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Weekend Wrap-Up, Sausage and Cheese Biscuits, Blog Linkage, Pinterest Stuff (Ways to Date your Spouse), Quotable Quotes, Way Back When... (Mid-Summer's Brunch AND Childhood Memories - Part 1), Restaurant Review (Alabama Biscuit Company)... PART ONE

Good Tuesday evening!

That's right! The above title says PART ONE at the end of the "will-it-never-end" list of blog sections for today's post.

There is just too, too much for one post, so I'll be back tomorrow, Wednesday, with PART TWO!

But until then...

RANDOMNESS #1 - Guatemala Update - As of this writing, the following is true:

1. The Chick is still in Guatemala.

2. The Chick LOVES Guatemala.

3. The Chick has been incredibly hot, misses American food and her family and friends.

4. She has posted several pictures of her holding baby girls in the Orphanage, and they are all precious.

6. I think I might one day have a Guatemalan granddaughter... and that would be fine with me.

7. I've only completely lost it two times in the past six days, but I feel that this number might get just a little bit higher between now and Thursday night.

8. I don't think this will be Roxie's first and only trip to Guatemala. I may be wrong (it happens occasionally), but I think as much as she loves Sweet Home Alabama, she has a new place in her heart for that part of the world.

And that's a good thing.



RANDOMNESS #4 - Oh, the things you see... - COMING UP IN PART TWO!

Quotable Quotes - COMING UP IN PART TWO!


Restaurant Review (Alabama Biscuit Company) - COMING UP IN PART TWO!

Sausage and Cheese Biscuits - COMING UP IN PART TWO!

Pinterest Stuff

Ways to Date Your Spouse

1. Cook a meal together for someone in need. Deliver it together with a homemade card.

2. Plan your dream vacation (even if you cannot go). (To be honest, this might be more fun for me than Mikie.)

3. Take dance classes together. (We've actually gone on this date when we were first married, and it turned out to be six dates in one because it was a six-week course. So much fun.)

4. Go shooting at a firing range.

5. Have professional photos taken. (Again, this would be more fun for me than for Mikie, but he does like to see me happy.)

Way Back When...

I re-post things from time to time, so that isn't anything new.

However, A Simple Life is over five years-old now. Since I'm in a different season of life as a mother of young adults, I still want to share ideas that worked for me and mine "Way Back When," as well as let you know how things are going on this end of motherhood.

"Way Back When..." will be a regular section now. It will simply be a place to re-post OLD (but perhaps relevant) ideas from days past.

This idea was first posted in June of 2009.

Mid-Summer's Brunch

Every summer, have your daughter(s) help you prepare a simply scrumptious brunch for two or three special guests. They can be grandparents, great-grandparents, family, friends, etc. Watch the weather and pick a pretty day. Let your daughter(s) help with everything from setting the table with the good china and silver to helping prepare the menu. Be sure to prepare something simple enough so your helper or helpers will be able to participate in every aspect of the brunch.

Dress in your Sunday best and spend the morning giving of yourselves to your guests, making sure they are as comfortable as possible. It will be a great lesson in being a servant. Use the verse Proverbs 31:27 which says, "She looks well to the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness."

Menu suggestions:

Cranberry or apple juice
Blueberry or other favorite muffin
Egg and sausage casserole
Fresh fruit (apples, oranges, blueberries, strawberries)

NOTE - This would also be a nice party to plan for elderly neighbors. Anything that teaches your children about compassion, having a servant's heart, caring more for others than themselves, etc. will help them grow into compassionate, caring adults.

Childhood Memories - Part 1

Vacation Bible School begins this week. When I was growing up, we didn't have Upwards camps, church camps, weeks at the lake, weeks at the beach, weeks in the mountains, pool memberships, etc. We had Vacation Bible School.

We would stand on the steps of our church in Trussville, and at exactly 9:00 o'clock, the doors would open. In the distance you could hear the Vacation Bible School Marching Song being played. The first three people marching in were the lucky "older" kids who got to hold the American Flag, the Christian Flag and the Bible Flag. Next, the youngest to the oldest children's classes would march in and take their seats in the pews. You could cut the excitement with a knife!

We would say our three pledges, and sing our Vacation Bible School song. (I still remember all the words to all four of these things.) Then the Vacation Bible School principal, Miss Ida Mae Mashburn, would give a small devotion, instructions, pray and dismiss us to our classes. Our wonderful classes.

We had mission stories that ended with a cliff hanger every day. We had Bible stories. We had application stories (again, with a cliff hanger every day). We had wonderful crafts.

As you got older, the crafts became more difficult and you would work on one for the entire week. (I specifically remember a colored popcorn kernel rooster I made one summer. It was my favorite craft EVER. It was beautiful. I carefully glued the colored popcorn kernels in the appropriate spots along the painted lines of the rooster on heavy cardboard. A masterpiece.)

Recess was fun, but it wasn't the highlight of Vacation Bible School. Snack time consisted of iced oatmeal cookies and bright red Kool-Aid sitting under a big oak tree in the parking lot with friends and neighbors.

And there was the offering. I cannot remember if it was "boys against the girls," but I do remember we had a specific amount we tried to raise each year for missions.

Friday night was commencement night. All the parents would come and the church would be packed to capacity. We would be dressed in our Sunday best on the steps of the church, and when they opened the door, we would march inside, say our pledges, sing our song, and Miss Ida Mae Mashburn would tell of the events of the week. After it was over, we would go downstairs to the classrooms and we would have snacks. (You guessed it! Iced oatmeal cookies and red Kool-Aid.)

And there in my classroom was the most beautiful colored popcorn kernel rooster ever created. Yes... There were other roosters around the room, but none compared to the one I bestowed upon my Mother and Daddy. They were so lucky to have a daughter so advanced craft-wise she created such an amazing product. (I think the rooster theme went with the story of Peter denying Jesus three times and hearing the rooster crow.)

Vacation Bible School was a mainstay of my childhood years. I loved it. I missed it when it was over. I looked forward to it when the school year ended. In my childlike mind, nothing tasted better than iced oatmeal cookies with red Kool-Aid. It was the ultimate summer pleasure.

I often wonder if it holds the same importance in a child's mind today as it did those many years ago. There are so many other things offered by the church, community, etc. Do these other things make VBS less significant?

I asked Austin what his favorite summer activity was in his elementary years yesterday. After I listed many of them (slipping VBS in the middle), Austin said spending the night with Grandmother and Granddaddy and going to the pool.

That's fine. I totally understand, and I'm glad spending time with his grandparents was his favorite childhood summer memory. However, I know my one and only answer if I was asked the same question would be Vacation Bible School.

Have a tremendous Tuesday. I'll be back Wednesday with PART TWO of today's post.

Take care, and I'll talk to you tomorrow.


The Enchanting Belinda

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