Friday, February 1, 2013

Weekend Happenings, Love Potion Recipe, Valentine's Day "Heart Attack" Tradition

Good Friday morning!

Okay... I'll just get the inevitable out of the way.

We played basketball last night.

RANDOMNESS #1 - In case you're wondering, basketball season is ALMOST over, and when it is over, I have no idea what we'll talk about on this blog.

That being said, guess what? We won against Tarrant, AND The Chick had a nice little blurb written about her in The North Jefferson News this morning.

I'm not really bragging because my friend, Beth, posted it on Facebook so I could see it, and I'm just re-posting it on my blog because A Simple Life has recently turned into an ALL basketball blog.

"TARRANT — Sophomore guard Roxie Faulkner scored a career-high 16 points, including five 3-point goals, as Gardendale routed Tarrant 49-28 in girls basketball action Thursday."

And because I love all of our basketball chicks (a lot), I'm going to post another blurb regarding last night's game.

"Chelsey Deloney had 11 points and 13 rebounds for the Rockets. Chelsea Robinson added 10 points, six rebounds and seven steals."

It was a very good night.

Tuesday night was a Home Game. I sat on the "enemy" side so I could get as close to the court with my camera as possible.

And that's when Rachel spotted me.

And she took a moment before the clock started running again to pose for a picture with The Chick. (It's a wonder the Coach didn't ask me to leave the gym.)

From my excellent vantage point on the "enemy" side of the gym, I noticed some fans waving at me. So I waved back and took a picture. (Scotty, Laci, Mary Allison and Kaitlyn.)

I love me some fancy footwork. Oh, yes I do!

And last night, Kia did not disappoint!

RANDOMNESS #2 - As of this moment, I am the keeper of two secrets. I did not ask to be a keeper of secrets. If truth were told, I'm afraid it would be disclosed I am a VERY poor secret keeper.

These are not horrible secrets. These are good, people-will-be-surprised-and-happy secrets. And I must keep them until late Monday evening.

Basically, that means I will not be communicating with anyone for the next four days other than with a slight smile and nod.

It's not that I deliberately tell secrets. I'm a blurter.

"How are you today, Belinda?" someone will ask.


As the magnitude of the horrible, horrible thing I've just said hits me, I quietly answer the original question. "I'm fine, thank you. And you?"

Yep. It's going to be a long, lonely, quiet weekend for me.

I'm not even sure I'll be able to go to church Sunday.

I can just hear Pastor Kevin telling everyone to bow their heads for the invitation and me standing up and shouting in the packed auditorium, "... ."

Believe it or not, I almost typed out the two secrets in the above paragraph.

I'm not kidding. I have a serious problem!

I'll be able to tell y'all one of the secrets Monday morning, but the second secret will have to wait until next Friday morning.

That's TWO blog teasers, my friends. TWO.

RANDOMNESS #3 - I'm going to tell you a little Spanx story Monday morning. I thought I had already told this story, but after going through the archives, I realize I have been amiss.

The story is one year and two months old, but it's a good one, and I hope you'll be able to visit Monday.

"Why is The Enchanting Belinda thinking about Spanx one year and two months AFTER her Spanx story transpired?"

I'm getting some things ready for Hannah Home. When I get things ready for Hannah Home, I always try to have at least ten bags and/or large items for them to gather.

I LOVE putting ten bags and/or large items in my driveway... out of my house... and have a big truck come along and take them away forever.

It feels good.

That being said, I have two pair of "only worn once" Spanx.

And these are the real deal.

These Spanx were very expensive one year and two months ago.

And I'm just thinking, since I will never, ever wear Spanx again, someone out there might like a practically brand-new, freshly laundered pair of Spanx for their wardrobe.

My only problem with giving them away is the term Hannah Home uses for any and all donations they receive. They ask for "gently used" items.

I cannot honestly say the words "Spanx" and "gently" in the same sentence.

In fact, the only words that come to mind are "violently pulled," "removed with giant forceps" and "tugged, stretched and tugged some more until I, the wearer, was mercifully rendered unconscious for a time."

I pulled two muscles (one in my arm and one in my leg) from putting them on one year and two months ago, and I had a crick in my neck for a week from taking them off one year and two months ago.

So the question remains. Do I, or do I not, chance being responsible for the hospitalization of a woman putting on and hopefully, being able to take off a pair of Killer Spanx?

I'll let you know what I decide.

Hannah Home is due here next Friday.

It's going to take a lot of prayer to make this decision in only seven days.

Love Potion Recipe

I found this recipe on Pinterest... and the Pinterest pinner found it in a Family Fun Magazine.

I thought it would be something different to go with all of my pink Valentine's Day food.

You will need the following:

1 (12-ounce) can pink lemonade concentrate
4 cups raspberry sherbet
1 (12-ounce) can of lemon/lime soda

1. In a pitcher, mix the lemonade concentrate with the recommended amount of water.

2. In a blender, combine the sherbet with 4 cups of the lemonade mixture; mix until combined. Pour into individual glasses. Add the soda, stir gently and serve.

Pretty and pink.

Valentine's Day "Heart Attack" Tradition

This is a cute Pinterest idea.

Fill a small square box with all different sizes of pink, white and red paper hearts. Write one thing you love about the recipient on each heart.

Pinterest called it... "Send someone a heart attack!"

You can mail it, or you can give it to them in person February 14.

It sounds like a cute, fun, inexpensive Valentine's Day gift!

Weekend Happenings

Since I will be avoiding people for the next four days (see "secret blurter" paragraph above), I don't have a lot planned. Well, except for...

1. Friday night I'll be attending another basketball game with Mikie... but I won't be speaking to anyone.

2. Saturday, I will be practicing 72 times in front a mirror for a class I'm teaching at church Sunday night. (Needless to say, I won't be coming into contact with other humans on Saturday.

3. Sunday, I will be be attending church services, practicing 31 times in front of a mirror for a class I'm teaching Sunday night AND preparing a lot of food for my kids' Super Bowl Party.

(I'll be posting some new Super Bowl Party Recipes Monday morning.)

Guess what? There will be some "football" pictures in the mix Monday morning.

And everyone said, "AMEN!"

Have a fantastic weekend. I'll be back Monday morning spilling at least one secret, sharing recipes, Blog Linkage, a sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat Spanx story and so much more.

Take care, and I'll talk to you Monday.


The Enchanting Belinda


  1. Belinda, you made me laugh with the Spanx talk. Shape wear by any name (hug-ems, shapely you, torture wear) is of the DEVIL designed to suck the life out of a person. I have one piece of the stuff (not Spanx - too much $$) that I've worn once - tried to wear twice - but ripped it off (well peeled it off) and it now resides in a wad in the back of my closet. Whoever smiles when modeling this stuff is either under hypnosis or has been paid a ga-jillion dollars to lie. Think about it: if it 'snugs' you in that excess flesh has to either go to your knees or to your neck and therein either trips you or smothers you.

    1. That is exactly right. And believe it or not, I've never had a "knee" problem until the night I wore Spanx.

      Not pretty. Not pretty at all.


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