Friday, February 5, 2016

Weekend Happenings, Nana B Stories, Pinterest Stuff (Toddler Car Wash, Valentine Floats AND Valentine's S'mores Snack Mix) AND Blog Linkage

Good Friday evening!

RANDOMNESS #1 - My Nana-for-Hire business is doing exactly as I envisioned. I am enjoying it immensely, and I am meeting some of the sweetest families. Kids are literally the funniest humans on the planet, and when I leave a job, I may be a worn out 54 year-old, but I am worn out 54 year-old with a smile on my face.

Here are a few things I had forgotten during these last few teenage/young adult years around my own home.

1. When a little one interrupts story time with a frantic, "I have to go potty," the little one is NEVER kidding.

Pick the little one up and RUN, DO NOT WALK, to the nearest potty.

You'll be glad you did.

2. There is not a piece of clothing or jewelry you own as an adult that is as meaningful (or as much fun to show off) as Superman or Princess Sofia underwear.



3. A large group of crows landing in the backyard of the home of one of your charges is better entertainment than front row seats to The Lion King on Broadway.

I kid you not.

4. Sticker sheets for two and three year-olds are the ultimate surprise/art project/reward/etc.

Money means absolutely nothing to them, but a sheet of superhero or princess stickers is a bargaining tool a "Nana-for-Hire" can use again and again and again.

5. If a small child asks you how much you weigh, do not be angry or embarrassed.

Enjoy the fact that the same small child can be taught to say, "Nana B weighs 120 pounds... and that is all."

6. If a small child asks you how old you are, do not be angry or embarrassed.

Your typical three year-old has no problem repeating the phrase, "Nana B is 29 years-old."

There are many, many more advantages that come with being a Nana-for-Hire...

But I'll share some of those in a different post.

RANDOMNESS #2 - Bev and I went out for just a bit this morning to run an errand...

And because it was Friday...

And the sun was shining...

And the birds were singing...

I HAD to try something new.

As soon as the errand was finished, we went to Sprout and Pour in Homewood. It is a juicery. I saw that word in the store, and when I typed it just now, my computer did not recognize it as a "real" word.

But I still like it.


Yep. It's a keeper.

But I digress...

I ordered a Banana Date Smoothie because I am a beginner and the juice drink offerings were a little scary.

I much prefer to drink something pink than green, and this particular smoothie had familiar and not altogether scary ingredients.

Bananas, dates, raisins, almond milk, cinnamon, strawberries, just to name a few.


Kinda normal.

And it was very, very good.

I will go back, but only on the very special occasion...

And probably never to drink anything green.

RANDOMNESS #3 - As I told you last week, our family had a little party for Courtney and Josh. Here are a few pics to commemorate the event!

Bev decorated the tables with tulle and teacups, which was the theme, so it worked out well!

Josh, Courtney and Judith. Josh didn't stay. He just came to drop off The Girls.

Miss Lauren was there.

Courtney's mom, Donna, Courtney's niece, Sara Grace, Courtney, Judith and Courtney's sister, Kimberly.

Stephanie, Katie, Roxie and Courtney.

Judith helped pack things away at the end of the party. You can never train them too early.

Josh and Mike loaded the George Foreman and other gifts into the back of the truck.

Believe it or not, there are no wedding festivities going on this particular weekend, but the rest of February is full!

Blog Linkage

1. Go to Confessions of a Pioneer Woman under My Blog List and read "A Loopy List."

2. Go to The Anderson Crew under My Blog List and read "Long Day." There are a lot of things about this post which "hit the nail on the head."

3. Go to and read today's post about the "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Party." Lots of good ideas and plenty of pictures to help you visualize.

Pinterest Stuff

Toddler Car Wash

I’m pretty sure every toddler boy has about a million Hot Wheel cars. This little activity helps with some fine motor skills, and you get some clean toys in the mix. All you will need is an extra toothbrush, a bowl of soapy water, a bowl of clean water and some Hot Wheels!

Let the fun begin!

Valentine Floats

Mix two scoops of vanilla ice cream with Cherry Seven-Up. Use a Twizzler for the straw!

Valentine’s S’mores Snack Mix

Create this snack mix with all of the following ingredients: graham crackers, chocolate, mini marshmallows, Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish and some festive Valentine’s M & Ms.

Just add 1/4 OR 1/2 cup of each ingredient to a large bowl...

And Enjoy!

Weekend Happenings

Josh will be getting married exactly one month from today...

Thirty days...

Breathe, Belinda. Breathe.

Because we are blessed with five family birthdays in February, as well as Valentine's Day AND fun wedding stuff, this coming weekend will be one of our least busy over the next four.

Which we all know means it will become incredibly hectic right after I publish this little post.

Am I right?

1. Some of Saturday will be spent doing productive things in my house, and checking off a few things on my Mother-of-the-Groom List.

2. Sunday will be a church day. Also, I am doing a little research about how to make the Sabbath more of a day of worship and rest and less of a day of catch-up from the past week and prep for the upcoming week.

I've been reading some Facebook and blog posts from some young mothers who are working to make this happen in their own families. While it is WAY too late for my grown kiddos, it isn't too late for me and Mikie to spend our remaining Sundays on this planet in a more intentional and Biblical manner.

It's not too late at all!

Check back with me in a month or so, and I'll let you know if it is working!

Have a wonderful weekend. I'll be back next Friday with a lot more luv to share with you and yours.


The Enchanting Belinda

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