Friday, June 14, 2013

Weekend Happenings, Blog Linkage, Two Recipes That ALMOST Happened, Father's Day Gift Ideas (Pinterest)

Good Friday morning!

RANDOMNESS #1 - Mikie is officially 52. He is older than me... and that makes me happy.

I had grandiose plans for Mikie's 52nd birthday, but Mike told me he wanted to grill steaks for the family and have strawberry-pretzel salad for his dessert. I looked deeply into his blue, blue eyes to make sure he was being sincere... and he was.

So last night, The Faulkner Five (plus The Lovely Melia and Sweet, Sweet Taylor) had a steak dinner with strawberry-pretzel salad for dessert. And it was good.

To make it a little more birthday-ish, we played a couple of games of Catch Phrase, opened a few presents and took a couple of pics.

Mike is much more low-key than I am, so he truly was happy with this kind of celebration.

In other words, you will NEVER hear me utter the words, "I want to cook a big dinner for my family ON my birthday, and I want my birthday dessert to contain the word 'salad' in the title."

Nope. That will never, ever happen.

Roxie, Mike and Taylor. Mike is holding a "truer words were never spoken" wall hanging he received as a gift. I like it.

Mike and Josh. Can you find the two things wrong with this picture? Josh is missing his sleeves, and Mike's eyes are totally out of control. He looks like a crazy Jack Nicholson.

Do you know what's wrong with this pic? That's right. I'm not wearing lipstick. Let me reassure you, this will never happen again.

Also, my fingers on my left hand look fat. In reality, they are NOT fat, so it must have been a bad camera angle. Just saying.

RANDOMNESS #2 - I am very happy to report, the dogs we are dog-sitting for friends are still alive and well.

I'll just let that sink in for a minute.

Our entire family is committed to "shuffling" around the house until the pups are returned to their owners the first of next week.

We do not want any accidental stompage to occur before then.

And just in case Izzy and Bandit's owners are checking the blog on their vaca, here are a few pics of the HAPPY, HEALTHY, WELL-ADJUSTED pups.

Watch out. Bandit's eyes can melt your heart.

We're not used to animals which can be put into purses, bags, shoes, etc. We're having a lot of fun stuffing these animals in different bags and such.

Izzy enjoys the over-the-shoulder hold. She doesn't like to miss a thing.

What did I tell you? Happy, healthy and well-adjusted.

RANDOMNESS #3 - I have a huge magnolia tree in my backyard. I am not a big fan of the magnolia, but I do tend to like any and every thing "Southern." The magnolia blossom is about as Southern as you can get.

This blossom is a little older, but I still like it. (Kind of like Mikie.)

RANDOMNESS #4 - I could have put the following picture in "Mikie's Birthday Randomness" or "The Dogs Are Still Alive Randomness," but since I liked Melia's shirt so much, she has her very own "Randomness."

See what I mean? That's a cute shirt.

Blog Linkage - Go to and read yesterday's post entitled "Holy Mackinac!" Kelle is from Michigan and she and her kiddos have been up there the past week spending time with her family... And now I want to go to Mackinac Island.


Two Recipes That ALMOST Happened - That's right. I tried TWO new recipes this week, but since they didn't turn out as planned, I will not be sharing those with you today.

1. I made The Pioneer Woman's Cowboy Bacon Beans last night to go with Mike's steak dinner. I don't think there was anything wrong with the beans except our family already really, really likes our old "tried and true" baked bean recipe. The Pioneer Woman's beans kinda had a baked bean taste and kinda had bacon flavor. They were good beans (and the recipe made a ton), but we're sticking with the same ol', same ol'.

2. I made Banana Bread for the first time this past week, too. We didn't care for the final result, but because we already KNOW we like banana bread, I think I'm just going to look for a different Banana Bread recipe.

There are bananas ripening in my cabinet as I type this, so maybe I'll have a Banana Bread recipe to share Monday.

Or maybe not.

Father's Day Gift Ideas

In the spirit of giving credit where credit is due... ALL of these ideas came from Pinterest.

Sporty Dad

Golf gift certificates
Tickets to a sporting event
Athletic wear
Gym membership
Work out equipment
Running shoes
Sports collectibles
Sports team print or canvas
Favorite team athletic wear
Autographed memorabilia
ESPN Magazine
Baseball hat or gift card to Lids

Handy Dad

Tool Kit
Bucket Boss 56-Pocket Bucket Tool Organizer
Stud Finder
Wonder Winder Hand Crank Extension Cord Winder
Leatherman Pocket Multi-Tool
Cordless Screwdriver
Black & Decker 6-Volt Handisaw Cordless Powered Hand Saw
Black & Decker RRW100 Ratcheting ReadyWrench
Garage Parking Sensor
Black & Decker All-In-One SureGrip Laser Level
Swiss+Tech MMCSSS Micro-Max 19-in-1 Keychain Multitool
Standard Digital Tire Gauge
Car care products

Techy Dad

iPhone tripod
iPad case
Wireless mouse
Bluetooth headset
Phone docking station
Apple or Best Buy gift card

Weekend Happenings

Friday - The Brothers are working. The Chick and I are bathing beagles. Mike will probably be supervising (also known as resting).

Saturday - We're having our Balloon Release remembering my Daddy tomorrow morning... followed by breakfast with the family.

Sunday - We'll be heading to Oxford to see Mike's Dad AND Baby Mackenzie (my new great-niece). I am SO excited.

Do you remember me talking about the "What's Large Where in the United States" List? Do you? On Sunday, like it or not, The Faulkner Five are planning to have our picture taken in front of the Largest Office Chair in the United States.

I know. It's like a dream come true.

Also, to celebrate Mike, we're planning on taking him to see the new Super Man movie Sunday night on the way home from Oxford. As you probably already know, we always take him to Dreamland for barbecue on Father's Day, but this year he wants to spread the "big" meals out a little, so we'll be doing our Dreamland Tradition later in the week.

Have a lovely Father's Day Weekend. We'll try to do the same.

Take care, and I'll talk to you bright and early Monday morn.

Oh, wait. Bright and early Monday morning, Josh is having his wisdom teeth cut out, so I'll be with him doing the nurturing, caring for, mother-type things.


The Enchanting Belinda

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