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The Shortest Beach Trip EVER - Part Two, MORE Date Night Ideas, Visit a Different State Park Each Year

Good Thursday morning!

RANDOMNESS - The Shortest Beach Trip EVER - Part Two - I'm going to share two more sections of our little trip today... Sea Birds and Things We Didn't Do (But Maybe Next Time).

This is riveting stuff, People.

On one of our walks up and down the beach, Mike and I came upon a group of seagulls, and I took the opportunity to just snap away.

I call this one "gull drama." Get it? The gulls have had an argument and one group isn't speaking to the other group. "Gull drama." Girl drama.

Well, I thought it was funny.

Taking seagull pictures at the beach happens when your own kids don't accompany you on The Shortest Beach Trip EVER.

Sad, but true.

Here are just a few of the things I spotted during the day that captured my interest.

I would definitely try paddle boarding parallel to the shore... not straight out into the ocean. My balance is SO much better since I've been attending Body Flow (a/k/a YOGA), I have no doubt I could stand on a big ol' surf board for hours at a time. No doubt at all.

After watching the kayakers off and on during the day, I have decided against trying this activity. Once they get past the waves, the majority of them are able to stay in the upright position. However, more times than not, they get flipped again and again and again as they try to paddle past the waves.

And I'm talking flipped in the shallow water where the toddlers are playing.


I would so ride a banana boat behind a super-powered jet ski. I would do this again and again and again (as long as we rode parallel to the beach and not straight out into the ocean).

And this guy... Well, this guy, I would follow to the ends of the beach.

Because of the freezer full of ice cream.

Not because of the guy.

I've already got a cute guy.

I heard the semi-annoying ice cream truck music and looked around to see if a truck had actually driven onto the sand.

But all I saw was this dude, pulling an odd-shaped ice cream freezer from beach umbrella to beach umbrella.

I have one word... Brilliant!

Tomorrow, I'll share two more "categories." I'm thinking Restaurants We Visited and Things That Caught My Eye.

And that's all I'm going to say about that.

MORE Date Night Ideas

I found another Date Night list on Pinterest, and I copied a few to share with you today.

1. Sketch out a blueprint of your dream house. (I liked this one. It's different, but I think it could be fun.)

2. Make a list of must-haves in your dream home (laundry chute, three-car garage, spiral staircase, etc.).

3. Go to a driving range. For about $6 to $10 you can buy a bucket of golf balls and borrow a driver. It's actually pretty fun! (Mike and I don't play golf, but I'd be willing to give this a try.)

4. Have a YouTube date night. Spend time watching funny vidoes! (I've done this with the kids before, and it is fun. People on YouTube are nuts!)

Visit a Different State Park Each Year

Some of you know, Austin and Josh visit a different SEC Stadium each and every football season. This will be their eighth year, and they are planning on visiting the Texas A & M Stadium. (In a few minutes, Mikie will call and tell me I spelled "A & M" wrong, or something... and I'll correct it.)

Along those same lines, picking a month during the year to visit a State Park would be a fun thing to do with the family.

Depending on the year and your budget, it could be a day trip OR an overnight trip.

Depending on whether you camp or not, it could be a camping trip OR a lodge trip.

Depending on whether a lake is involved, it could involve fishing, swimming, canoeing, etc.

If the Park doesn't meet your water expectations, a picnic and a hike are always a good way to spend some family time.

By my calculations, there are 23 Alabama State Parks. That's 23 years of exploring something new and different together.

Bladon Springs State Park
Blue Springs State Park
Buck's Pocket State Park (located in Grove Oak)
Cathedral Caverns State Park (located in Grant)
Cheaha State Park
Chewacla State Park
Chickasaw State Park
DeSoto State Park
Florala State Park
Frank Jackson State Park
Gulf State Park
Joe Wheeler State Park (located near Rogersville)
Lake Guntersville State Park (located outside Guntersville)
Lake Lurleen State Park
Lakepoint Resort State Park
Meaher State Park
Monte Sano State Park (located in Huntsville)
Oak Mountain State Park
Paul M. Grist State Park
Rickwood Caverns State Park
Roland Cooper State Park
Wind Creek State Park
Historic Blakeley State Park
Chattahoochee State Park

I've been to seven of these parks, and they each offer something unique.

Whether you decide to make this a Summer "thing," a Fall "thing," etc., start making your plans today for an ANNUAL "thing."

Have a wonderful Thursday. I'll be back tomorrow with Weekend Happenings, Part Three of The Shortest Beach Trip EVER and a little more.

After today's post, we're back on schedule. I'll be posting Mondays AND Fridays only.

Take care, and I'll talk to you in the morning.


The Enchanting Belinda

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