Friday, June 13, 2014

Weekend Happenings... AND THE CHICK CAME HOME!

FANTASTIC Friday morning!

You may have already heard...


Life is good again.

For me.

Her Mama.

I had a very extensive post all planned for today. Randomness, Recipes, Blog Linkage, Seasonal Traditions, Pinterest Stuff, etc., etc., etc.

None of that stuff seems very important to me this morning...

Because last night we had a HOMECOMING!

Homecomings are the sweetest, aren't they?

Thursday was one of the five longest days of my life! (I'm counting my wedding day and the births of kiddos one, two and three.)

When you are really, really looking forward to something, time moves SO slowly.

And when you are dreading something (like kids growing up, up and away), time moves at warp speed.

On the way home in The Big Gold Van, Roxie talked non-stop about her experiences in Guatemala.


Those were the words I heard again and again as we made our way home.

The living conditions of the desperately poor people they met along the way... Sad.

The way the children would hold onto them, not wanting to ever let go... Cling.

The non-stop heat. Always muggy. Always sweaty... Hot.

Scorpions, tarantulas and chiggers... Bugs.

A picky eater and a lack of things she would normally have chosen to eat... Food.

The happiest, sweetest, most loving people she has yet to experience... Joyful.

The Chick's life has been forever changed.

That's not to say my fiesty, little fireball isn't still in there somewhere.

She's in there. She is MOST definitely still in there.

But her heart has made room for new emotions and people. Her mind has been opened and now she knows there are more places to see and discover than just a sweet little town in Alabama, sprinkled with trips to the beach with friends and mountain trips with the family.

There is a whole world out there. People NEED to hear about Jesus. People NEED to be physically held. People NEED to find the joy, no matter what their circumstances.

And I NEED to learn a great many things from my 17 year-old daughter, don't I?

Things are about to get interesting.

Here are a few of the (not-so-good) images I caught last night at the airport. Obviously, Happy Heart equals Shaky Hands... which also equals Blurry Pictures!

I waited on the mezzanine so I could see Roxie as soon as possible. I wanted to hug her, too, but actually seeing her was important to me for some reason. Partners in crime... Ragan and Roxie.

When we walked/ran downstairs, the real fun began. Friends and family were all over the place hugging it out with their loved ones. Roxie and Melia.

Mike and Roxie... and Austin in the background.

Hannah, Roxie, Alyssa and Savannah.

Josh kind of stood back until the crowd parted, and then he and Roxie walked together toward Baggage Claim.

Sweet Heather was thrilled to greet her big sister, Haley...

And when the hugging of Haley stopped for just a few seconds, she gave Roxie a sweet hug, too.

Hunter had double fun last night. Both Roxie and his sister, Haley, went on the trip.

It was so good to see Hunter again.

The "eye roll" isn't because Austin is hugging her. It is because Austin is hugging her for the 70th time!

I'm kinda feeling like there will be some Guatemala stories and pics and posts over the next few weeks. I hope y'all don't mind.

Weekend Happenings

1. When Roxie awakens, she and I are going to have breakfast this morning.

2. I plan on staring at Roxie as much as possible the remainder of Friday.

3. We have a family "thang" planned Saturday morning... and possibly more "staring at Roxie."

4. I'm going with Melia and Austin while they have their engagement pics taken Saturday afternoon. (Cannot wait!)

5. Sunday we are visiting with Mike's family for Father's Day.

6. I don't usually go into Monday, but Mikie's birthday is TODAY (53 and still looking fine), and the kids and I have a combo Birthday/Father's Day celebration scheduled for Monday evening (or Tuesday, depending on everyone's work schedule). I'll be talking about that next week.

Have a blessed weekend. Enjoy your time with family and friends. I'll be back Tuesday morning with all the "stuff" I was supposed to post today.

Take care, and I'll talk to you next week.


The Enchanting and Extremely Happy and Content Belinda

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