Friday, February 19, 2016

Weekend Happenings, Pineapple Sherbet Punch, Pinterest Stuff (The Candy Bar Game) AND Blog Linkage

Good Friday afternoon!

RANDOMNESS #1 - Mike and I kept Judith last Saturday, and we had a fun time. She's happy, into everything, energy personified...

And did I mention happy?

I'm starting Mikie on a vitamin supplement this week.

Or as we like to call them...

Pop Pills!

When Josh and Courtney came to pick her up, I had set the table with all of my Valentine's Day finest, and we had pizza.

Courtney wanted just a few more engagement pics taken including Judith, so we went to a local waterfall and took some good pics in the cold, cold weather. I'm going to share just a few of them.

RANDOMNESS #2 - Mr. Faulkner celebrated his 89th birthday this past Monday, so Sunday Mike and I headed to Oxford for cake!

And to see The Chick.

Roxie came from Auburn to Oxford to wish her Grandpa well, and I would be lying if I didn't say that was the highlight of the trip for me.

My newest great-nephew...

Sweet Micah.

Roxie and The Birthday Boy.

Grandpa and Mike.

Grandma and Roxie.

Blog Linkage - Go to and read her current post about family pics. It is simply the best.

Pineapple Sherbet Punch

You will need the following:

4 cups pineapple juice
1/2 gallon pineapple sherbet
1 liter Seven-Up

1. Scoop all of sherbet into a large punch bowl.

2. Add pineapple juice and soda on top of the sherbet. When adding soda the punch will foam, so make sure to stir constantly so the foam can go down.

3. Serve immediately.

NOTE - This punch is supposed to serve 12 to 15 people easily. What "they" don't tell you...

It's very good, so a lot of people come back for seconds...

And even thirds.

Make sure you have extra "everything" in the fridge in case you run out before the end of the party.

Trust me on this!

Pinterest Stuff

The Candy Bar Game

1. It involves candy bars.

2. It involves funny clothing.

3. It has hilarious photographic possibilities.

4. EVERYONE wins. (CANDY!)

You will need the following:

A candy bar for each player.
One spoon and one butter knife for each player. Real ones, not plastic.
One pair oven mitts.
A silly hat, sunglasses, apron, etc.
A pair of dice.
A table big enough for everyone, or a blanket on the ground.

Here's how you play. Put all the "gear" in the middle of the table (sunglasses, hat, oven mitts, etc.). Everyone should already have their candy bar and spoon/knife in front of them.

The first player takes the die and rolls five times. The first player gets her turn and tries to roll doubles. If she doesn't roll doubles within her five tries, the dice get passed to the next person, and they attempt to roll doubles. This continues until someone rolls doubles.

When a player rolls doubles, they grab the gear in the middle, put it all on, and using only the spoon and butter knife, start trying to open and eat their candy bar. The other players are still taking their turns at rolling the dice, and as soon as someone else gets doubles, they rip the gear off the other player (who must STOP their attempts and be a good sport), put it all on, and try to open and eat their candy bar.

The dice keep getting passed around, everyone wanting doubles... and so on, and so on. The first person to eat her entire candy bar (while wearing all the apparel) is declared the WINNER.

It usually takes several rounds for a person to finish a candy bar.

Weekend Happenings

1. THE CHICK IS HOME... and ready for a very busy family/wedding weekend. We will celebrate Zac's 18th birthday TONIGHT with a cookout at Bev's house.

2. We will celebrate Austin's birthday a little early (Saturday) at Costa's and we will break bread together and give him gifts. He's going to be 25 on the 23rd.

How weird is that?

After the birthday celebration, the girls will head to Somerville to attend a party for Courtney.

3. After church on Sunday, the female-type members of our family will again head to Somerville for a party being given in honor of Courtney and Josh.

All in all, it will be a very party-hardy weekend.

I almost think Roxie would get more rest if she stayed in Auburn...

But we all know rest during the "wedding season" is highly overrated.

As of the typing of this post, we are 15 days away from the actual ceremony.


I'm going to need to borrow someone's inhaler.

I hope you and yours have a tremendous weekend. I hope you get to spend time with family and friends. I hope you smile, laugh and take a moment to let it "all soak in" as you sit around your family/friend dinner table.

I hope to do the same.


The Enchanting Belinda

P.S. Just Tuck!


  1. Love those pictures of the happy couple, plus Judith! Also, regarding he candy bar game...Am I right in assuming that your table should NOT be your dining room table or your nice kitchen table? Sounds like there will be stabbing involved!! However, sounds FUN!!

    1. I'm going to say NOT a nice table, Jenny. Good call!


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