told.

The really important one... Hunter and Roxie.

Ally, Pasha, Hunter and Roxie.

Roxie and Ally.

Our school has a Senior Prom, and since Roxie is only a Junior, she went as Hunter's guest.

Hunter and friends decided to dress in white tux, and they looked particularly dashing.

The chicks supplied the color and the bling.

Good looking bunch, isn't it?

Mike and Roxie.

Grandmother and Roxie.

Fun fact for you... Grandmother has gone to five out of six grandkids' prom photo shoots. (She has only gone to five out of six because Zac isn't "prom age" yet. That time will be here before we know it!)

Hunter and Roxie.

The back of Hunter and Roxie.

If I haven't told you before, I'll tell you now.

Roxie picks out dresses, tops, etc. depending on how the back of the garment looks.

And, as you can see, this particular dress had a very pretty back.

Could these guys be any cuter?

Here are a few more of Roxie and Hunter.

Roxie and Taylor.

I call this one, "The shoes have got to go!"

Roxie and Cool Hunter.

Cool Chicks!

After pictures, the group went to Brio's for dinner, and then they all had a great time at the 2014 Gardendale High School Senior Prom.

The End!

RANDOMNESS #2 - It is officially Spring Break Week!

Since I am the parent of "adult-age" children, these are the only specific "special" things I've planned for the week:

1. We went to Mugshots for dinner Sunday night and then saw Divergent. (Good dinner and very good movie!)

Josh didn't read the Family Newsletter I gave to everyone the beginning of the month, so he forgot to get off work for our Sunday Evening Spring Break Kick-Off.

I'm still a little miffed at him.

Or maybe the word "furious" is a better fit for how I feel about his absence.

Yes. Definitely "furious."

And, yes. I started a monthly Faulkner Family Newsletter.

And, no. It didn't work too well.

2. Mike is taking off Wednesday and Thursday to take any and all available Faulkners fishing... both days.

3. Wednesday night, we're watching Saving Mr. Banks AND eating TV dinners around the television.

Because that is what families did during that period of time when Walt Disney lived.

Walt Disney ate TV dinners all the time.

I bet.

And then the kids/adults are in charge of the rest of their Spring Break.

Between you and me, I think they've got a handle on it!

Quotable Quotes

"Two things to remember in life. Take care of your thoughts when you are alone, and take care of your words when you are with people." Anonymous

Blog Linkage

1. If you are interested in throwing a Lego Party for one of your kiddos one day, go to and read the last few posts. She does a step-by-step tutorial about everything you will need to make that Lego Party a huge success.

2. It has been awhile, but one of my favorite blogs has had new posts recently. Go to to catch up with this family of four as they travel the world taking beautiful pictures of other families. Fun posts and lovely pics.

3. Go to eighteen25 under My Blog List and click on the post entitled, "[past projects] Easter/Spring." Good, good stuff.

Pinterest Stuff

Library Dates

These ideas were pinned (and re-pinned) under the title of "mini-adventures." That caught my eye immediately.

Then I read the word "library," and I was hooked.

I think one or two of these at a time would make a great date for a book-loving kiddo in your house.

End it was an ice cream treat, and you've got yourself a winner.

1. Look for the biggest book in the library. Take your picture with it.

2. Browse the travel section, find a place you want to visit, make some plans.

3. Go to the cookbook area, choose a recipe, go the store, get the ingredients and cook it that day. (I LOVE this one.)

4. Choose a random CD, listen to it all the way through.

5. Scan the books of quotes. Find a good one and write it outside on the sidewalk with chalk.

6. Bring paper and colored pencils. Draw from the easy I-Can-Draw-Books for an hour. (I thought this would be fun, too.)

7. Take a present to the librarians.

8. Leave a thoughtful review on a post-it note in a book you really loved.

9. Hunt for authors with your same last name.

These ideas come from a blog entitled I have visited it once, and I plan on stopping by again and again.

If you live in the central part of Alabama, I hope you have a fantastic Spring Break week. Here are few things I'll be posting about this coming Friday:

1. I have a $6 Mate-Date for you to try. Mike and I went on this date Saturday afternoon, and it was fun. (Pics will be included.)

2. I have pics of Brad's 22nd Birthday Celebration and his new home.

3. Maybe I'll have some fishing pics by Friday, too.

Take care, and I'll talk to you the end of the week.


The Enchanting Belinda


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE Roxie's hair and makeup. She looked lovely. I bet if she ate more than a grape she was in trouble with that dress. Wowzers. Question: (take no offense please) But what is it with the garters on these teenage girls? I'm old fashioned, but I was made to believe that the wearing of such a garter was to be 'saved' for the 'after the wedding' take off by the groom and tossing to young males. It seems a bit mature for pre married females. I'm embarrassed just typing that.

    Sign me 'blushing' (not to be confused with a flash) 50-year-old mother

  2. Oh my goodness, Roxie is Beautiful !! Any chance you have close ups on her hair? How did it get from rollers to the style she rocked all night? Oh and the Brothers did an awesome job for pics!! Yay for Brothers!! I sure hope you print up that Father/Daughter and Grandmother/Granddaughter pictures and frame them. Those are precious. And hey now, where is a Mother/Daughter pic? Did you stay behind the camera all night? Gosh, I hope not. Thanks for sharing prom pics with us readers. Andrea

    1. Hey, Andrea... It was crazy at the hair place when Roxie was getting her hair done, but I'll post a couple more pics of the hair process. (I only have a couple more.)

    2. And Mikie did take a couple of pictures of me and Roxie... But they didn't make the blog cut!

  3. Okay just one more reply. The place where you took pictures is just lovely by the way. And how did Roxie like the Prom- the Gatsby theme? Did she snap any pictures? Was it held at a hotel ballroom? Andrea


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