Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekend Happenings

Good Friday morning!

I have more FOOD pics in the Gallery today. Remember what I said yesterday? I'm going to have tons of people pics Monday. You'll see why in a minute.

RANDOMNESS #1 - Since most of you have a real life, this may or may not interest you. However, if any of you are like me, this will probably be considered IMPORTANT and PERTINENT information. The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, has a new cookbook coming out in March.

You already knew that. I've told you multiple times.

The last time The Pioneer Woman had a cookbook release, she did a book tour. However, she did not come to Birmingham.

You already knew that, too. I whined about it multiple times 18 months ago.

Well, she's coming to Birmingham! On April 4, 2012 at 6:00 p.m., Ree will be at the Books-a-Million at Brookwood to sign books!

And guess who will be waiting there for her from 3:00 p.m. until her arrival? That's right! The Enchanting Belinda!

Since I'm giving a copy of her cookbook away as the GRAND PRIZE for my 1,000th Blog Post Contest, I'm going to try to have her sign the book for the winner (as well as a book for ME)!

Isn't that exciting?

I've given you something to look forward to the next month or so.

Also, I'm looking for a line buddy. I need someone who will keep my space for bathroom breaks, pretzel breaks, Starbucks breaks, etc. Oh. And vice versa, of course. This someone also needs to be pretty handy with a camera. I want my picture taken with The Pioneer Woman. (I'll be bringing a step ladder so you can take the picture looking down on us... my most flattering angle.) I guess I need to also mention you need to be someone who does NOT embarrass easily. I may or may not be on my best behavior.

Let me know if you're interested in a little field trip.

RANDOMNESS #2 - One of the GOOD things about Facebook (in the middle of all the decidedly BAD things) would have to be getting reacquainted with old friends.

I spoke with my friend, Robin, last night for well over an hour. I haven't seen her in over eight years, and while we exchanged Christmas cards forever, in one of her moves, I didn't get the new address, phone number, etc. and thus, I lost her.

Her sweet daughter, Whitney, asked to be my "friend" earlier this week. I accepted, sent her an e-mail and within hours, I received the new information I needed to get in touch with Robin.

When Robin's children were born, I wasn't married yet, and I was at her house and with those babies all the time. They were so precious.

Last night, we retold one our favorite "Whitney" stories.

When Whitney was small, she had a very unique way of thinking. She was very smart, but she marched to the beat of her very own personal drummer. Bright-eyed, big smile, olive skin... she was such a beautiful child (who has grown into a beautiful young woman).

When she was a little girl, her grandfather (Robin's Dad), took the whole family on a beach vacation. A total of six grandchildren, all close in age, were included in this package.

Robin's Dad decided to take them to a souvenir store before they left to go home. He gave the six kids instructions to find an item that would always remind them of this particular vacation at the beach.

As I recall, that was the only stipulation.

The kids all came back with their treasures... shells, t-shirts, sunglasses. You know, the typical souvenir-type stuff.

Except for Whitney.

Whitney walked up with a very large stuffed animal. And not a sea animal. A fluffy, furry dog. A fluffy, furry dog with a price tag of $40 around his neck.

Robin's Dad had always understood Whitney and her way of thinking. It tickled him. But this didn't make sense at all. And the $40 price was a little steep compared to what he had expected to spend on a single souvenir.

"Whitney. I told you it needed to be something which would always remind you of our time together at the beach. That's a dog. That has nothing to do with our vacation at all."

Whitney looked up with her huge, dark eyes and simply said, "I'm going to name him 'Water.'"

Robin's Dad was tickled once again... and Water went home with Whitney.

Catching up with an old friend is so much fun. We had a really good time, and hopefully, we wont "lose" each other again.

Weekend Happenings

This has been a good week to look forward to a great weekend. The goings-on of this upcoming weekend got me through Monday, Tuesday, part of Wednesday and Thursday.

So here we go!

Friday - Melia called a few months ago and asked if Austin, Josh and Roxie would be interested in seeing Rascal Flatts Friday, February 10. Why, yes. Yes, they would!

Guess what? It's February 10, so Melia and three of the Faulkner Five are doing the Rascal Flatts "thing" tonight!

Which means Mikie and I are doing the date "thing" tonight. Yea!

We haven't decided on all the details, but we're looking forward to spending some time together.

Saturday - It's a spread-out/do-your-own-thing kind of Saturday.

Roxie will probably be attending a movie.

Josh is going to the movies with a friend.

Austin is working at the Chick.

Mikie and I will be doing around-the-house stuff.

Sunday - Now this is going to be a good picture day! We're all heading to Lakeside Baptist in Oxford for Lauren's baby dedication... and then we're celebrating Mr. Faulkner's 85th birthday with the whole family. My camera is souped up and ready to go!

Monday - I know I don't usually put Monday into the Weekend Happenings mix, but this is an exception. We'll be having our annual Valentine's Day Banquet for breakfast since Austin will not be home Tuesday night. Pink breakfast food, balloons, candy and cute little mailboxes filled with love and appreciation notes for all... at 6:30 a.m.

I won't be taking many people pics at this event because I have to be honest... I've seen the Faulkner Five at 6:30 a.m. It's not a pretty sight. (Slight shudder.)

I hope you have a fun-filled friend and family weekend, too. I'll be back with Mindless Monday first thing next week and a bunch of last minute Valentine's Day ideas. (If you get a minute today, check eighteen25 under My Blog List for MORE Valentine's Day inspiration. Giving you the link next Thursday would be TOO LATE!)

Take care, and I'll talk to you Monday.


The Enchanting Belinda

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