Friday, May 3, 2013

Weekend Happenings

Good Friday morning!

RANDOMNESS #1 - I have a few more pictures of The Boy/The Man in his graduation garb. His "professional" picture from graduation will not arrive for a few more days, and I needed a wallet sized pic of him wearing his cap and gown for an upcoming church "thing."

Do you see the old blue truck in the background? Do you?

That is the truck I've been trying to get The Chick to pose in front of for SEVERAL months, but because it is on the side of a semi-busy road in our little town, she refuses.

Because she would DIE...

Absolutely DIE if anyone saw her standing beside this uber-cool old blue truck.

She has very high standards.

Yes, she does.

But, The Boy/The Man... not so much.

He posed for five minutes and we were done. He was happy. I was ecstatic. And The Chick was not the least bit inconvenienced.

Except when she found out HER BROTHER, The Boy/The Man, may or may not have been seen by someone she may or may not have known standing beside the old blue truck.

We sat on pins and needles all night long waiting for a text which would confirm an "AUSTIN BY THE OLD BLUE TRUCK" sighting... and when nothing came, we finally were all able to settle down and get some sleep.

It appears not everyone in the "Dale" cares about what The Faulkner Five are up to at any given time during the day.

And for that, I am very thankful.

RANDOMNESS #2 - I had the best time yesterday speaking to a Faithful Moms group about planning a purposeful, Christ-centered Summer.

I walked into a room filled with about ten women... and three newborns lined up against the wall in pumpkin seats. Precious.

And that's not all. There were multitudes of other little guys and gals (four year-olds and under) toddling, crawling and just being plain ol' adorable all over the place.

It was Menopause Heaven, I tell you.

So I washed my hands (surgical-style) and grabbed an 11 month-old little boy named "J," and I was happy, happy, happy.

We talked. We shared ideas. We laughed. We nursed babies.

Well, some of us nursed babies. "Some of us" kept playing with the 11 month-old in our lap and gave him Cheerios when he started getting a little hungry.

It was a sweet group of young women, and they want so much to be the best mommies they can possibly be. They want to raise their children in the "nurture and admonition of the Lord."

And they're serious about it, too.

Those little ones sitting in pumpkin seats and toddling around the room are blessed to have these ladies as their mommies.

Very blessed, indeed.

"And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath, but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord." Ephesians 6:4.

RANDOMNESS #3 - I woke up in the wee hours of the morning panic-stricken.

And when I say "wee hours," I mean between 1:07 and 2:28 a.m.

And when I say "panic-stricken," I mean full-blown-take-me-to-the-hospital-right-this-minute PANIC ATTACK.

I did all of the "things" you are supposed to do to conquer the Panic Attack.

I got up and walked around.

I prayed.

I turned on all the lights.

I prayed.

I played Farkle on my Kindle.

I prayed.

I did a lot of deep breathing exercises.

In the end, one hour and 21 minutes later, I calmed down enough to close my eyes and sleep.

Until 3:30 a.m. when Mikie got up because he had to use his asthma puffer.

After that, I kind of dozed in and out and watched him breathe.

Not in the adoring, can't-keep-my-eyes-off-of-him way.


I know what you're thinking. "She should be the Poster-Mom for Teenage Parenting. She has such a good, good attitude."

To which I would reply, "Thank you. Thank you very much."

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Weekend Happenings

Our weekend is going to start out with a bang. I've been waiting all week long to get everyone's work schedule, and guess what? Austin, Mike AND Josh are free TONIGHT.

Iron Man 3, BABY!

And I cannot wait. Mike kept saying it would be okay for us to wait until next weekend if work schedules didn't work out, but I don't want to be the only 51 year-old chick in the country who waited a week to see the new Iron Man.

That would be just plain wrong.

Saturday is a work day for all the guys, and Roxie and I are going to work on Uncle Tommy's birthday cake. He's going to be 50, and since we love him so much, we're making him an "Older Than Dirt Cake."

I'll let you see pictures from the finished product Monday.

We'll be celebrating Tommy's birthday Sunday after church, and then I'll be heading to a Bridal Tea.

And that, my friends, is our weekend in a nutshell.

Have a great and glorious Friday. I'll be back Monday with Tommy's 50th Birthday Celebration pics, a new recipe (I am definitely trying something new this weekend) and more, more, more.

Take care, and I'll talk to you next week.


The Enchanting Belinda

P.S. Some days you don't know whether to laugh or cry. And some days it just hits you in the face.

Today is the day to DANCE!

The Chick is the dancer in the family... and I'm the picture-taker. It works for us!

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