Friday, September 13, 2013

Weekend Happenings, Blog Linkage

Good Friday morning!

I don't have much to report today. September usually starts out quietly, and then it gains momentum with Roxie's Birthday Celebration followed very closely by...

Josh's Birthday Celebration
Monica/Roxie Birthday Outing
New Year's Eve AND Day

So I'll take the first two calm weeks of September because I know the fast and furious is coming... and coming quickly.

RANDOMNESS #1 - This is what September 2012 looked like at our house.

We did the "volleyball" thing.

We did the "she's so pretty I want to take a picture of her" thing.

More volleyball.

We took Melia to her first EVER SEC/Auburn game...

And we won!

We rolled Toomer's Corner one last time.

More volleyball.

We celebrated Roxie's 16th Birthday with a family party and a hug from Zac...

And a fiesta with friends...

And birthday candy before school with Ally...

And a balloon-decorated yard from Sweet Taylor.

We got our driver's license.

We had our first Moon Pie Banana Pudding to celebrate Josh turning 19 (his request).

And we took some family pictures of the celebration with Grandpa and Grandma.

Have you guessed yet? I didn't take any new pictures this week.

RANDOMNESS #2 - This time last year, I wrote this as a blog post.

The Chick went out to eat with some chick friends this past weekend. Mike and I waited on the front porch until she was picked up, and we walked out to the car to talk (and take pictures).

As she got into the car and I took the final photo, I told one of her friends, "I've been taking pictures of Roxie and her Dad on the front porch while we waited for you."

"I know. She has been texting us about it."

Wow. Roxie's good. I had not even seen her pull her phone out of her pocket while we were having our impromptu photo shoot.

Because we had such good rapport with Roxie and friends prior to them driving off, I decided to play with her by tweeting on my text... which is the only way I know to tweet.

ME - I cannot believe you were texting about me. HASHTAG #Iamsoooembarrassed #Ihaveprettytoes

ROXIE - No response.

ME - (Becoming a little paranoid approximately nine minutes later) - Are you mad?

ROXIE - No response.

ME - (Totally paranoid four minutes after my last text/tweet) - I am sorry. Won't happen again. Have fun.

ROXIE - Still no response.

ME - (A 50-something year-old woman who is as insecure as any 15 year-old girl... 42 seconds after the last text/tweet) - I am going to put $40 under your pillow. Don't tell Daddy.

ROXIE - Nothing. Nada. Total and complete silence.

For anyone who ever comes to this website looking for insightful and wise ways of dealing with an almost 16 year-old daughter, I will say I absolutely did NOT put $40 under Roxie's pillow to make up for my huge blunder (talking to my daughter's friends in a familiar and joking manner while taking pictures of them as they pulled away from the house)...

Because that would be bad parenting...

Because you shouldn't have to apologize three times AND pay your child to love you for such a little mistake (huge blunder)...

Because I didn't have $40 cash at the time to stuff under her pillow!

And then, when I was about to up the $40 cash bribe to $50, I received the following LATE texts from The Chick...

LATE TEXT #1 - No, Mom... You're so funny.

LATE TEXT #2 - Don't be sorry... They love y'all.

LATE TEXT #3 - You're the best :)

And then I felt better, because my self-worth all stems from what a carload of teenage chicks think about me.

I have the addresses of several GOOD parenting websites if you are looking for something helpful and useful regarding the raising of your own teenage chick.

Feel free to ask.

Blog Linkage - Go to Six Sisters' Stuff under My Blog List and read today's post entitled "20 Fall Peach Recipes." If you like peaches, you're going to love this post!

Weekend Happenings

1. It is Friday and everyone is going to be scattered. Austin will be heading to Anniston for his football weekend jobs. Josh will be coming in for the weekend. Roxie will be doing the revolving door thing... in and out, in and out, in and out. It is what 16 (almost 17) year-old chicks do, and she does it especially well.

Mike and Josh are thinking about going to White House Restaurant tonight and having a steak dinner.

I am going to be working like crazy finishing my "DEVOTIONS FROM THE PUMPKIN PATCH" lesson I will be teaching Sunday night.

2. I've said it many, many times in the past, but I really think tomorrow is the day. I really, really do.

Mike and I are going to Pepper Place tomorrow morning. I've checked the weather, and if we go early enough, we should be able to escape most, if not all, of the humidity scheduled for the day.

I know you don't believe me, and I don't blame you.

Actually, I don't believe me either.

Josh, Roxie and Mike will be watching the Auburn game at some point during the day... and I am going to be working like crazy finishing my "DEVOTIONS FROM THE PUMPKIN PATCH" lesson I'm teaching Sunday night.

3. Sunday is going to be an extra special day because my great-niece, Mackenzie, is going to be dedicated... and we're going to church in Oxford.

This is a picture of Mackenzie from June. I know she has changed so much, and I cannot wait to see her in her sweet dedication dress Sunday morning. It's going to be a good, good day.

And, in case you missed my earlier hints, I'm going to be teaching a class called "DEVOTIONS FROM THE PUMPKIN PATCH" Sunday evening... and I cannot wait.

I'm going to be making Fall Pinterest Projects (non-carving pumpkins, snacks, bird feeders, etc.) and giving out devotions to go with each project for families with small children.

And while it may sound like I have waited until the last possible minute to get ready, that is not true. I've been working on this for weeks and weeks. I've just had to wait until closer to time to prepare/decorate/bake pumpkins/fall treats/bird feeders, etc., etc., etc.

The writing part has been done for a while.

Now, I must do the crafty part.

It's going to be a "hot-glue-gun" kind of weekend for me!

Have a great weekend. I'll be back Monday with pics from a Baby Dedication, pics from Pepper Place, Randomness, Seasonal Traditions and maybe a story... or two... or three.

Take care, and I'll talk to you next week.


The Enchanting Belinda

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