Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Fall, Y'all Party (First Posted in 2009) AND Pics of Halloween 2016

Good Tuesday afternoon!

RANDOMNESS - Mike is out-of-town for a few nights this week (last night being one of them). I tell you this because he most definitely would have been with me last night if it hadn't been for the "I'm-in-another-state" thing.

I met Courtney, Josh, Judith and Donna (Judith's Grandma... Courtney's Mom) at Grandma Margie's house (Courtney's grandmother).

From there we went Trick-or-Treating at a few houses before heading down the street to a very nice church Fall Festival.

I gave it very high marks. It was perfect for Judith.

No lines, small crowds and several age appropriate games just right for a cute little bumblebee.

In this pic, she is a very happy bumblebee (seen here with Grandma Donna)...

And in this pic, she is a very thoughtful bumblebee.

She's probably thinking, "I've been given two tons of candy, and I have yet to have a piece. What's the deal?"

Josh taught her how to play the golf game at the Festival...

And when she finished, she promptly picked up a new ball, and walked away with the club and ball as her prize.

I didn't take a pic of the golf club and ball being taken away from her.

That would have been a pic of a mad bumblebee.

They had a little train pulled by a small John Deere tractor.

Of course, Josh wanted to ride...

And that made the ride MUCH slower than it normally would have been.

Cutest John Deere Driver in the history of the world.

No kidding. We loved this guy!

Why stand behind a line and throw a ball into a bucket when you can gently place the ball in the bucket instead?

Seriously. Why?

She got the same amount of candy and a lot more cheers than the kids throwing, believe me.

And throwing the glowy hoop-like thingy over the pumpkins?

Again, gentle placement and rearrangement seemed the way to go.

Throwing bags covered with Velcro strips at a board with covered with Velcro strips...


Please refer to the ball toss and glowy hoop-like thingy above.

And just in case you were wondering...

This is a very tired bumblebee.

Happy Fall, Y'all Party

This is a party for fall lovers, young and old. It includes old-fashioned fun, relays and great food.

Invite up to ten people (teenagers or adults) and have the following activities. This party is definitely an outside party, so check the weather often and have a Plan B if you have to move it inside at the last minute.

Wheelbarrow Races - You will need two wheelbarrows, a little hay and two blankets for this race. After you have "padded" each wheelbarrow with hay and a blanket, divide the guests into two teams. Once the teams are divided equally, one person will ride in the wheelbarrow while another person pushes them to a designated tree or bale of hay at the other end of the yard. Each team will have to push the wheelbarrow around the tree or hay and make it back to their team. Depending on numbers, make sure everyone gets at least one turn pushing OR riding. For the relay to be fun, there should be at least THREE runs per team.

Pumpkin Chunkin' - This is hard for a pumpkin lover like myself, but it is fun, too. Again, supply as many medium-sized pumpkins as there are people. If there are too many people, ask each team to pick two of their strongest players to chunk a pumpkin. (You will only need two pumpkins per team.) Standing behind a line, let the two members of each team take turns chunkin' their pumpkin as far as they can. Measure the distance to see who wins this game.

Scarecrow Relay #1 - Give each team the following items:

1 pair of overalls
1 flannel shirt
1/2 bale of hay
1 farmer's hat
1 pumpkin (for the head)
1 Sharpie marker (to decorate the face)
1 lawn chair (to let the scarecrow sit when finished)

When you begin the relay, the team who finishes their scarecrow first wins. The scarecrow has to be able to sit independently in the chair (head and all) for it to be considered totally finished.

Pumpkin Pie Throwing Contest - You do NOT have to make a dozen pumpkin pies to be wasted. Use food coloring to make an inexpensive brand of whipped cream orange. Tape three or four quarters to the bottom of the pie tin before adding the whipped cream. Then divide into teams and have them take turns trying to hit the target. (The target could be the scarecrows you just finished making.) Adding the quarters will give the pie tin a little weight and allow them to throw it farther. The team who hits the target the most times will win.

Searching For a Penny in a Haystack - Make two piles of loose hay (fairly large piles). Drop 10 to 20 pennies in each pile in different spots. Give each team a time limit (1 to 2 minutes) to go through their pile of hay and find as many pennies as possible. The team with the most pennies is the winner.

You can finish off the evening with an old-fashioned hayride around the neighborhood. If you are taking teenagers and you don't have a trailer to pull them, you can use loose hay in the back of a truck with them sitting DOWN and SAFELY ride around a large neighborhood in the crisp, fall air.

ADDITIONS - If you begin this party before dark, you can let the kids or adults play horseshoes or bob for apples.

TODAY is the day to plan this party for family and friends. I've had two of them, and they are always a lot of fun!

Have a wonderful first day of November! I will talk to you soon.


The Enchanting Belinda

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