Friday, May 24, 2013

Weekend Happenings

Good Friday morning!

On Monday, you may remember I used the sentence, "I've heard it's going to be epic." I was referring to the Summer of 2013, and I meant "epic" in the fantastic, good, wonderful kind of way.

The events which have transpired since Tuesday afternoon of this week have most definitely been epic, but not in the way I had previously imagined.

It's going to be a little hard to follow, but do the best you can... and keep in mind, the only "big" thing originally planned for Tuesday was attending Katie's graduation from high school!

1. Around 3:10 Tuesday afternoon, Roxie left the house to visit her sweet friend, Taylor, for an hour or so. At 3:15 Tuesday afternoon, Roxie called me to say she had been in an accident in front of the Elementary School. She told me she was fine, but I needed to hurry.

I literally put on shoes and walked out the door... and proceeded to get behind the S-L-O-W-E-S-T driver in the history of the world. He might as well have been driving a horse and buggy (with an almost-expired horse pulling the buggy) from the end of my street to the accident scene.

I was very calm... until The Chick called again and said, "Are you ever going to get here? I need you."

And then I was no longer calm.

And I might have had a few non-Christian thoughts run through my head.

Because The Chick needed me, and I desperately needed to be with her, you see.

When I did arrive, Roxie was standing next to a police officer and her little red car (with a very crumpled up front end) was sitting in a church parking lot.

I hopped out of the van, ran/walked over to The Chick, put my hand on her back and immediately removed it.

Roxie was the picture of poise and calm on the outside, but just touching her back I could feel the trembling. If I had held her or patted her or comforted her in any way, she would have started crying... and Roxie HATES to cry in front of people.

So I stood very close to her and listened as the police officer and the crossing guard told me the accident was not her fault and she could not have prevented it. A driver in front of her slamming on his brakes unexpectedly caused the accident... and no one was hurt... and a car can be repaired... and My Chick was going to be just fine.

We had the car towed, took care of business at the auto repair shop, etc., etc. and we finally arrived home. We had lost over an hour of "get ready for graduation" time, so we were running to and fro beautifying... and we were exactly 30 minutes late for Katie's graduation.

Which wasn't bad, because we had planned on being 30 minutes early.

In other words, we walked in with the graduating Seniors.

2. Graduation went very well. Katie is NO LONGER IN HIGH SCHOOL and she is happy, happy, happy!

Katie graduated from Springville High School. They hold their graduation ceremony in The Alabama Theater downtown, and when the ceremony is over, everyone spills out onto the closed street to toss their caps, take pictures and celebrate!

I turned around just in time to get a pic of Tommy kissing his "Baby Girl."

This is a rare picture of Zac NOT photo bombing. I LOVE it!

Tim and Katie at Ruby Tuesday's.

Roxie, Grandmother and Katie... and Photo Bomber Zac. I guess he just can't help himself.

Our family's 2013 graduates... Austin and Katie!


3. I'm going to backtrack just a little. You already knew my niece and nephew, Amber and Jared, were expecting a baby. The baby was due in June. HOWEVER, Mackenzie decided to make an early appearance as some babies tend to do, and all day Tuesday and during graduation, we were waiting to hear about her arrival.

Around 8:00 p.m. (toward the end of the graduation ceremony), Mike received a text from his sister saying Mackenzie had arrived at 6:20, but they didn't have any other details yet.

Right in the middle of one happy event, we were blessed with more happy news.

Tuesday was turning out to be a very good day.

4. Mom, Austin and Zac were riding with me in The Big Gold Van to Ruby Tuesday's in Trussville for a celebratory dinner with family and friends. Mike and Roxie were following behind (because he had driven to the graduation ceremony straight from work).

Halfway to our destination, two Sheriff cars passed us with lights on and sirens blaring.

Within seconds of their passing, Mike called and told me to pull over at the next exit and let Roxie get in the van.

"Why?" I asked.

"Just do it," he said, shortly.

Something was wrong.

I pulled over at a gas station three or four minutes later and jumped out of the van. Roxie was climbing out of Mike's car crying.

The only thing I could think of was Baby Mackenzie, and I ran to Mike and asked him if the baby and Amber were okay.

