Friday, June 7, 2013

Weekend Happenings, Blog Linkage, Fun Travel Challenge, National Doughnut Day

Good Friday morning!

While there are a lot of things about Summer I do not care for, I do like the way one day slips into the next.

The pace is slower, and the older I become, the slower I like it.

RANDOMNESS #1 - Roxie is trying something different today. She's at Shoal Creek Country Club at the Regions Tradition Golf Tournament. She has a tent pass, so that means free food and Pepsi. It should be a good experience.

I am not a fan of the golf, but I'm all for the kiddos experiencing new things. I will continue to live vicariously through them... until further notice.

RANDOMNESS #2 - My friend, Sue, asked me to take a few pictures of her new granddaughter, Charlotte Reese. How cute is this baby. So, so tiny and sweet. We call her Reese... and Pookie... and Sweet Lips... and Precious. (That may have just been me.)

I absolutely love her.

RANDOMNESS #3 - I've been working on scrapbooks a lot the last couple of months. These are some of my favorite pics from the last two years.

I call this one "Most Photogenic Bird... EVER!"

Austin and Melia. I could call this one "Young Love."

I accidentally captured a sun spot. I have no idea how this happened, but there it is!

Katie before prom.

Roxie before the first day of school. When did she grow up?

Josh in the mountains. One of my favorite men in one of my favorite places.

Blog Linkage - Please go to Confessions of a Pioneer Woman under My Blog List and read yesterday's post entitled "Interview with a Cowboy." It's very insightful and funny.

It almost makes me want to do a post entitled "Interview with an Accountant," but I don't know if the world is ready for a one-on-one interview with Mikie.

Hmmm. I'll have to think about that one.

National Doughnut Day - This is a Seasonal Tradition because it happens EVERY YEAR on the First Friday of June... AND it means FREE DOUGHNUTS!

National Doughnut Day is on the first Friday of June each year, succeeding the Doughnut Day event created by The Salvation Army in 1938 to honor the women who served doughnuts to soldiers during World War I.

The holiday celebrates the doughnut (a.k.a. "donut") – an edible, torus-shaped piece of dough which is deep-fried and sweetened. Many American doughnut stores offer free doughnuts on National Doughnut Day. In 2009, both independent doughnut shops and large national franchises offered free doughnuts in the United States.

Here are some deals around town.

Dunkin Doughnuts - Free doughnut with purchase of a beverage.

Krispy Kreme - Free doughnut, no purchase necessary.

Donut Joe's (Gardendale) - Free glazed doughnut, and they enter you in a doughnut contest to win more free doughnuts. (They are open until 9:00 tonight.)

Celebrate and enjoy!

Fun Travel Challenge

Last Spring, I texted Roxie and told her I was planning a trip to Iowa for Spring Break. I told her we were going to a sheep dude ranch and we were going to learn how to shear sheep.

She was only 35 percent sure I was kidding.

In reality, I've always wanted to shear a sheep. It looks fun to me, and I think I'm going to officially put it on my Bucket List.

But I digress...

I looked up "What's Large Where in the United States" on Google, and I hit the jackpot.

There are 14 pages of big things to visit. FIVE of them are located in Sweet Home Alabama.

We're going to see ONE of them Sunday, June 16... and we're having our picture taken in front of it.

Biggest Office Chair - Anniston
Biggest Hog - Dothan
Biggest Boll Weevil - Enterprise
Biggest Brick - Montgomery
Biggest Catfish - Troy

We're also taking a road trip some time this Summer to Montgomery AND Troy, and we're doing the picture-thing in front of the Brick and the Catfish.

The list is extensive, and I've decided whenever we travel to a new state over the next few (20 or so) years, we're going to take a picture with the Biggest "Whatever."

And I'm going to make a new scrapbook entitled "The Faulkner Five and the Largest... ."

Poor Roxie. She is only 10 percent sure I am kidding about this project.

On Sunday, June 16, she'll be 100 percent sure I am most certainly NOT kidding.

Here are some more fun facts I found in the 14-page document...

1. Hawaii was known for having the Largest Pineapple and it was displayed in Honolulu. However, it died in 1993 and now Hawaii doesn't have the Largest anything. Sad, but true.

2. The World's Largest Catsup Bottle can be found in Collinsville, Illinois... and you can buy a T-shirt with a picture of the World's Largest Catsup Bottle on the front. (That's an incentive, I tell you.)

3. The Largest Painted Russian Egg is located in Topeka, Kansas. Is it just me, or does that raise a million questions?

4. The state with the MOST Large Things is Minnesota. They have 51 located in their state. (I could stay there for a month and not be able to see all the glorious Large Things they have to offer!)

5. The Largest Jackalope resides in Sunset, Texas.

6. The Largest Letter "M" is located in Platteville, Wisconsin.

I haven't told extended family yet, but the Largest Cuckcoo Clock can be found in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee... and when we go on our extended-family mountain trip in January or February, we're going to pay it a visit.

They will all be thrilled, I know!

Weekend Happenings

1. Friday - Mike is taking anyone who is home out-to-eat tonight. I'm feeling very Niki's West. (Right now, it will just me and Roxie.)

2. Sunday - We're celebrating Mikie's 52nd birthday with family and friends... and an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.

We didn't realize how much we enjoyed the ice cream cake from Dairy Queen until our local Dairy Queen closed for several years.

We yearned for an ice cream cake, I tell you.

And now that Dairy Queen is back and life is as it should be in the Dale (Gardendale), Mikie wants an ice cream cake for his birthday... and he shall receive one!

Have a lovely Alabama weekend. I'll be back Monday with birthday pics (Mikie), a couple of new Seasonal Traditions and more.

Take care, and I'll talk to you Monday.


The World's Largest Enchanting Belinda

P.S. And I'm only saying that because I'm (hopefully) the World's Only Enchanting Belinda!

P.S.S. I hope y'all don't take that the wrong way. I don't want anyone from Guinness Book of World Records knocking on the door wanting to weigh me or anything like that this weekend.

P.S.S.S. - I'm only four percent sure that would be okay.

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