Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up, Pinterest Stuff (Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt AND Some Different December Activities for Kids), Way Back When... (A Tooth Story)

Good Tuesday evening!

I know I've been MIA the last few weeks, but I have reasons/excuses aplenty... none of them very original.

RANDOMNESS #1 - A few days ago, I mopped the kitchen floor. While I was waiting for the floor to dry, I put a banana pudding together in the dining room... which means I cut up six bananas into a tray.

Not thinking about the wet floor, I carried the six peelings and banana residue toward the trash can in the kitchen...

Did the semi-splits...

Contorted my body in order to stop the semi-splits from becoming REAL splits...

Fell on one knee...

And then slipped again while trying to get up...

Which resulted in falling on my opposite hip.

It made quite the racket.

Roxie was watching television in the den when it happened, and she yelled out the obligatory, "Are you okay?"

"No. Not so much," I responded.

She got off the couch and walked into the kitchen to find me sitting in the middle of the floor rubbing my knee AND hip.

To make matters worse, there were banana peels in front of me, behind me and on me.

I looked quite pitiful.

I waited for her to offer a hand, but instead I heard the now-familiar click, click, click of the telephone camera.

"Do NOT put that picture on Instagram," I instructed.

"Oh, I'm not," She answered.

Okay. Instagram was safe.

"Also, do not Tweet or Facebook that picture."


Okay. I was missing something.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram...

What was the other one?

What was the other one?



"Too late!" Roxie responded.

And I'll just say in closing this little story...

Two can play at that game!

RANDOMNESS #2 - Austin planned a Birthday Brunch for Melia Saturday morning at Another Broken Egg, and I'm happy to report she turned 23 very gracefully.

See. I told you.

After our car left Another Broken Egg, we veered off to the right (instead of the left) and went to a little trail I know for just a couple of Fall pics.

Courtney and Josh...

Very autumnal.

Me and Mikie.

I know what you're thinking.

Patterns and stripes! Patterns and stripes!

When I saw what Mike and I were wearing, I thought to myself, "Enchanting Self... You don't need to have your picture made today with Mikie."

And I really, really meant to NOT have my picture taken next to Mikie's stripes while I was wearing my patterns...

But I was having a good hair day, you see.

Pinterest Stuff

Thanksgiving Day Scavenger Hunt

Have half of your family go in one direction, and the other half go in the other direction, and take a leisurely walk around the neighborhood after your Thanksgiving meal.

Each team gets a point for each item they spot. AND if they spot more than one of any item (raked pile of leaves, Thanksgiving yard decorations, etc.), they get an additional point!

Meet back at the house in the 30 minutes to compare lists.

The members on the winning team each get a candy bar!

Look for the following:

A family playing football.

Another family on a walk.

A Thanksgiving-themed yard decoration.

Six or more cars parked in front of one house.

A raked pile of leaves.

Something with a Pilgrim on it.

Something with an Indian on it.

An ear of dried corn.

A pumpkin or squash.

A pet waiting to be let into the house.

Smoke rising from a chimney.

A black bird.

A pot of mums.

An acorn or pine cone.

A yard with early Christmas decorations.

Some Different December Activities for Kids

Make and eat a red and green dinner.

Make a holiday jello treat.

Read a Christmas book under the Christmas tree by flashlight.

Shop for red and green foods to take to the local Food Bank.

Make and decorate gingerbread pancakes.

Have picnic lunches beside the Christmas tree.

Hand out chocolate Advent calendars. (It would be fun for little ones to give these to their grandparents at Thanksgiving.)

Way Back When...

This was first posted in November of 2009.

Thursday afternoon around 4:45, I broke my tooth eating an Arby's sandwich. I was in immediate pain (not severe, but worrisome). I have never had a toothache before, and I was going for a record. The "No toothache until I'm 80 or dead... whichever comes first" record. I immediately called my dentist who said he would see me first thing Friday morning.

I showed up 10 minutes before opening time Friday morning, and he took me back right away. I was lucky. I didn't need a root canal, but I did need a crown (an earthly crown).

But wait, there's more! This wasn't your ordinary broken tooth/get a crown scenario. Oh, no. Something was wrong with the bone under the tooth, so I have to go to a periodontist and have my bone scraped BEFORE they can fix the tooth and give me the permanent crown.

You know that verse, "I am fearfully and wonderfully made." Sometimes, I think my life verse should read, "I am freakishly and wonderfully made." I just don't fit the norm.

"How long will that bone shaving thing last," I asked.

"Not long. About an hour," the dentist replied.

Now I'm new to all this, but bone shaving for an hour sounds like a long time. PLUS, it sounded painful, too, so I asked another question. "Will I be put to sleep during this procedure?"

"Well, we have a lot of drugs like Novocaine which we usually use, but I guess I could request that for you."

"Yeah. I'm going to need you to put in that request RIGHT AWAY. Very important. Mark it URGENT."

What I haven't told you is when he was giving me Novocaine shots before he drilled near the nerve, he kept asking if I could feel anything... and until I felt my left eye close, I kept saying, "Yes." The numbness finally left me completely today. But bone shaving? That just screams "Put me to sleep."

I left his office with a temporary crown and the promise of not one, but two, very miserable dental visits this week.

Is there anything "glass half full" to this story? He must have felt sorry for me because he gave me 16 Loritabs. Good dentist. Good, good dentist. (Now I've only used 2 1/2, but just knowing I have them gives me some peace of mind.)

I'll be back Friday with the rest of the above story and more Thanksgiving-type things!

Take care, and I'll talk to you the end of the week.


The Enchanting Belinda


Here are a couple more wedding photos. We still haven't received the disc with everything on it, so these extra pics at the bottom of the page could go on for quite awhile.

As requested, I'll have my Mother of the Groom story for you Friday!

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  1. Oh Belinda, I'm so sorry to hear about your fall. I hope your hips and knees are all okay and just bruised. Take care and take 3 chocolates before Friday. ~ Andrea


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