Saturday, March 4, 2017

My New Favorite Thing, Cherry Tomato Salad, Just Keep Smiling Foundation, MamMa's 96th Birthday AND Austin's 26th Birthday

Good Saturday evening!

RANDOMNESS #1 - I have a new favorite thing, and I wanted to share it with you.

I LOVE the pimento cheese sandwich on toasted wheat bread at The Three-Eared Rabbit in Trussville.

Before I give you the reasons, please know I consider myself to be a pimento cheese expert of sorts having eaten it in as many restaurants as possible in my 55 years on this here ol' Earth.


Now that my credentials have been presented, here are my reasons:

1. They toast the bread to perfection. Crunchy, but not crumbly. Some would say "golden perfection," but I want to keep everything in perspective.

It is JUST a pimento cheese sandwich, after all.

2. It is served with a dill pickle. Not necessary, but always a pleasant addition.

I count it as a super vegetable!

3. They also serve it with a side of raspberry pepper jelly.

That's right.

R-A-S-P-B-E-R-R-Y pepper jelly.

I was skeptical at first, but can I just say...

"Yea! Raspberry Pepper Jelly!"

I just smeared it on a small portion and bit into the sandwich, and I was sold.

I am now carrying a jar of raspberry pepper jelly in my purse everywhere I go in the event I run into a lone toasted pimento cheese sandwich.

That is all.

RANDOMNESS #2 - The Just Keep Smiling Foundation is a "non profit organization that seeks to assist families with critically ill children. They strive to do so by providing financial aid for immediate needs, offering emotional support based on personal knowledge of a child's serious illness or death and sharing spiritual insight that conveys the solace, grace and strength found in God."

Each year, the JKS Foundation has a show called "Live with the Characters." I took Courtney and Judith this year, and it was fantastic.

I will never miss another show.

It was like Disney, Marvel, Nickelodean, etc. all came to Gardendale to entertain.

It was a singing/dance party vibe, I tell you.

And the kids liked it, too.

Here are some pics of JUST A FEW of the characters that showed up and showed out a couple of Saturdays ago.

Simon of Chipmunk fame.

ALL of the Disney princesses were there, but I'm only including Cinderella...

AND Aurora in this post. (I think Aurora gets left out sometimes. Makes me sad.)

Judith's favorite character of all time, Miss Minnie Mouse!

I love the Genie...

And I miss Robin Williams.

Heavy sigh.

Eventually, even the little, little ones get up and start dancing and clapping in the aisles...

And Judith was no exception.

Toward the end of the 45-minute show, Judith stood up in her Mama's lap and asked for MORE!

After the show, we stood in different lines to Meet and Greet our favorite characters.

Two seconds in the line, and Judith was the perfect "waiter."

Four seconds in the line, she was still all smiles.

Ten seconds in the line...

Well, I'm not going to show that pic again.

This is what happens when you walk past Pluto and his tongue is showing.

It isn't so much about disrespect as being an expert on naming body parts.

Toddler props.

And what do you do when your Dad is a Batman fan, and you just happen to see him standing in front of the church in all of his Cape Crusader Glory?

You walk within 20 feet of him and smile.

And he smiles back!

If Beast looks a little dejected, it is because he was asked (firmly) by Judith to stand down!

I almost felt sorry for him.

Eyes a little droopy...

Coat on...

Asleep in the car before they pulled out of the parking lot.

I call that a very successful outing!

RANDOMNESS #3 - Later that same afternoon, we had a drop-in birthday party for MamMa. She turned 96!

This was a flower arrangement sent to MamMa from a friend. Looks good enough to eat!

MamMa is a happy camper when a great-grand is around.

Zac was the "baby" of the family until Judith, Sawyer and RT came along.

I think he's secretly okay with not being the "baby" any longer.

Our entertainment for the afternoon!

RANDOMNESS #4 - Austin turned 26 earlier in the week, and we celebrated him with a dessert bar at his house last Sunday.

This little guy got all dressed up for his Daddy's big day.

Judith did a good job cleaning up after the party.

Personally, I cannot wait until Miss Judith has mastered the Big Girl Vacuum Cleaner.

She'll have a lot of fun at Nana B's house when that happens!

Judith loves doing this with her Mama.

It makes Nana B a little nervous...

But most "fun" things make Nana B a little nervous.

I love a man in a plaid button down.

The Faulkner Men!

This was supposed to be a sweet Nana B and Pop pic with both grandchildren, but the guys kind of photobombed us making a Roxie sandwich.

It wasn't a fun game when she was five, and it isn't a fun game now.

Aunt Courtney and Aunt Roxie!

Cherry Tomato Salad

You will need the following:

4 cups halved cherry tomatoes
1/4 cup vegetable oil
3 tablespoons cider vinegar
1 teaspoon dried parsley
1 teaspoon dried basil
1 teaspoon dried oregano
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 teaspoons white sugar

1. In a small bowl or cup measure, mix together oil, apple cider vinegar, herbs, salt and sugar.

2. Pour dressing over cherry tomatoes in a serving dish, and gently stir to coat. Chill for at least 2 hours. Gently stir from bottom to top, coating all tomatoes, before serving.

NOTE - I am NOT a fan of the tomato, but I actually liked this salad. I sprinkled a little Parmesan cheese on it before serving, and it was very good.

Have a great rest of the weekend. I'll be back soon with some March "fun" stuff.


The Enchanting Belinda

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