Friday, December 27, 2013

Where Has the Day Gone?

Good Friday evening!

RANDOMNESS - Since I spoke to you earlier in the week (Monday), Christmas Day has come and gone.

Whew! Christmas 2013 has been a roller coaster ride!

The Christmas Eve Sibling Exchange was the first of the festivities...

Melia received her annual manicure from Josh and Roxie. That will come in handy in 2014... The Year of the Engagement!

Austin received a CD called Celtic Thunder, which he requested.

And no, it isn't a CD of the Boston Celtics running...

Or singing.

Austin has very eclectic musical tastes.

Josh doesn't eat sweets these days.

Except on major holidays.

And Melia did a great thing when she bought him the Christmas-themed Oreos.

A great thing indeed.

Austin and Melia.

Tim and Lisa, Austin's future in-laws, gave Austin this print of the play-by-play of the winning Iron Bowl touchdown.

Could they have given The Boy/The Man a better gift?


Roxie exchanged gifts with Hunter Christmas Eve, and he did something so very, very thoughtful.

He spent one hour, 19 minutes and 25 seconds picking the marshmallows out of four big boxes of Lucky Charms cereal.

He re-bagged all of the marshmallows.

And he gave her the best cereal known to man.

They're magically delicious, you know!

Taylor and Roxie exchanged gifts Christmas Eve, too, and the food theme continued.

Taylor bought Roxie every kind of Goldfish she could find.

And The Chick was happy, happy, happy!

Five o'clock has already come and gone today, so that means I'll post a little more Saturday and a little more Sunday.

Hang in there.

I'll eventually get it done.

Take care, and I'll talk to you tomorrow afternoon.


The Enchanting Where-Has-the-Day-Gone Belinda

P.S. Just a hint of tomorrow's post in pics.

Roxie and Mikie.

Austin and Melia.

Doesn't she look pretty in that sweater?

I bought that!

She told me I did really, really good!

Harold's Boys.

That's what I've decided to call all of these man-child cousins.

My Daddy would have LOVED this time in their lives.

Brad, Josh, Austin and Zac.

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