Friday, November 18, 2016

A Baby Tea, Tuesdays with Judith, An Exercise Story AND Pinterest Stuff (Thanksgiving Games)

Good Friday evening!

RANDOMNESS #1 - There was a little Baby Tea Sunday honoring Austin and Melia's bouncing baby boy...

And it was lovely.

The theme was "Welcome to the World," so globes were prevalent around the room.

Melia and Austin got a little bit of everything.

Great-Great MamMa was in attendance...

And Lauren joined in on the fun, too. (How cute are these two together?)

Melia, Lauren, Great-Grandma, Great-Aunt Becky and Brandi.

Sawyer also put in an appearance at the Baby Tea, and although pleasant, really didn't see what the fuss was about.

Typical "male-at-a-baby-tea" reaction.

As is customary, Austin dropped by the last 30 minutes or so of the Tea to check out the loot.

And these two guys spent some time getting to know each other a little better.

RANDOMNESS #2 - I have been wanting to take Judith to the local library for the past few weeks, and the original plan was to go on a rainy day when we couldn't get outside and play.

I don't think we are ever going to have a rainy day again, so we spent an hour at the library anyway.

They have a lot of "new-to-us" puzzles...

And board books. (Not to mention the dress-up boxes, toddler-size dollhouse, garage, etc., etc.)

She had a very good time, and when it was time to leave...

We still had plenty of time before lunch to play outside.

She has become somewhat of an expert when it comes to crunching little acorns in the driveway.

And finding the biggest leaf in the pile is super easy.

I know what you're thinking.

"When has it recently been cold enough in Alabama for a baby to wear a padded vest AND a toboggan?"

The answer, of course, "It hasn't been cold enough in Alabama for closed toe shoes. Much less a padded vest and a toboggan."

I'm sorry.

I don't feel I can wait any longer to enjoy Fall with Judith, because it is obviously going to go directly from Summer to Winter this year, and I apparently didn't get the memo!

And how cute is this toboggan?

RANDOMNESS #3 - The following was first posted in 2010.

Well, I attended a Body Pump class yesterday afternoon. My Zumba friends, Joan and Lauren, are bound and determined to try each and every exercise class known to man, and they said I might enjoy this class. (It's like they have never even met me before!)

It was a small class... six people total. In an exercise class, that can be a good thing or that can be a very, very bad thing. There's nowhere to hide.

For those of you who have never participated in a Body Pump class, there is a bar involved, and little weights on the ends of the bar. It is not super fast. There is no chance of you getting "lost" and not understanding what you are supposed to do with your little bar and your little weights. It's just a matter of survival.

All in all, I thought I had done pretty well. I left Joan and Lauren to do the Zumba class which met immediately following the Body Pump class, and started to walk down the stairs. Hmmm. Calves and thighs were a little shaky.

I walked to the van (albeit slowly), and raised my arm to unlock the door. Hmmm. That was difficult. I couldn't really raise my arms. They were happier hanging straight down beside my body.

I sat down in the Big Gold Van, and since I was unable to hold my arms in the "10 and 2" driving position on the steering wheel, I drove home with my thumbs in my lap. If you are (or are related to) a police officer, please know I drove 20 miles under the speed limit all the way home... because my legs were shaking so badly I couldn't really push the accelerator down.

I wouldn't say I was sore last night. The word I would use is "inoperable." I was totally and completely "inoperable."

This morning, I am totally and completely in "pain." That's right. I said it. P-A-I-N.

Will I do it again?

Yes. I told my friend, Cam, I would do it with her (and Lauren and Joan) next Tuesday afternoon.

I wanted to be open to new and exciting life experiences this 49th year of my life. I did NOT want this 49th year of my life to be my last.

I'm looking for some people interested in trying some new and exciting spa treatments in the coming months. Any takers? Anyone? Anyone? Call me.

Pinterest Stuff

Thanksgiving Games

Scavenger Hunt

Here's one that's always a favorite among the Thanksgiving activities. Instead of playing it like a normal scavenger hunt game, give it a Thanksgiving twist. Have pictures of turkeys hidden all around the house and that is what the teams have to search for. Provide a list of clues for the location of the hidden turkey pictures. You can make it all the more interesting by asking them to do tasks before providing them with the clues. The team with the maximum number of turkey cards wins.

Balloon Waddle

This one is not only fun, it's extremely challenging as well. And it leads to a lot of laughs. Blow up some balloons (and call them turkeys). Make the participants stand in a line on one end of the room and give them each a blown balloon. At the blow of the whistle, the participants have to place the balloons between their thighs and waddle across the room to the finish line. The person who finishes first, wins. If while walking, the balloon bursts, then the person is disqualified. If there are many members, have them play in groups and then hold a final waddle to determine the winner.

Picture Puzzle

Print out large pictures of things that are thanksgiving-related like turkeys, cranberries etc. Cut these pictures into square parts in either 4,6 or 8 parts (depending on the number of people that there are). Mix all the pictures. On a flat surface (or even the floor), keep a chart paper and some glue ready. Distribute the pictures amongst all the participants, but make sure that they can't see them until the buzzer rings. At the go of the buzzer, the participants have to turn their picture over and then scramble to find the people who have the rest of the picture. They then get to the chart paper and proceed to stick the parts together to make the full picture. The team that finishes first, wins.

Have a great pre-Thanksgiving weekend. I'll talk to you soon.


The Enchanting Belinda

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