Monday, August 12, 2013

Mindless Monday, Quotable Quotes, Back-to-School Fun Day (with a Teenage Chick)

Good Monday morning!

RANDOMNESS #1 - At one point this past weekend, I thought I would be telling you about Josh's new apartment. I thought I would be telling you about his Surprise Housewarming Party. I thought I would have 257 pictures to post.

I would have been mistaken. If anything could go wrong with the "moving in" process Saturday and Sunday, it did.

Not to worry! It was not earth shattering or life altering in any way, shape or form.

It was just life... and a two-day delay. It happens. It actually happens a lot, and normal, well-balanced people handle it better than The Enchanting Belinda.

That being said, we'll begin moving tomorrow... and continue moving a little bit at a time until Saturday.

It will not be efficient or organized, but that's okay, too.

I think efficient and organized are very overrated.

Nice... but overrated.

RANDOMNESS #2 - In other news, Austin and The Lovely Melia returned home Saturday evening from their week at the beach with Melia's family. A good time was had by all, and they looked very happy and relaxed... which is the ultimate purpose of a week at the beach.

RANDOMNESS #3 - Sweet Taylor moved away to college this past weekend. Her Mom WAS organized and efficient, and they actually moved into the dorm on the day they planned.

I cannot even wrap my head around that concept.

The move was traumatic, but I'm guessing her first trip home will be extra, extra sweet.

And the countdown begins.

Quotable Quotes - This quote has nothing to do with August, or moving kids, or school starting soon, etc., etc.

It is just a reminder that an annual event is coming up... and I'm longing for it's arrival.

"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." L. M. Montgomery

That's right. I consider the month of October an annual event. A 31-day long annual event.

And it cannot arrive soon enough for this Chick.

Back-to-School Fun Day (with a Teenage Chick)

Since school starts back on the 20th (for Roxie), I wanted to plan something fun for us to do together.

Before she and her friends began driving, we always had a back-to-school "adventure."

Now, it is different.

When they begin to drive, they don't really want to ride in The Big Gold Van. The Big Gold Van is rather obsolete... and big... and gold.

So once again, I found myself tweaking.

I went through the little town of Cahaba Heights the other day, and noticed not one, not two, but many quaint shops. There were also some new restaurants I had not noticed before.

So I had an idea.

Why not pick out three or four of the new stores and take Roxie to each and every one. I'm going to give her a spending limit and let her buy one item from each store.

It could be a cute back-to-school top from the boutique... a candle for her room from the decorating shop... a new purse from a different store, etc., etc.

You get the idea.

I also found three restaurants we've never visited, and I'm going to let her pick one of them for a back-to-school lunch.

Granted, it will not be as much fun as shopping and eating lunch with a bunch of friends, but hopefully, it will become a new back-to-school tradition for the two of us to share the next few years of high school and college.

And each year, I'll pick a "new" nearby town or community for us to explore, shop and eat.

We'll see how it goes. I hope it will be a "keeper."

Have a great Monday. I'll be back the end of the week with news and pics regarding Josh's new apartment, more Randomness, the results from Roxie's new back-to-school tradition and maybe a new recipe I've been wanting to try.

Take care, and I'll talk to you Friday.


The Enchanting Belinda

P.S. Since I'm picture-poor this morning, I'm going to post some miscellaneous pics... and hope to do better on Friday.


You can never have too many "toes in the sand" pics. These particular toes belong to Taylor and Roxie.

Remember this pic. It's me and my BFF, Ree. You may know her as The Pioneer Woman, but I get to call her Ree because of my BFF status and all.

Don't hate me because I hob-nob with the rich and famous

This is me and Josh after I learned how to color sepia pictures with the "peach" button...

The "yellow" button...

And the "green" button.

I forgot how I did it, and I haven't been able to figure it out since. But that one glorious day back in 2012... Well, let's just say I was pretty happy.

Josh... Not so much.

This picture says it all. "We all need more hammock time!"

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