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Weekend Happenings, Pinterest Stuff (Open-Ended Questions to Start Conversations), Way Back When... (Topic of the Day - Busy, Busy, Busy)

Good Friday morning!

RANDOMNESS #1 - Does the perfect Mother of the Groom dress exist?

That's the question I've been asking myself the last few weeks.

I found a really good website with hundreds of beautiful Mother of the Bride dresses. I am assuming I can choose from this selection because I ordered one, and no one from the company called me to verify I was, in fact, the Mother of the Bride.

If they ask, I will tell them I am not, but hopefully, they'll let this question slide.

Back to the subject at hand...

I chose a really pretty and unique dress and it arrived on my doorstep yesterday.

Can I just say, the color is perfect, but the dress...

Not so much.

Out of the hundreds of dresses on this Mother of the Bride website, I have luckily found two more that meet the following criteria...

Three-quarter length sleeves
More shimmer than sparkle
Square or other modest neckline (Not a V-neck. The V-neck and I are not friends.)
Fitted in the right places
Flowy in the right places
Looks like a Size 8, but in reality is a Size ____

And now the final criteria has been added.

It must be the exact same dark green color as the dress I'm sending back today.

In this age of the computer, can you please tell me why I cannot just type in the above "list" and have the perfect dress come up on the screen...

Priced at $99 or under?

Can you?

Can you explain that to me?

I need to talk to someone very high up in the tech world.

Someone like Bill Gates.

He really should get to work on this project YESTERDAY!

Don't worry.

Y'all will be some of the first to know when I find the perfect dress!

RANDOMNESS #2 - I'm picture-poor today, so I borrowed a few from Roxie's phone...

With her permission, of course.

Roxie and friends registering for Senior Year.

Roxie and Kelci bonding at a basketball team party.

Hunter and Roxie... putt-putt-pros.

RANDOMNESS #3 - Also, here are a few more from Roxie's Senior Pic Shoot.

Way Back When...

This was first posted in August of 2009.

Busy, Busy, Busy

Our family is busy during the fall, but even more so this particular fall. I have never liked being too busy. It makes me feel rushed, overwhelmed and need I say... panicky. It's definitely a time for me to put my newly acquired "one day at a time" skills to work. If I think of the week as a whole, I can easily end up in the bathroom floor breathing into a paper bag (or worse yet, in the ER hooked up to heart monitors and oxygen).

I've checked my "busy basket" a few months early (I usually do inventory in January and June), and I'm not the problem. It's definitely the kids' schedules. However, since I am the mother-unit of the Faulkner Five, it is up to me to help them with their "busy baskets." (For those of you who are just joining us, that's my phrase for the extras in life... football, band, volleyball, dance, choir, extra credit projects, Sunday School socials, etc., etc., etc.) NONE of the things listed are bad things. In fact, all of them are very good things which can have a very positive impact in your child's life. But too much of one good thing tends to lead to an unbalanced (very, very bad word) life.

Roxie's "busy basket" has already been tweaked. Although we have to finish commitments (and finish them well), we can both see things we can do differently for next fall.

Josh's "basket" is a little trickier, but his load can be lightened, also.

For the record, Austin is the King of not having a full "busy basket." He will not commit to anything he feels might overload him. It was a skill with which he was born. He never ran from toy to toy to toy. He played with his animals for days before he moved on to his Power Ranger action figures. He also would protest LOUDLY if and when things were too busy for his taste. (It's good to be King.)

I was reading a sidebar in my Bible during the message yesterday morning about Martha, and I want to share it with you today.

"Will all the Marthas in the room please raise your hands? Yes, God sees all those hands! After all, women are taught to be 'do-ers,' not 'be-ers.' When house guests show up, women shift into fifth gear. When someone stays overnight, women do more laps around the house than a car at the Indy 500.

"Unfortunately, this scenario can apply to women spiritually as well as literally. Once women slip into their 'doing' gear, many have trouble downshifting -- ever. Being quiet and contemplative makes them feel guilty -- shouldn't they be doing something for someone somewhere? In Mary-fashion, we need to learn to hear God calling us away from our tasks for a pit stop. At Jesus' feet we'll be refueled. Then we can dash off to 'Martha' the world that awaits us." Luke 10:38-42.

Wow! And by being "Marthas," we are teaching our kids by example to fill up those "busy baskets."

I have a challenge for the blog readers (AND ME) this week. Let's make an ENORMOUS effort (together) to let our kids see us take a pit stop. I mean (very literally) let them see us stop in our busy day to spend some time at Jesus' feet. I know many women read their Bibles and have their quiet time before the kids get up in the morning or after they go to school. We don't need to stop doing that, but we do NEED to let them see us stop, be still and listen to God. That's definitely a lesson worth teaching the kiddos.

Pinterest Stuff

Open-Ended Questions to Start Conversations With Your Child

1. What is the most amazing thing about you?

2. Which of your friends do you think I like the most? Why?

3. What would be the ideal allowance and how you spend use it?

4. Tell me about the best teacher you ever had?

5. If a genie would give you only one wish, which would you pick, and why?

6. If you could change three things about yourself, what would they be?

7. What are the qualities that make a good friend?

8. If you could decorate our whole house, what would it look like?

9. What do you think are the characteristics that make a good parent?

10. What is the most enjoyable thing our family has done together this year?

11. What is the nicest thing a friend has ever done for you?

12. Name two things we should do as a family on the weekend.

13. If you were going to have a weird, unusual pet, what would it be?

14. How do you describe me to your friends?

15. Tell me three things you remember about kindergarten.

16. If you could trade lives with somebody you know, who would it be?

17. What would you do if you won the lottery?

Weekend Happenings

1. I have no idea what fun tonight will hold for me and mine. I do know we are all kinds of tired from our week of school, work, work-out classes and such.

And laundry.

I'm kinda tired of laundry.

I would LOVE to go to Movie Gallery and rent a really good romantic comedy from the 1980s, but someone did away with all of the Movie Gallery stores...

And the Blockbuster stores...

And the Mom and Pop movie rental stores.

I spent many a Friday afternoon browsing hundreds of movie classics to watch with Mikie and the kiddos, and although I am a Netflix lover, can I just say the variety and quantity of movies to choose from are just not there, or in a little red box located on the sidewalk in front of Walgreens.

It just isn't right.

If I had known the movie rental business was going to completely shut down and disappear, I think I would have taken some pictures to remember my favorite place to go when planning a "theme" weekend or a vacation or a much-needed viewing of a 1980s rom-com classic.

Heavy, heavy sigh.

2. Josh has Saturday plans... and work.

3. Austin has Saturday plans... and work.

4. Roxie has Saturday plans... and work.

5. I hope I'm having brunch with an old friend I haven't seen since last December. That will be lovely if it works out.

However, if it doesn't happen, I may talk Mikie into going on a breakfast date with me to a new-to-me restaurant and maybe, just maybe, we can add some local destinations onto the end of that breakfast date.

6. After church Sunday, our family is meeting up with my sister's family and Grandmother for a big ol' family Cracker Barrel meal.

When the kids were small, we always ate at Cracker Barrel because of the selection choices and the high noise level.

No one noticed our loudness because it just kind of blended in with everything.

Now that everyone has grown-up, we still go for the selection choices and the high noise level.

Some things never change.

Have a great weekend. I'll be back Tuesday with Weekend Wrap-Up, pics and we'll start talking about FALL! It will be here before you know it!

Take care, and I'll talk to you next week.


The Enchanting Belinda

P.S. And I'll leave you with this...

Just a little something to think about this weekend!

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