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Tuesdays with Judith, A Little RT, Grandpa's 90th Birthday Celebration, Pinterest Stuff (Cornflake Sensory Bin, Fun Family Traditions for March AND Ten Christian Films on Netflix)

Good Thursday morn!

RANDOMNESS #1 - Cousins - Two or three weeks ago, Sawyer and RT met for the first time. Sawyer immediately looked much older than five months, and RT looked like a newborn once again.

Austin and Brad were born 13 months apart.

Sawyer and RT are five months apart.

It will take a little while, but they will be play buddies before too much longer.

Pretty mommas make pretty babies.

RANDOMNESS #2 - Tuesdays with Judith - After we eat supper with Pop on Monday nights, I take Judith upstairs for a nice, fun bath. She picks the water color, and for the past two weeks we've been playing with animals.

She loves bath time.

These animals were "dirty," so she scrubbed them all one by one...

And then she set them on the edge of the tub to dry.

It's a hard job, but someone has to do it.

And this is what Miss Sassy looks like when she wakes up the next morning.
Big curls...

Big eyes...

Cutest button nose in the history of the world.

When Nana B wakes up in the morning, she has flat hair, puffy eyes and...

Well, we'll just stop there.

It gets a little depressing.

RANDOMNESS #3 - A Little RT Does a Nana's Heart Good - RT and his parental units came over for a visit which made this Nana super happy.

He is a most precious little man.

RANDOMNESS #4 - Grandpa's 90th Birthday Celebration and NOT a Single Pic of the Man! - How sad is that? I felt really bad about not taking his photo, and it isn't even the first time it has happened. I choose to think it is because he has such beautiful great-grandchildren. I cannot be bothered to take adult photos. However, I do need to go to Oxford and have a Grandpa photo shoot.

Just the two of us!

If you have ever wondered what "joyous" looks like, wonder no more.

Same for the phrase, "worn out."

Wonder no more!

Four out of the six cousins were in this pic.



And Micah (who was missing from the cousin picture above because of the need to finish a little Sunday afternoon nap).

Happy to be outside...

And even happier to be carrying a big ol' stick.

It was a racing kind of day.

Roxie and Lauren were a team.

Courtney and Lauren raced Roxie and Judith at one point.

Judith talking with her Daddy about the judge's decision on the winner of the above race.

She was not pleased with the results.

Matthew and Roxie.

I'm not sure what they were watching...

But it didn't hold Lauren's attention the same way it held Roxie and Matthew's.

Pinterest Stuff

Cornflake Sensory Bin

I grabbed a few favorite items and turned them into an activity. I poured cornflakes into a large plastic tub. We have vehicle counters from Learning Resources, and I hid those in the cornflakes. The kids had so much fun looking for the different vehicles along with crushing and tasting the cornflakes.

NOTE FROM BELINDA - I am a huge fan of the sensory bin, and this one is just perfect for the two year-old crowd.

I'm planning on doing this bin with Judith next week.

Fun Family Traditions for MARCH

1. Celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

2. Read Green Eggs and Ham.

3. Fly a kite.

4. Go fishing.

5. Eat green cuisine.

6. Cook a pot of Irish stew with the kids.

7. Cook in bulk and stock the freezer.

NOTE FROM BELINDA - Take a look at the above list and make it your own. Even if you pick just one or two things from the list for your family to do every March, you'll be surprised how quickly it becomes something everyone looks forward to each year.

Ten Christian Films on Netflix

NOTE FROM BELINDA - I haven't previewed these films. I would most definitely watch anything I wasn't familiar with before watching with young children.

That being said, I love having a list of ten already set up to preview.

1. In-Lawfully Yours – PG 2016 - This is a story of an ex-daughter-in-law, Jesse, who moves in with her mother-in-law to settle her estate after her father-in-law passes away. To cheer up her mother-in-law, Jesse, who has never set foot in the door of a church, says she’ll attend church if they can just get out of the house.

When they arrive at church, Jesse goes against all church traditions, because she has never been before, and questions the pastor in the middle of his sermon. Another twist in the story is that the pastor is the former brother-in-law of her ex-husband due to the death of his wife. Make any sense at all?

I enjoyed this movie because I loved seeing the transformation of Jesse after she was exposed to God’s Truth. There is healing in relationships, the awakening of the town and the revitalization of a dying church.

2. Christmas In The Smokies – TV-G 2015 - You can enjoy Christmas in the Smokies any time of year. When times get tough, a family and a town join forces to help save a family farm. Forgiveness and faith are themes that run through this story.

3. The One I Wrote For You – PG 2014 - This is an inspirational movie about a man with big talent and his struggle with seeking fame while keeping his integrity. When he gets a second chance at stardom, he must choose whether to go all out to win, or stay true to himself. If you enjoy music, you’ll love this film.

4. Hoovey – PG 2015 - Hoovey is the inspiring true story of a young basketball star who discovers a life-threatening tumor might end his basketball career and his life before either really get started. I love how this family pulls together to fight unbeatable odds. As Hoovey and his family walk through the dark times, faith in God carries them through.

5. Little Boy – PG-13 2015 - This is a quirky film about a height-challenged young boy with an extraordinary amount of faith. When his father is sent off to fight in the war, he will do whatever he can to get his father back. He befriends a Japanese man, overcoming prejudices in the town. His “faith the size of a mustard seed” is inspiring.

6. A Matter of Faith – PG 2014 - This movie follows an incoming freshman, Rachel, to her first experience with differing views from what she was raised to believe. Concerned with his daughter’s wavering faith, Rachel’s father confronts her biology teacher with the limited perspective he teaches his students. Seizing the opportunity, the biology teacher challenges the untrained father to a debate on Evolution vs. Creation.

This movie is a milder version of God’s Not Dead. However, it’s a great movie for families to watch together. It poses the idea everyone should look at both sides of an argument before coming to a conclusion. My family really enjoyed it.

7. The Prince of Egypt – PG 1998 - Although it has been around for a while, your kids may not have experienced this movie. Retelling the Biblical story of Moses, this animated classic is filled with beautiful music and inspiring themes.

As with any Bible story adapted for film, there are elements of the story that are embellished or missing, but it offers a great opportunity for going back to the original document, the Bible, to find the Truth.

8. Joseph - King of Dreams – TV-PG 2000 - If you enjoyed The Prince of Egypt, you’ll enjoy Joseph - King of Dreams. It acts as a prequel to the previous movie, and explains how the Israelites arrived in Egypt in the first place. My kids thoroughly enjoyed this one.

9. Veggie Tales In The House - There are some new veggies in town! While they’ve departed from their explicit retelling of Bible stories, they still hold to great stories that teach character and virtue. My daughter has been loving getting acquainted with these friends all over again.

10. When Calls the Heart - I’m pretty sure I read all of Janette Oak’s books when I was a teenager. I loved the sweet romances filled with the challenges of frontier living. When Hallmark came out with the When Calls the Heart series, my girls and I couldn’t wait to watch it. Our whole family enjoys them, and it’s excellent for those colder days when you want to snuggle up and rest the day away with a good show.

I hope you and yours have a great Thursday. I'll be back soon with more pics, more family things to share, etc., etc.


The Enchanting Belinda

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