Saturday, March 19, 2016

It's Saturday... Blog Linkage AND Refreshing Cake

Good late Saturday night!

I like the freedom I've given myself to post whenever I please. Also, knowing I don't HAVE TO make it a super long post because I've made myself wait from Friday until the next Friday is wonderful.

Short posts are good, too.

I'm lovin' the short posts.

NUGGETS AND TIDBITS - I do not care for the Silky Cashew Milk...

Or whatever it may be called.

I was "duped" into trying it this week on my Cheerios, and I am still unhappy about the decision.

I'm pretty sure I will feel the same way about the Silky Almond Milk.

Nuts do not good milk make!

RANDOMNESS #1 - Here are a few more wedding pics. They are still trickling in, and I'll have more to post in days to come, I am sure.


Courtney's Aunt Sandy took this pic at the reception. I LOVE it...

And still, it tends to worry me just a little, too.

I wonder why?

RANDOMNESS #2 - The Chick went on a beach trip this past Spring Break with some friends from school. I missed seeing her, but I'm glad she had a good time.

Here is a sampling of the 2,043 pics (more or less) taken on the trip...

Pretty, pretty chicks...

And three are redheads!

Back in the day, I went on annual beach trips with a girl named Kellett.

Julianna is her daughter.

And the traditions continue!

Just Roxie.

Blog Linkage - Go to and check out the pictures in her most recent post about Spring.

Her pictures always inspire.

Refreshing Cake

I have posted this before, but it is the time of year to start making this easy and delicious cake, so I wanted to share it ONE MORE TIME...

You will need the following:

1 box yellow cake mix
4 eggs
2/3 cup oil
11 ounce can Mandarin oranges with juice

For the icing:

1 small can crushed pineapple
12 ounce container of Cool Whip
Large box instant vanilla pudding

1. Mix first four ingredients. Batter will be lumpy.

2. Grease and flour oblong cake pan.

3. Bake at 325 degrees for about 30 minutes or until done.

4. Cool and chill.

5. Mix ingredients for icing together. Ice cake and keep in refrigerator.

6. Serve cold.

NOTE - It is better on the second day.

Have a worshipful Sunday! Until next time...


The Enchanting Belinda

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