Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekend Happenings, MORE Easter Basket Ideas

Good Friday morning!

Today begins Spring Break... for Roxie.

NEXT FRIDAY begins Spring Break for The Brothers.

Needless to say, we were in a bit of a Spring Break Activity Dilemma, but I think I've finally figured it out.

The kids aren't kids any longer. However, I'm still a Mom.

What is a Mom with three kids who aren't kids any longer (and two different Spring Breaks) to do?

My solution is posted below under Weekend Happenings. Until you get there, you have to muddle through a little Randomness, Easter Basket Ideas, Miscellaneous Pics, etc., etc.

Sorry. I have to do things in some sort of order or my brain will explode, and the world (as we know it) will end. Keep in mind, "my order" and "your order" are two completely different things, and I don't expect you to understand or agree with my version.

That being said...

RANDOMNESS #1 - As I have told you countless times before, I attend Body Pump classes. Body Pump is basically lifting weights while listening to music.

I rock at Body Pump.

Our Body Pump Instructor informed us we would be having a Body Flow class on Wednesdays during the month of March, and I was excited.

I have been wanting to try Body Flow because I had been told it was a "stretching" class.

I rock at stretching.

But Body Flow is much more than stretching. It includes yoga AND pilates.

Body Flow is stretching, but it is not the "feel good" kind of stretching you do in the morning when you wake up.

Nope. It's the painful kind of stretching you experience when you try to do a back bend in your 50s.

In other words... stretching which should never be attempted at a certain age.

It's a 60-minute class, and while I don't think I'm a great student of Body Flow, I can honestly say I am beyond awesome the last ten minutes of the class.

Because the last ten minutes of the class have nothing to do with stretching.

All you have to do is lay/lie on your mat very, very still.

Don't move. Breathe evenly. Enjoy the nothingness of the last ten minutes.

Back in the day, I believe it was referred to as "nap time."

I rock at nap time.

I will continue to attend Body Flow on Wednesdays because of one (and only one) aspect of the class.

Let's hear it for nap time!

RANDOMNESS #2 - No one was home when I walked through the door from Body Flow Wednesday. Thus, no pics this week. I'll make sure someone is photographing me getting out of The Big Gold Van and "flowing" to the front door the next time I "Flow!"

Since I have no new pictures, I decided to post last year's Spring Break Debacle!

Also known as "The Boy's Appendectomy."

As you may recall, this time last year, we were planning to go to New Orleans for Spring Break... on a train... with our good friends, the Tuggles.

The night before we were to hop aboard the train, The Boy began suffering from appendicitis. Being the good, conscientious parents we are known to be, Mike and I decided to let the doctors remove the appendix INSTEAD of taking The Boy to New Orleans doubled over in pain.

It was a good choice, I think.

Also, as you may or may not recall, at the end of last year's Spring Break Week, we grabbed The Lovely Melia and Ragan, and headed to The Westin in Huntsville for a couple of nights.

We saw The Hunger Games at The Monaco, shopped, ate and had a good (but not comparable to New Orleans), good time.

Like I said above, it wasn't New Orleans, but we had fun.

MORE Easter Basket Ideas

As I told you Monday, these ideas came from Pinterest.

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers and Preschool Boys

Squirting bath toys
Play tool set
Board books
Finger puppets
Sun hat
Finger paints
Theme bandaids (Cars, Spiderman, etc.)
Piggy bank
Plastic eggs filled with quarters

NOTE - Stay with the child while they open the eggs and put ALL of the coins into the piggy bank together.

Easter Baskets for Kindergarten and First Grade Boys

DVD — VeggieTales: Twas the Night Before Easter
Sticker books
Stamps and ink pads
Character shampoo/comb
Velcro ball and catch gGame
Sour candy

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers and Preschool Girls

Bath crayons
Bath toys
Character toothbrush
Water color paints and brushes
Painting smock

Easter Basket Ideas for Kindergarten to 1st Grade Girls

DVD — VeggieTales: Twas the Night Before Easter
Sticker books
Stamps and ink pads
Bubble bath
Cute towel set
Bead set

Easter Basket Ideas for 2nd to 3rd Grade Girls

Jump rope
Glue stick
Construction paper
Fun scissors
Fun toothbrush and toothpaste
Silly Bands
Ponytail holders
Sparkly nail polish
PEZ Character dispenser/candy

Easter Basket Ideas for 4th to 5th Grade Girls

First nice piece of jewelry (cross necklace or a ring)
Calligraphy set
Bathing suit
Flip flops
Character beach towel
Lip gloss
Small dry erase board and markers
Fun beaded curtain for doorway

Easter Basket Ideas for Middle School Girls

Tickets to the movies
Fun pens
NIV True Images Teen Bible for Girls
Cute spring sandals
Accessories for her favorite sport (knee pads, elbow pads, shoelaces, eye black)
Facial scrubs, masks, moisturizers
Fashion scarf
Cool phone cover

Easter Basket Ideas for 9th to 12th Grade Girls

Key chain
Driving accessories (fuzzy dice, scented car sprays, steering wheel cover)
Manicure set
Favorite makeup
Spring scarf
Grown-up candy (Godiva)

Easter Basket Ideas for College-Age Girls

Packets for flavored water
Instant coffee-to-go packets
Microwave popcorn
Reusable water bottle
Roll of quarters for laundry and vending machines
Sleep mask and ear plugs
Flash drive
Hair scrunchies
Fuzzy slippers
Body wash and bath poof

Have fun!

Weekend Happenings

Mike and I are attending a wedding tonight. My friend, Cam, has a daughter who is getting married in Nashville. Haley was our babysitter many moons ago, and she holds a special place in our hearts because she gave me and Mike a much- needed break from our offspring from time to time.

Now that I think of it, I don't think we paid her enough!

The rest of the weekend involves a surprise I'm not allowed to talk about until Monday, a Harlem Globetrotters' date for Austin and Melia... and last, but not least, cleaning out my laundry room... because my washing machine is on it's last leg... and we bought another one last night... but it won't be delivered until some time next week... and I have to be ready when they call to deliver.

Why does the word "laundry" appear in my blog posts EACH AND EVERY TIME? WHY?

Roxie's Spring Break will be filled with "Roxie stuff." Movies, shopping, spending time with friends and cousins, spending time with family, etc., etc.

The next week (Spring Break for The Brothers) will be filled with part-time jobs, staying up until the wee hours, sleeping until time to go to work and some fishing time.

Mikie will go to work instead of taking time off.

I'll be doing LAUNDRY and Body Flow.

I just love Spring Break!

Have a beautiful Spring weekend. I'll be here... bright and early Monday morning... because we have two different Spring Breaks, you see.

Take care, and I'll talk to you next week.


The Enchanting Belinda

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  1. What a beautiful picture you have at the top! Thanks for the Easter basket ideas. I hope you have a fun weekend. Can't wait to hear/read about the secret. Andrea in WA


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