Friday, February 14, 2014

Weekend Happenings, Blog Linkage, Things I've Learned While Raising Teens... A Humbling Experience

Good Friday morning!

RANDOMNESS #1 - Things I've Learned While Raising Teens... A Humbling Experience

Roxie and I were snowed in together this week... again.

If you'll recall, this happened the end of January, too.

Allow me to refresh your memory with the post describing our FIRST snowed-in experience of 2014.

Back at home, once I knew The Brothers, Mikie, Melia and extended family were going to be okay, I began looking forward to a couple of days and nights of one-on-one time with The Chick.

Unbeknownst to me, The Chick was NOT looking forward to the same thing.

When Roxie was small, I envisioned her being a little "Mini Me." We would scrapbook together, enjoy watching the same movies and television shows, shop the same exact way, have manis and pedis together whenever the mood hit us, etc., etc.

Fast forward 17 years, and somehow Roxie has become her own person.

I don't know how I let that happen.

I am good with being "snowed in." Especially with electricity, food and all the creature comforts.

Roxie is not good with being "snowed in." It gives her headaches.

I could sit beside Roxie on the couch watching sappy movies from now until she is 70 and I am 105.

Roxie could not.

If Roxie and I were stranded together on a deserted island, I could learn to be content and thankful for the time I had been given with my beautiful, fiesty, firecracker of a daughter.

Roxie would spend most of her days trying to swim to another shore far, far away.

That isn't to say she's not crazy about me.

She is.

She is absolutely, positively crazy about her Maternal Unit.

How could she not be... Crazy, I mean.

Now do you remember?

Do you?

Because I am, and forever will be, a tweaker, I put my expert "tweaking" skills to work when I heard there was a possibility of being trapped in a house alone with Roxie... again.

Not for me, mind you. I enjoy the uninterrupted one-on-one time with The Chick.

Even when the hours start adding up to 48 hours... 72 hours... 81 hours, 11 minutes and 32 seconds.

I LOVE it, I tell you.

Roxie... Not so much.

1. Monday evening, Roxie and I went grocery shopping, and I told her to get anything and everything in the "food" department which would make her happy for the next day or so.

She did.

Roxie's perfect set-up... Soft blanket, orange creme ice cream, remote and phone.

This is her happy place.

2. Tuesday morning, the official "snow-in" began. As you can imagine, I was worried, but it just so happened, the forecast was a little off, so when The Chick asked if she could go to a friend's house for the afternoon until 6:00 that evening, I sent her off with a wave and a smile.

She returned happy... chipper even. We enjoyed dinner together and a television marathon.

3. Wednesday morning, the forecast was again, a little off, so we met a mother/daughter combo for lunch at a restaurant in Gardendale. It was fun, relaxing AND there were tons of other people milling around.

She and her friend left to shop for an hour, and when she returned home, she was happy... chipper even.

4. When she asked if a friend could come over for a couple of hours (because once again, the forecast was a little off), I said, "SURE," and they visited, watched TV and when the friend left, she was happy... chipper even.

5. When the snow began in earnest Wednesday night, we ate ice cream, watched another television marathon and looked out the window every 30 minutes or so because the snow forecast finally delivered.

It... was... beautiful.

When we went to bed Wednesday night, Roxie was happy... chipper even.

6. Thursday morning, the snow had already begun to melt when we started waking up and moving around. Because we played OUR LAST BASKETBALL GAME last night, Roxie had practice at 4:00 and the game at 7:00. She just took her time getting ready, and we had kind of a lazy day.

And that ended our three-day "snowed-in" event for February.

Not only did we survive, but The Chick was actually content during the entire three days.

I know what you're thinking.

"Of course, she was happy! Because the forecasts were a little off, she just had three days off from school to sleep late and hang with her friends. She didn't have cabin fever. She wasn't totally alone with The Enchanting Belinda for 81 hours, 11 minutes, 32 seconds. It was like the best vacation from school EVER!"

Also, you're probably saying to yourself, "And there was no tweaking involved. It was an Act of God weather event."

To which I will happily reply, "Yes. Yes, it was."

Don't hate me because I am totally able to bond with my 17 year-old Chick.

I'm special that way!

RANDOMNESS #2 - These are the last of the basketball pics for this season. We had our ups and we had our downs... and now we're ready for the Banquet.

I call this one, "Say what?"

Roxie... Blurry, but cute.

Claire... Another blurry, but cute.


It may look like Roxie dropped the ball, but in this sport it is officially called "dribbling."

Kaylen won "Cutest Bun Ever."

Blog Linkage - Please go to and read Wednesday's post entitled "Thrifted Sister Challenge: Day & Night." I think this would be such a fun activity to do with a sister or BFF. I may be trying this in a few weeks.

Weekend Happenings

It is Valentine's Weekend so any Valentine's Day events will be front and center in our plans!

1. Mike and I, Austin and Melia, Melia's family, etc. are attending Step Sing at Samford tonight. I've never been, but I've always wanted to go.

I'll give you a full report Monday.

2. Roxie has dinner and movie plans.

3. Josh has dinner and movie plans.

4. We will be having The Faulkner Five Valentine's Day Banquet bright and early Saturday morning. Do not expect "pretty" pictures, because we (The Faulkner Five) are not a morning family... at all.

5. On Sunday, we'll all be heading to Oxford after church to celebrate Mr. Faulkner's birthday. (And, yes. I hope to have new pictures of the babies and Matthew!)

Have a lovely weekend. I'll be back Monday morning with a little of this and a little of that.

Take care, and I'll talk to you next week.


The Enchanting Belinda

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