"It's not the baby. It's Josh. There's been an armed robbery at the store, and his hand may be broken. He's okay other than his hand, but we have to go."

I ran back to the van, told Austin to take everyone to Katie's party and to stay close to Roxie and make sure everyone was okay. I would call him as soon as I talked to Josh and give him details.

We didn't talk much on the way to the store, but at some point during the five minute trip, Mike reached for his phone, looked at it and passed it to me.

A picture of our new great-niece, Mackenzie, was on the screen. She and Amber were doing well. She was tiny, but healthy and beautiful.

As soon as we arrived at the store, we spotted Josh. He walked over to the car holding his hand, and as I got out of the car and ran to him, Mike called over my shoulder, "Josh, tell Mom what happened."

And he did.

Two masked robbers (one male and one female) came into the store just as it was time to close. They made everyone get on the floor.

The male made the manager open the safe... and then the female made Josh get off the floor, put a gun in his face, and told him to put the "code" in to open the registers.

Josh told her there wasn't a code... it needed a key. He didn't have a key.

She was shaking badly and the gun was pointed at Josh's face. He was afraid she was going to accidentally pull the trigger, so he reached up and pushed the gun hand down away from his face.

She screamed and the man ran over. Josh pulled the woman in front of him so the man wouldn't shoot. He then fell to the floor and put his hands over his head... and the man beat his head (his hands were covering his head) with the pistol handle... again and again.

The manager saw what was happening to Josh, yelled, "Here's the money!" and the two grabbed the money and ran out the door.

The paramedics checked Josh's hand and because it was so swollen (and he could still move his fingers), they said to ice it overnight and let the swelling go down before we had an X-ray taken the next day.

He had a cut on his shoulder, a knot on the back of his head and his back and knee were pulled from falling to the floor the second time.

Other than that, he was physically okay.

5. Wednesday, Josh and I spent some mother/son time at the Emergency Room getting X-rays. We'll have to double check next week with an orthopedic when the swelling goes down more, but right now it looks like there are no broken bones in his hand.

God takes care of us every day, but Tuesday of this past week, He was all over our family.

We are blessed.

I've learned two things during the past week, and I'll pass them along in case you or a family member are ever involved in a violent crime.

LESSON NO. 1 - In our case, we had talked to Josh and knew he was basically okay. However, it was wrong of me and Mike to send Roxie, Austin and family to a party. I cannot tell you how many times I've heard, "I just need to 'see' Josh." And that's what has happened this week. Everyone has 'seen' and 'touched' and 'held' Josh.

After a violent crime, it is important to be able to do those things.

LESSON NO. 2 - The security tape of the robbery and part of Josh's attack was played on two newscasts for Crime Stoppers Wednesday. And I watched it. And I watched it again. And I watched it in slow motion.

And I literally became sick to my stomach.

For me, as Josh's Mom, there was no need for me to see the crime. Lesson No. 2 may not apply to you and yours, but think about it if you are ever put in that position.

I experienced some very strong emotions watching Josh being robbed, and although they cut most of the actual attack, knowing what happened next was too much for me.

What's next?

Josh returns to work today. This is his decision... definitely not mine. Prayers, please.

The criminals have not been captured yet. More prayers, please.

Our Weekend Happenings consist of not much of anything. No "epic" plans for The Faulkner Five.

I know I promised the following:

The Story of Copper - Part Three
New Dessert Recipe
Graduation Stories
Fun Summer Ideas and Traditions
Mother's Day Pictures and Stories
Restaurant Review

But sometimes life gets in the way of our "plans."

I hope you have a magnificent weekend. I'll be back Monday, and I'll do my best to make that post an informational, fun, picture-filled account of MY NOT-SO-SIMPLE LIFE!

Take care, and I'll talk to you next week.


The Enchanting and Extremely Blessed Belinda

P.S. I'm going to leave you with three of my Mother's Day pictures... and hopefully, I'll have the rest of those for you Monday, too!

This is my great-niece, Lauren. How beautiful is she?

This is my great-nephew, Matthew. He is a sweet, busy five year-old, and I love our time with him.

Two of my favorite Chicks EVER. Lauren and Miss Roxie.

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