Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Good Wednesday-before-Thanksgiving morn!

One part of my family celebrated Thanksgiving this past Sunday in Oneonta.

It was a lovely day.

Courtney, Josh and Judith.

Austin and Melia.

Mallie and Zac.

My Mini-Me.

Yeah. I wish!

Beverly and Tommy.

T. J. and Katie.

Brad and Sweet Sawyer.

Uncle Austin and Relaxed Judith.

Super Josh.

He celebrated Thanksgiving on four hours sleep.

Napping is allowed on four hours sleep.

Courtney and Judith.

Mike, Roxie and ME!

My original offspring.

Courtney, Josh, Roxie, Austin and Melia.

My current offspring.

The annual reading of The Thankful Letters.

We have been doing this since Austin and Brad were three and two years-old, respectively.

Of course, those letters were dictated...

AND basically, they were thankful for milk and the red Power Ranger.

Typically, the men don't cry while reading their letters.

Typically, one or two of the females begin to bawl.

ALWAYS, I do not show the pics of the bawling females.

But I do keep them for my own personal enjoyment!

With Judith and Sawyer, we had five generations at this Thanksgiving get-together.

I am going to share just this one pic today.

All the Mamas and the babies!

Can you tell I get so excited about the babies, I don't pay attention to the background.

Please excuse the 50 or so folding chairs.

Feel free to do as I do...

Focus on the BABIES!

We're going to celebrate Thanksgiving for a second time tomorrow. I hope you and yours have a very meaningful, blessed time with family and friends.

From my home to yours...



The Enchanting and Very Thankful Belinda

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